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Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Looking for jobs on Job sites - Internet job hunting again" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

All kinds of similar sites.  Pick one or more :)

I am listed on Indeed, Careerbuilder, Snagajob, and Monster.  The web addresses are as follows:

1.  My resume site for Indeed:

2.  Careerbuilder site:

Uphill and downhill
 3.  Snagajob:

4.  Monster:

I applied for literally thousands of jobs before I discovered that crooks were running a not so funny Ponzi scheme.  They ran people to death, then found them to rob.  Today, I refreshed my resume on a few of the sites.  I live with a mentally ill man who goes off.  We planned to go to another area, but the mentally ill man went off last night and claims not to recall this.  This is a bad sign for a cab driver who is out in the field a lot alone at night. This is why I need to be employed.  

I get a lot of emails from Federal agencies and from Feminist Organizations and from NPR and others, but cannot apply for a Federal Job with out my college transcripts.  I have a student loan in default so this was the crooks keeping the transpripts that I had.  The university will not issue new transcripts without payment and I cannot pay them anything.  I can't get a job because they cut into my references and racketeered them also. along with prior employers.  I need to be able to apply for jobs on Job sites that are clean.  I don't know whether the job sitea aobe are clean or not, but everyone had to satrt somewhere. :) 

This would be a place I would love to see in person!
Maybe the four job sites are like the four friends here
always on vacation - and maybe they are not.

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