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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Miasma: The Word of the Day


with Anu Garg



(my-AZ-muh, mee-)

plural miasmas, miasmata (my-AZ-muh-tuh, mee-)



1. Noxious emissions: smoke, vapors, etc., especially those from decaying organic matter.

2. An oppressive or unpleasant atmosphere.


Earlier it was believed that many diseases were caused by bad air from decomposing organic matter, as in a swamp. Malaria, for example, is named from Italian mala aria (bad air). The germ theory of disease has put the bad air theory to rest.


From Greek miasma (pollution, defilement), from miainein (to pollute). Earliest documented use: 1665.


"A miasma of smoke from wildfires cloaked the sweltering Russian capital."

Jim Heintz; Fires Lay Ghostly Shroud of Smoke on Moscow; Associated Press (New York); Aug 6, 2010.

"The region is still wobbling in the miasma of corruption."

Bobi Odiko; Region Still Wobbling in Corruption; East African Business Week (Tanzania); Aug 4, 2010.

Explore "miasma" in the Visual Thesaurus.


That sign of old age, extolling the past at the expense of the present. -Sydney Smith, writer and clergyman (1771-1845)

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Open Letter to The Smith Family Foundation:

                 AND TO 

This unknown woman could be a 'mystery guest'
who says things like 'get thin' and
"I used to be fat"  The crooks seem to have three
purposes; 1.  to sell a cocaine drug,
2. to embezzle monies because the victim is 'fat'
3.  to insult the victim who has to listen to this.
Crooks in Ohio have done this for years and
refuse to resolve police problems, and have
shut down parts of the intelligence system by using this 'clever'
scheme.  Some of these people have high pitched voices.

I looked up your address on the Internet and saw that you are involved with resolving computer problems. I "think" there is an Ohio problem with the Microsoft connection. The thing is that I was abused in Wooster, Ohio and a crook wanted to take down my web site, rob me, and is still blocking the computer network. I was on the system for 10 years when this occurred.

This Ohio problem is local to here in Columbus, Ohio again.  I have never been successful in resolving, or finding a person or entity who can resolve said problem for good, and do not know if it is because of "payola' or for some other reason.  Columbus, Ohio and other areas had a problem with embezzlement and this 'frozen' Microsoft problem may have something to do with it. The crooks were engaged in hostile escheat activities in other ways before they got involved in computer crime.

I also had a hot mail account which someone they misused, and it was connected to a Pay Pal account which is also frozen. Today, as soon as a sat down at a library computer (another library unrelated to the one where the incident occurred) and got on the Internet thecrook 'mouthed off' (which can be read on a computer keyboard), and they froze the computer I was on, so I moved to another.  This was done internally by the crook and externally by me. 

This crook has a sexual orientation, and is ignorant to boot.  They seem to have "control and power related issues".  They could be any of the following:

1  Someone in jail
2. A plain-jane woman who works at the main library who gave me a hard time last Saturday and wanted me to be thrown off of the computer.
3.  A judge is Wooster, Ohio who was questionable and may be involved with warehousing and storing guns
4.  Other members of a group known as "the Branch Davidians", which they have told us online from time to time in the 'keyboard read' and auditory ways.
5.  A'biker' cult in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  There, they wanted to make Wisconsin a "right to carry" state.
6.  A  Ku Klux Klan group that considers themselves to be 'the police' and could be involved in using other people's names, because this is part of their gangland activity. 
7.  My ex-husband, Jerry L/ Bauer, who was in a created 'string' who acted the same way intermittently.
8.   Black Extremists

These people could be part of a continued problem in Ohio with Federal shutdowns, and could be dangerous.  I have filed many police complaints about computer crime and the issue still remains. Thanks for your assistance!

Another group who could be wearing 'crime shoes'
may be a Las Vegas prostituion cult that
was linked with Ohio's government and
has administration and legal support
in Wooster, Ohio and other areas.


The response to the above letter was the following and is why people give up.
If case people do not know, ATF is the agency that deals with people with guns, gang activity,and other acts of terrorism:

 RE: Activity in Ohio worth investigating

From: ATF E-Mail Tips View Contact

To: Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

This does not fall under ATF’s jurisdiction, please contact your local police department. Thank You

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ogletrees and Hee Haw by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

There are a group of blacks who are supposed to be police agents in Ohio,  They are correlated with abusive behaviour, and with openly acting out in all ways,.  The black power people picked up on this are were very happy with causing turmoil.  Ogletrees  is the group's 'family name' and they as a 'family' are supposed to be affiliated with The Ohio State University, With The College of Wooster, and other colleges, and are fluent in many African Languages.  They, however refuse to quit playing games and relate to people who are in Columbus, Cincinnati, and other cities who are native of other countries with native African tongues.

There was at least one death associated with "Sex With Slaves".  It occurred because a man from this
"game" had to cut his body part out of a woman who was elderly after she died.  In addition to this, there was supposedly a death of a black leader there in this fiasco area.  This occurred between
1996 and present.  
This is an unidentifed
'religious' ceremony -
maybe similar to Jonestown in
Jonestown, Guyanna.

This person was identified as one of the loser rapists
Sex With Slaves, without his warpaint.
This man is from the USA.
This is supposed to be fun.

They created programs like "Sex With Slaves" to shame me and others who they 'thought' were in some kind of authority.  The point is that I was just Jerry Bauer's ex-wife in a police/political launch when this occurred for ten years, and nobody as important as factory agitators.  The point of losing all of my belongings was inconsequential to the crooks, because in this 'Whigs" situation, the crooks do things like this, and then the person, who is not insured is not compensated, and has no life if they cannot become employed again.  Criminals are not criminals when they have group impetus to do this.  They, for some reason in their own minds and heads, considered this are in Wooster, Ohio which is an organized crime ring, to be 'hosting' people on some kind of a stage that they developed which was never seen.  Then, it was their job to ruin, cause stalking, create unrest, and continue abuse in other ares as their 'police agent' jobs.  This is because I had the audacity to file for divorce based on Domestic Violence and then was not given a monetary divorce settlement, but was put in an unpaid police role and then was not able to get a job at all after this.  Crooks though it was appropriate and part of the comedy theatre with nuts to take the degree I had to commit fraud and pick a goon who was involved with crime like they were.  Some of these Ogletrees are pictured below.
When crooks start doing things like this, it becomes impossible to have a life after this, because these crooks from organized crime also became stalkers and took luggage, birth certificates, and other things as part of this 'joke'. I 'think' the crooks thougfht that they were bonding with the Ku Klux Klan amd maybe Eddie Bauer at the time because of this Bauer family connection. 

The crooks went to the umpteenth degree to make sure that I was homeless so that crooks could be 'picked' for ?.  It was bad enough to be in a domestic vioence relationship to begin with.  This 'fiasco' wasted more time and ruined my reputation and life. 

Regardless of all of the things that have occurred to make my life a "born To Be Miserable" life, I for some reason, unknown to me, long ago received the gift of "grace".  (I still speak no foreign languages including African dialects, though.)  What is "grace?"

grace, in Christian theology, the free favor of God toward humans, which is necessary for their salvation. A distinction is made between natural grace (e.g., the gift of life) and supernatural grace, by which God makes a person (born sinful because of original sin) capable of enjoying eternal life. In general, the term grace is restricted to supernatural grace, usually considered as the keystone of the whole Christian theological system.

Supernatural grace is usually defined as being actual or sanctifying. Actual grace turns the soul to God; sanctifying grace confirms and perpetuates the ends of this conversion and makes the soul habitually good. Most theologies (except in Calvinism), wishing to maintain humanity's freedom in addition to God's complete freedom in granting grace, distinguish prevenient grace, which frees a person and awakens him or her to God's call, from cooperating grace, by which God assists to salvation the free person who seeks it.

When God seems to confer on a person such actual grace that his or her conversion appears inevitable, the grace is said to be efficacious. The apparent difficulty of claiming that grace may be efficacious while a person is free was explained by St. Thomas Aquinas on the ground that it was a peculiar nature of this grace granted to some people that it should be ineluctable; it was this doctrine that Luis Molina and the Molinists disputed. Differing in effect from efficacious grace is merely sufficient grace, which, while sufficient to conversion, may be rejected by a person at will. Calvinism rejects merely sufficient grace, holding instead that grace is irresistible.

In every Christian theology God is considered to grant grace quite freely, since its gift is far greater than any person can merit. As to which persons are offered this grace, there is great difference. The generality hold that it is offered to people who place no obstacle in the way of salvation rather than to those who neglect what ways to grace they have been given; the Jansenists (see Jansen, Cornelis), however, believed that grace was not given outside the church, and the Calvinists hold that it is offered only to those predestined to election.

Sanctifying grace may be said to succeed justification as actual grace precedes it. The operation of sanctifying grace brings holiness to the individual soul. The indwelling of God in the soul and the soul's actual participation in God's nature (in an indefinable manner) are the perfections of sanctifying grace. As to the means, there is a serious cleavage in Christianity, notably in regard to sacramental grace. According to Roman Catholics and Orthodox, the grace accompanying a sacrament is ex opere operato, i.e., by God's ordinance the sacrament actually confers grace, the good disposition of the minister being unimportant and that of the recipient being not always a condition; Protestants hold that the sacraments are ex opere operantis, i.e., the faith of the recipient is all-important, and the sacrament is the sign, not the source of grace.
           from The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia Copyright © 2004.
           Licensed from Columbia University Press  


Good Night, Sam

Good Night Libby

Hockey Players and their pucks

Attn: Yetunde Abass

Why is this hockey puck
pinkish red and fairly delicate?

Why are these hockey players
mean, rough, and great with a stick?


I am interested in the Civil Justice Intern Job with Congress Watch. My Facebook posting of today includes this link to my high school yearbook. I got stuck in Ohio with a group of goons who were fascist, who kept trying to shut down the intelligence system and take away my, and other people';s rights, to promote organized crime activity. In Ohio, since goons were supposed to 'they thought' buy " intelligence id's and not deal with State Department issues that some of them caused, we have had a series of one fascist administration after another here. Goons keep trying to remove me from the intelligence system as per usual, as they are not willing to have a balanced system EVER, to continue to enable fraud and create "financial Whigs" with stolen monies. If you are offering a real opportunity, I am currently more than ready to leave this state and am seeking other opportunities. Estrandment with predatory people was never a wish that came with any lit or unlit candle. You can take a look at my blogspot, called "Born To Be Miserable" at to see how fascism has affected and ruined my life. I did not pick Ohio to being with: my parents did when I was a child. I have barely left Ohio and have an excellent education about what occurs here and in other fascist led ares. I have been in a relationship that is not moving forward to other ares the way I would like ti to. In addition to my Blogspot/Facebook page, Crooks went around and took yearbooks out of homes and robbed people during Ohio's political administrations. But, My yearbook would have had the Spirit of 76 Launch, as pictured on this link IF we did not have a skinhead who was an insurance operative as the class president (Jim Stiffler) in 1976. Instead of "The Spirit of 76" (1976/1776) we have had one fascist administration after another in Ohio.

The cocaine cult in Ohio is about this GET THIN" they are abusing and racketeering all kinds of people to perpetuate this gangland war cry. Ohio is also where the Kent State tragedy occurred many years ago. Crooks want all stories and people who are not of their fascist administration to be snuffed out in one way or another. Columbus, Ohio, the state capital has an adult male prison string coming in who are supposed to be urinalysis tested. The people are creating street and city crime to enable the "Whigs" program, which is also known as the High-Low cult, in honour of a Las Vegas popular card game. People in general have complained about this being here for years, to no avail. Hope to hear from you soon. I can be contacted at 206-203-4349, where a message can be left, if crooks do not delete the message. This is why I am stranded, also. I have tried over and over to obtain employment , and the criminal element finds ways to abort or delete messages received here in Ohio.


Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber :)

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