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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"What is it Really Like Traveling around in some of these areas? Does God help?" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

August 14, 2012

Dear Friends,

Hello! John Drilling and I left Lynchburg, VA after sleeping outside for awhile, because there did not seem to be any job opportunities there, and they threw me out of the Salvation Army and were ignorant abusers there on staff, coming up with false evidence again - like cornbread the cult.  I said x, y, and z, which I never said to enable some crime buddy again.  I put my one piece of luggage while there behind a white fence on the back side of a shopping center on 'open property' and someone took all of my clothing out, and ground the clothes that they did not steal into the mud back there, then left, because we were homeless people there anyhow, with no rights.  Then, we went to Blackburg on the Smart Bus because someone gave us money to do so.  I left my luggage there at the Smart Bus stop point, which was right in front of Virginia Tech, and John and I walked to the down town area.  We then went to the local police station because John said that maybe they had some 'traveler's funds' to help us.  In between, we were taken back to where the luggage piece was, and the police said this piece of luggage with dirty, muddy clothing in it was a 'bomb threat' and one of the police said that the luggage piece was scanned and there was some ind of 'little ring' they were looking for in the luggage, so made me take out all of the clothes.  At that time, we were taken back to  the police station.  The police ran our id's and knew that there were no active warrants on us.  Then, someone from the police said that he had what they called a 'half shell' and could take me or John to the Red Carpet Inn, so I went.  The police then paid for one nights stay and bought our lunch from the Kroger deli.  They also brought the luggage piece back to the room.  The next day, John said we had better leave.  We walked up the street, and were picked up by two women who said they were from Russia in their car and were taken to Whyteville', Virginia's Greyhound bus station area, where there is a truck stop, a McDonald's and many other things, but with no fare to get on the bus and leave their area, as they acted like they wanted us to do.  John and I spent the night that night in the grassy area behind McDonald’s and the next day I looked up how much it would cost to go back to Columbus, Ohio.  I got a beggars cup and several people helped so that my clothes could be washed, we could eat that day, and slept in a wooded area that night, since we did not have enough money to get on the bus and leave.  The next day, a man in a pickup truck picked us up and brought us to Whyteville, VA, the community.  John went to the local welfare office, and they said that they had no shelter, but were able to offer one night free stay in a local motel called "The Travel Lite" with a voucher.

I did not do anything to be abused, nor did he, but this is the kind of thing that occurs when crooks find victims to prosecute.  John keeps saying that we are supposed to rely on God for help, and did not want to continue to panhandle to get bus ticket money.  I am not thrilled about being stuck with people like this looking for trouble for no apparent reason, and he and I are alone, not part of a gang or large group. We need this? This is why the system shut down to begin with.      

                                                                                                                                   Kimberly! :)

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