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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Spirit of '76 - A Case Study Ethics Dilemma in Ohio by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


   The Spirit of 76

                                                    A “Case Study” Ethics Dilemma
                                                  In Ohio

By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

February 11, 2012

I graduated from high school in 1976, and went to public school in Medina, Ohio. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (,_Ohio) : 

Medina ( /mɨˈdaɪnə/) is a city in Medina County, Ohio, United States. In 2009, CNNMoney named Medina the 40th most desirable American city to live in.[3] The population was 25,139 at the 2000 census. The 2008 projected population was estimated at 26,380.[4] It is the county seat of Medina County.[5]

I recall Medina, Ohio as being an endearing, appealing, and sweet (with downtown ice cream socials), but insignificant town in Ohio.  Medina, Ohio appeared on the map, but barely.  It was a town which at t the time, was seeking more importance and propriety along with the marketing people and others involved with Medina, Ohio.  My parents moved there, with children, and I was one of the children.   A ‘bedroom’ community, close to Cleveland, Ohio and within close driving range to other areas was Medina Ohio in the 70’s.  When I graduated from high school in 1976, our theme was “The Spirit of 76” – 1776-1976” and as such blended with Constitutional Law and the ‘implied’ (but not stated) ethics that goes along with Constitutionality.   I was not outstanding there, but maintained a B average, was involved in many extracurricular clubs and activities, was on the tennis team, was the editor of my high school paper one year, worked on the yearbook staff, was interested in journalism, practiced piano during study halls and was in a few advanced placement classes, (and did not do well in other classes), and worked at Buehler’s grocery store when I turned 16. The job before that (at the age of 15) was busing tables at Hales Restaurant ‘on the square’ in Medina, Ohio, and before that I was the neighborhood and family babysitter, as the oldest child in the family.  I did not think that much would occur after graduation or that I was in a real life ‘ethics test lab’ but as determined later, I really was based on the things that originated from there and continued to occur.  In fact, I had no real desire to go to class reunions there, which was noticed by prior classmates and others. 

One of the biggest problems we encountered in Ohio that blended in with organized crime activity and acted as a catalyst for additional crime have been "Disability Lawyers".  Take for instance the case of O’Connor, Accani, and Levy.  They operate in Ohio, and were interlinked with Medina High School students who went to a public school there, namely Medina High School.  Stanley O’Connor used to drive to Medina, Ohio daily from Akron where the law firm ‘family’ members were located.  He was my high school guidance counselor.  He used to complain about having to drive to Medina, Ohio from Akron on a regular basis.  I was in his office on a regular basis complaining about a bullying sister, and other issues that had to do with abuse at home.  Since, then, the law firms expanded to Cincinnati, Ohio and are now under the umbrella of ‘nothing’ in particular, but were named O’Connor, Accani, and Levy and now are named O’Connor, Accachi and Levy.    

O’Connor et al may have been hazardous in Akron, Ohio, also, in particular in one case that involved the O’Casek building, next to the police station there, and the shutting down of government agencies within the O’Casek Building, a building that had a guard at the front door.  (O’Casek, by the way – was the name of another Medina, Ohio high school teacher).  Students at Medina High school, who graduated in my class and others who would have been eligible for college scholarships, became victims of ‘games’ and crime. And then at a later date, shysters had the audacity to trap the same people, who acquired assets and at times a corporate identity in ‘white slavery’ in a configuration now known as “The Kraken”.

From Wikipedia:

Kraken ( /ˈkrkən/ or /ˈkrɑːkən/)[1] are legendary sea monsters of giant proportions said to have dwelt off the coasts of Norway and Iceland.

In modern German, Krake (plural and declined singular: Kraken) means octopus but can also refer to the legendary Kraken.[2] In Norwegian, Kraken is the definite form of krake, a word that can refer to the legendary creature (can also mean "frail, poor being", or "crooked, withered tree").[3]

Although likely fictional and the subject of myth, the legend of the Kraken continues to present day,[4], with numerous references existing in popular culture, including film, literature, television, video games and other miscellaneous examples (e.g. postage stamps, a roller coaster ride and a rum product).

 There is also a mythological octopus (recall James Bond's movie called
Octopussy - which came out in 1984?)  

A few of the pictures of stars from that movie appear here.

Maybe this is what someone from USA Development was thinking when they

got prostitutes from Las Vegas involved in development to begin with

And some of them were supposed to be part of the police.

 Unfortunately, they needed degrees that they did not have at the time, but were adept in 'other areas'.
 Instead of the scorpion, we now have a hostile escheat cult with nursing home deaths, and a white powder in a plastic cup, with a lid.

Which comes with two fine hypodermic needles also known as 'thins'.
Cost= $200.00 for a little bit of the drug in a tarter sauce/cocktail sauce sized plastic cup with a lid.

Thus the name

The Ohio "Get Thin" cult.

Another version of The Kracken."

Maybe crack cocaine was named after this. :(

                      Giant Pacific Octopus

Chameleon-like, giant Pacific octopuses can change their appearance to mimic rocks and highly patterned coral.

                          Photograph by Bob Cranston—Animals Animals - Earth Scenes


Exactly How The Problem Operates and Succeeds

In this configuration mentioned above,  and probably known all over the country, crooks trap victims to extort information and the police or other salary that the victim would have received, and then claim that this information is supposed to be applied to someone else.  They were working this configuration pattern in Wooster, Ohio.  If the crooks do not like the person, then the person is supposed to be disabled either because they are mentally ill according to the crooks who do not like their point of view or at times crooks get baseball bats and other implements to be used as weapons.  This is sort of like a grand thing to escape from – and never want to experience again. This occurred in my life because I filed for divorce and was part of “Bauer” for a long time, as a married woman with a child.  The configuration pattern also puts significant others in a same name string – different human beings with the same name.  This pattern ‘could have been’ a viable part of community development if the situation had not gotten out of hand, but unfortunately kooks got involved and instead of this being a pattern to follow, it became disastrous.  If successful, it could have worked like this:

  Both sides have qualities that compliment and add to the other side, and in addition to this, in Community Development, people who have the same name “could” function as a team with different expertise areas.  Unfortunately, this theorem turned into nothing but ‘fraud’ and the people did not work together, and seemed to have too many interpersonal issues.  In these cases, crooks within the group were looking at people who they did not like to occupy the name of generally because of some unresolved juvenile psychiatric issue – like a mentally ill woman telling people that she did not like them because they were fat, had green eyes, or for any other reason. This is because someone agreed at some point in time to get into a fundraiser which entailed selling off intelligence names, or getting into paramilitary activity and this was supposed to be part of “CIA covert” activity.  (Welcome to the Ku Klux Klan – whether you picked this or not).     

In Wayne County, Ohio, the state of Ohio ran for many years an institution known as “The Apple Creek State Development Center”.  For some reason in the last decade, the people from the institution were moved from there to a point unknown.  The people would have been housed there because of disabilities, and were part of an adjunct program, in many cases known as “Nick Amster’s Sheltered Workshop”, where they were able to make money and develop relationships and friendships with others by doing light assembly work.  A large crime ring still exists in Wayne County, Ohio, but there was not through investigation done in regard to the whereabouts of the dependent people who used to live in that institution, but crooks got on our police/intelligence internet and said “The state of Ohio is shutting down the Apple Creek Institution because it costs too much money to operate, and we are them.”

Then, other crooks wanted the hospital, or building, to be sold to a private individual or hospital, very possibly the Mayo Clinic et al, to be used as a human organs transplants hospital.  This was a covert “CIA” project, which became a moneymaker.  Disability fraud lawyers and SSI came into play because they at the time were looking for more police/intelligence names to ‘buy’ to sell to other crooks or foreign operatives looking for ‘clean’ US names.  The areas (Medina and Wayne Counties) needed to be placed under investigation a long time ago, but I got hooked into the situation because my spouse, who I filed for divorce from, was from Wooster, Ohio, and we lived there, and I went to public school in Medina, Ohio, in Medina county, which borders and touches Wayne county.

Other Disability law firm that became hazardous is “Clark”.  I initially wanted to blame Clark from Medina, Ohio only, but upon doing further research into this matter, saw the name “Clark” in correlation with disability and Social Security law appear all over the place e.  The name, at some point in time became so financially empowered, that they were correlated with or ‘ate up’ the Clark Oil Company” and were a major part of OPEC issues in Ohio also.  Maybe this occurred because they attacked or got the principles on Social Security Disability to begin with and then ceased their asses and became them.  In reality, these people were also middle class people before this major ‘seize” occurred but were not Clark Oil Company at all.  They were people who in part also went to a public school, and were not really anything out of the ordinary as compared to other people there.   In too many cases, Instead of helping people, they were instrumental in shutting down the United States Intelligence system by ‘selling out’ people they did not like and insisting that people who were in police categories were ‘mentally ill” to enable organized crime activity and political cronyism in Ohio and in other states, and to keep the system shut down and locked up. . 

I could be writing an ethics thesis or paper, but am submitting this as a ‘complaint’ or proposed change needed in regard to the Social Security/Disabilities area and supposed “law” that surrounds it.  I, on an individual basis wanted to get more into the law, but am actually a Social Worker, so this situation in its entirety not only touched me personally and enveloped me, but is an ethics dilemma with no proposed solution to date, that I am aware of.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Wexner Family and The Ohio State University

  from:  The Ohio State University
Dr. Gordon Gee - University Wide Email
Wexner Medical Center Naming

I am delighted to share some truly momentous news. Today, The Ohio State University Board of Trustees unanimously voted to name our academic medical center in honor of alumnus Leslie H. Wexner ('59). His strategic vision and clarity of purpose have been instrumental in realizing many of the University's great advancements - and nowhere more so than at what is now known as the Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University. This naming is honorific in nature, commemorating Mr. Wexner's indelible, lifelong legacy of leadership at Ohio State.
For more than three decades, Mr. Wexner has been one of the University's most committed leaders and ardent supporters. His generous contributions, both in time and resources, have been wholly transformational, but his most valuable gift has been his remarkable leadership.
Les Wexner has served 16 years on our Board of Trustees. As Board chair, he helped to guide the $1 billion expansion of the medical center, the largest undertaking in the University's history, and one that will revolutionize the way cancer prevention and health care are provided. The Wexner family has been closely involved with many of the signature programs connected with the medical center. They chair the James Fund for Life Campaign and have contributed significantly to the Stress, Trauma and Resilience Program. Abigail Wexner currently serves on the medical center's Board of Directors. And they have been lead supporters of Pelotonia, one of the most successful cancer-research fundraisers in the nation.
Mr. Wexner's impact is truly realized across the breadth of Ohio State. He was instrumental in establishing one of the great cultural gems on this campus and in the country, the Wexner Center for the Arts, named in honor of his father. He also helped to form the Fisher College of Business and ensure its place as one of the premier business schools in the country.
To our immense good fortune, Les Wexner has a singular and unequivocal vision for our medical center - and that is to be a world-class institution. One that relentlessly pursues the best medical techniques, treatments, and cures to improve the lives of patients and their families. I have every confidence that his leadership and clear purpose will continue to advance our work in important and enduring ways.

E. Gordon Gee

To view a live webcast of the celebration, visit

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