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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What was I like in high school - also known as "pre-Ohio mob days" and pre marriage - by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

“Hello, Susanna Vogt from Hamburg, West Germany.

I am glad to be your pen pal from the United States. My name is

Kimberly Koerber, and my nickname is Kim. I am glad to have found

your name as a correspondent from West Germany. I understand you

are a high school student also. I am in some high school honors

classes, work at a local grocery store here in Medina called “Buehler’s

Fresher Foods” after school, am the editor of my high school paper

“The Medinamite”, am on the the tennis team and am part of ski club,

chorus, other clubs and organizations and I take piano lessons.

I try really hard but am never “the best”. I have a “B”

average because I flunked out of “French I” since I had no time

to memorize verb conjugations. I exercise in my room every day

and am on the “Olympic Ski Team” diet from time to time which consists

of tea, canned spinach, 2 hard boiled eggs and one half to a grapefruit

a day but can’t seem to get my weight below 150 pounds. I am

5’8” tall and at 150 lbs am still too hefty according to the weight

charts. My boyfriend goes to Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland,

Ohio and is a son of one of my dad’s business customers. I see

him one day a week, but write to him also. My boyfriend jumped

a year and is supposed to graduate from high school at 16. He

will be in college when I am still in high school, and works for Gold

Circle Stores. My parents aren’t mean, but they are too busy

for me, and they like my sister better. She doesn’t have to

go to school or work and works out and runs instead or going to high

school every day because she wants to be a Gold Medal Olympics winner.

She is also a cheerleader and is friends with a small group of people

only. No matter what I do, I am never okay to myself, so on Sundays,I

am one of the acolytes at St. James Episcopal church here in Medina,

Ohio. I feel sad and depressed a lot but I am not sure why.

Because I feel sad, I go to my room and listen to music and write about

all kinds of things. Writing seems to help me feel better.

I would like to go to college and am thinking about Ohio University

in Athens, Ohio because they have a great school of Journalism there.

I would like to write for a living, but don’t know if I can.

It’s hard to imagine doing what I like, and what makes me feel better

and getting paid for it also. My sister Cheryl and I started taking

piano lessons together, but she dropped out. Now, because my dad

gets irritated over the piano being played at home, I practice at school

in the practice room during study halls. I also draw but am not

really “the best” there either. My last name is German.

My dad is in professional sales and is trying to open a graphic arts

company with a sales contact from Rubbermaid in Wooster, Ohio.

My mother does not work, is not happy, and I have no idea what she does

all day. My mother bleaches her hair blonde. We are NOT Jews. “

I know that you, Susanna

live in Hamburg, West Germany which sounds much more interesting than

my life here in the United States. I think that you are very intelligent.

I have noticed that from time to time your sentences are not composed

properly, but I could not think of writing to anyone in German or in

any other language. My best friend, Linda Penn, is in “German II”

now, and speaks German and English. She and you are much smarter

than I ever thought of being. I better go now, but hope to hear

from you soon.



P.S. – My mother said to ask you if “hamburgers”

were originated in “Hamburg, West Germany”. (ha-ha-ha)

God Danced The Day You Were Born

God Danced the Day You Were Born

You are loved

You are beautiful

You are the gift of God

His own possession

You are the gift to all mankind

His gift of love to them

You are his

by Richard Kramer

Copyright Abbey Press 1993

Venus and "What's His Name" - a story

Venus and “What’s His Name”
 a story

byKimberly Koerber
 March 31, 2010

“You are not going to throw that away, are you?” he said. “Yes, I think I am because this plant is not what I am really interested in anymore,” she responded. “It has lost its sheen. The needles have fallen from the leaves, and it is too time consuming to maintain. This plant is not as good as the one that eats pests, like that fly buzzing around here. The plant that I want is much better, much glossier, and grows in sand”. “When I get this plant, I do not want you to touch it or interfere with it anymore. It is very sensitive, and its trick is to have a hair trigger button which causes the ‘trap’ to close quickly on predators. Its name is Venus, like the planet – or “The Venus Fly Trap”. Venus is the sixth planet from the sun and the second largest in the solar system. Another name for Venus is Aphrodite, in Greek, according to mythology. Although this is a female planet and listed as an ‘inferior’ planet astrologically, it is not an inferior planet in the solar system, and is the brightest of the planets known to ancient astrologers. In the world of plants, the Venus fly trap an amazing plant, and there is none other like it. It is native to the coastlines of North Carolina currently. Venus the plant does well in a greenhouse environment, and as hot as you keep this office, it will do well here and think that it is in a home designed for her, she mused. “Okay, okay”, he laughed. This time I will leave the plant alone. Last time, I saturated the plant and did not know any better”. “I think that you saturated Venus on purpose, because it was a female plant, or reminded you of a female”, she said indignantly. “I think you have an issue with normal females, and think that all plants are supposed to be, like maybe, Wandering Jews or something. I think you did not like the fact that Venus was stickier that you imagined and you wanted to get rid of Venus on purpose”. He got up and walked across the room with a frown on his face, with his hands in pockets, and noticed that the room, which used to be green and had plants of various varieties, was currently plain, and needed something. He knew that he was responsible for the other plants not being there and felt guilty, but was not going to tell her that. He shook took a cigarette out of the pack he carried in his shirt pocket and lit it with matches that he got from “Harry’s Beachfront Bar.” Then he shook the match out by waving it in the air. She started laughing uncontrollably for some reason when seeing that gesture. He frowned and thought that she was laughing at him. “What is so funny?” he asked. “Years ago, I had a roommate who I did not know very well when we moved in get together. She, a woman who was divorced, not very attractive, and fairly low class took it upon herself to be a teacher of ‘class’. One of the things that I recall about this woman was her control issues and her telling me to never “wave” out a match, but to blow it out gently. Funny how certain things are always remembered”, she recalled. “Whatever became of her?” he said. “She was like our old plant - too dried up, too standard and not enough ‘glitter’ or finesse, and lots of gravel in her pot.


May 12, 2010

Democracy NOW!

Dear Democracy NOW!,

I listened to Democracy NOW! online today for the first time.

I am interested in applying for the Online Outreach and Communications

Manager position that you currently have available with your entity. I

have attached my resume for your perusal.

I have experience in dealing with fascism, as this was ‘training’ for me

in Ohio. The point is that here in Ohio, I found out what it is like to have

no rights, be buried in fascism and drug dealing, and be sad (boo-hoo).

I would like to be able to use my Wooster, Ohio experience along with

other experience I have attained over time to be able to succeed in the

position of Online Outreach and Communications Manager and in life. I could

go into greater details, but simply, I was involved in being again in another

situation which involved organized crime and it put me on the street this

time as a homeless woman.

In fact, if I did not meet a man who has been my fiancé for about four years

there in Wooster, Ohio who happened to be staying at the Salvation Army

Shelter at the time, where I had to go thanks to positioning, I would be living

at the local shelter or on the streets here in Columbus, Ohio. Because of

positioning, and because they then ‘picked’ one of the women who was part

of their strip club operation to use my degree attained in my married name

(Bauer), I am having a hard time getting any job here in Columbus, but am

highly competent. Crooks in my life never got that bad before, but – “oh,

okay” – I filed for divorce, and was living in their territory, which was also

my only ex-husband’s hometown area, which was politically positioned in

a certain way, and objected to my only son, Justin Bauer, being part of their

“area” or the distribution and protection of cocaine and affiliated drugs like


I received no legal representation in their area although I hired a divorce

lawyer, Susanne Waldron et al. Ms Waldron came to court but did not beg

a divorce settlement, and then ran as Clerk of Courts and won. I had no Legal

Aid in their area, or legal assistance for an entity that they substituted, called “Community Legal Aid Services, Inc”, who does phone consultations with

Victims seeking legal aid and either denies or accepts these cases, because

They in Wooster refused to be bullied by Ohio law, and were not forced to

Comply with Ohio law. They made the rules they claimed and refused to

be bullied into being ethical.

Experientially, I have experience in all of the areas named in the job

Job description, and know that I would be an asset to your organization.

In addition to me resume being attached, I also have attached an article I

wrote about United Parcel Service and other entities which may be of interest.

The article is a little short – as it was written by me for a college scholar-

Ship competition which I did not win.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Power of the Pen - by John Drilling

Apparently, there was a "block" sitting on one of
the steps to sucess in this
story.  Instead of John
picking flowers,
he got madder and madder. 
Is this you?
 John was reminiscing...

"I take a creative writing class and lately this teacher I have keeps yelling and screaming in front of other students. I don't know what his problem is or why. I could go to the principal's office and report him but I don't think that I would get anywhere at all with this. After all, he is an ex writer for a well known, now defunct big city newspaper. He is a real gem for the school. Me? I am just a little pion whose little sister accuses of going back to college to get easy credits and to pocket my Pell grant and TAP funds. I am not a vengeful person and I wouldn't want this to get beyond the four walls of this little classroom, but I do have power!"

Hi. It must be Vickie Gottie knocking again - the woman behind Victoria's Secret in Columbus, Ohio talking with me.....

How does the American Nazi Party and or Crooks Act? Read on...



"Get thin!"

"Oh, no - not you again. What is your problem? I have a diversity id. I am tired of fighting with you. I think that by abusing me you are abusing all kinds of women and others. I contacted and entered the National Organization of Women's poster contest about you - you know - the "Love Your Body" contest? My poster had the outlines of three women with three body builds on it. The pint is that you are a bigot. I have no interest in buying your cocaine to "get thin." I have no money right now anyhow, because I am not employed. You are a chronic online pest. I made an FBI report because of you. Now my thoughts about you will be posted so that other people can read about you also - crooks who got into our intelligence system. Why was I robbed in Wooster, Ohio? Why were our canines killed? Why were my police and other checks includng police agent checks stolen and cashed? The FBI knows about this and about someone zeroing out my bank account in Wooster - aka giving me a negative balance. I did nothing to deserve any of this abuse. I think you are part of the same group that started ruining my life when I was a kid. You hit me with a car. Then you brought guerillas in to Ohio where my family and I moved when I was in the eight grade, and ruined the state of Ohio also in all ways - you made Ohio into a Racketeering and organized crime state. Then you tried to blame me for this - when your scag gang was doing things like this before I was born. You are under investigation big time, and I am not kidding. I wish to press charges to the fullest against you. Is this not clear? Ths is what i have told you many times, but for some reason you persist in this harassment in 'whisper mode" and think that I am joking. You are the barking dogs of Hades in my life, and I am prosecuting and sueing you for things I named and other things you did which have not been named - So Help Me God! "

"This is not me! You are a cunt, Kim.Police are not us. I am the mob. Bye."

Free Search Engine Submission

Free Search Engine Submission

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Episcopal/Anglican Church Shield in blue
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