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Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Extortion Related Cult in "by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Extortion Related Cult in Ohio

By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber
How Does It Work?

Crooks are utilizing the police/intelligence network to the utmost to commit acts of extortion and play other games. Below are a few of the games I have encountered on a personal level.  The point is that the people benefiting from this would not have been myself, who got pulled into Appalachian stone broke poverty as a result of heavy crime in Ohio.  This crime is considered to be “Development” and generally the perpetrators who caused the damage in the lives of others are paid.

Extortion would include but is not limited to: 

1.     Using other people’s names in an attempt to be paid money in their name or irritate the victim

2.    Having money wired to the perpetrator in the victim’s name and establishing Crooks an identity in the victim’s name.

3.    Crooks in Ohio made this ‘high class” by excluding others from their cliques and getting high class games going like “Black Swan” (adapted from the ballet) to make their crime groups seem like CIA groups instead of smelly, ordinary crime to people.


Disability Fraud Lawyers and Crime

Instead of people being able to sue the crooks who caused the damage, someone brought in a great number of disability fraud or disability lawyers who never go to court like regular courtroom lawyers.  They are no more that people who do clerical work and are able to affect change.  What do they do?

·        Victims who are not in line with crime or who have some issue (aka – supposed to have been considered and qualified for Federal or police employment for instance) are supposed to be ‘mentally ill hearing voices with a mental illness defined by the crime to discredit the victim’s testimony and receive ‘free money’.

·       Crooks have been known to hit people with cars and cause other physical disability issues here in Ohio and then monies are reinvested in Criminal activity or themselves, because the victims cannot find a lawyer to take these cases here and Public law – aka “Legal Aid” does not cover representation is these categories.

·       In addition to this. An assignee from this crime cult got stationary from the Federal Communications Commission and wrote letters to victims with inquiries about cases saying in brief: “The F.C.C. cannot regulate the police /intelligence internet or what is done with it” plus legalese in paragraph form substantiating this, which I know is fraud, but looks authentic.  I received a letter like this not long ago.  This is to discourage victims from even trying to file complaints in regard to F.C.C. or internet/online issues with the authorities and to ‘give up’ and become trapped.  If cases which would normally be paid because crooks are causing damages remain “impenetrable”, I think what occurs is that a damage amount settlement is calculated anyhow and becomes part of crime investment, a slush fund, or becomes available for the crooks personal use, and they are free to continue to create damage in other people’s lives to continue the cycle.  I thought there were Federal laws in place to prevent crime rings like this from taking over areas.

The Al Capone Police Gang

There was as certain group of police. Separate from others in Wooster, Ohio known to that community as “The Al Capone Police Gang”.  They were there currently in the 90’s and took their name from another famous police gang.  They were there to I ‘think’ protect and anchor and protect legally the prostitution cartel brought in from Las Vegas, Nevada with other legal support – namely Susanne Waldron et al who I stupidly chose as my divorce lawyer, who chose to come to court and not beg a divorce settlement.  A couple of Susanne’s daughter’s worked in Louisville, Kentucky for the strip clubs there.  Susanne is an a ‘string’ and ran a clerk of courts in Wooster, Ohio and won.  The sisters in the string resemble each other but use the same name and are distinctly different people.  The prostitution cult in and of itself isn’t as bad as some of the ‘games’ tied into it.  For instance:

·       I obtained a Social Work degree from The Ohio State University in 1990.  Bullies wanted to set up a block there with other games.  I have no idea who manages the National Association of Social Workers site, but this is a professional organization that costs money to be a current member.  On the site was a job in Las Vegas for Social Workers who were interested in working with the police on homeless cases.  Informants say that this job is short lasting, and that the victim Social Worker then becomes homeless, and the Social Work degrees are used to commit crimes.  This should be investigated on a case by case basis.  I KNOW that I was robbed and someone took my physical degree.  I was also stalked and someone took my Social Work License plus the card with it.  Crooks are always coming on the police/internet network here degrading certain people because people who were known and priory arrested prostitutes are preferable in an attempt to create a codependent reaction.  These is also racism which is blacks to whites and the inverse throughout Ohio. 

Fingerprints on file are no joke!
Safeguard Your Life!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"A Columbus, Ohio 'Glamourous' Black Swan Heroin Cartel" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerberr

I recently saw in "This Week Community Newspapers - The Bexley addition" a call for comments in regard to Trinity Lutheran Seminary which the Higher Learning Commission wanted.  The complaints really have to do with an affiliate, which is supposed to be managed by the Lutheran church, Lutheran Synod, and Trinity Lutheran Seminary known as Faith Mission.
Faith Mission is a public based low income shelter for people who are need based.  Thanks to being trapped in an organized crime ring and becoming a burglary and etc. victim, I am need based and so stayed there.  They are running some kind of a program, which is similar to "Black Swan" - the macabre ballet which involved women, death, black men on staff there, "Dearly Beloved" emails being generated by someone affiliated with them as part of a racketeering ring, and no response from the local Lutheran Church or Synod at all about.  The Emergency squad is there all of the time.  No one seems to be benefiting but the black men threw an object at me at one point in time (an appliance battery) and so a complaint was filed with local homeless liaison people.  There was no response.  Someone keeps putting things on Facebook to indicate that the Lutheran Church is very active there, but to my knowledge, Faith is not enabling employment from there, but have or had an employment operative type their names Shane in the Resource Center.  She I 'think' is supposed to place people at Shane's Gourmet Catering, but for some reason was not.  They have a 30 day limit for people staying there, and seem to not be interested in helping people who have to stay there find places to live or employment.  I attended Tech Bridge which was listed on the Resource Center Bulletin Board, but the program became embezzlement oriented and left the area.  (I don't know what kind of education this is supposed to be if the Lutheran Seminary planned and facilitated this - because it racketeers police types and then wants police types to be removed from the system as a fund raiser for some clod who is making money by selling out the US Intelligence System. 
I also had a necklace ripped off there which I obtained in Louisville, Kentucky as part of harassment.  It was ripped off from a suitcase that was in the grassy area since Faith would not me bring the suitcase inside even in the area near the resource center while I waited.  The necklace was a crystal hearts necklace and this is now supposed to be hilarious. I have been a constant victim of crime and when caught, the more creative people weave the thing into some kind of event or production like the above. 
Black Swan Eyeshadow:  I have seen
 "Black Swan Eyeshadow" put on eyes to look like a burglary mask, also.

Another Version of Black Swan Eyeshadow

In addition to above mentioned issues with the "Resource Center" at Faith Mission, if victims stay at faith like I had to several times and are need based, it is very difficult to even get to be in The Faith Mission Resource Center.  Staff says things like "You are here too early - come back later", or "You need a pass to go there and we already have enough people over there", or   "We have to call them from here before you go over there and the phone line is now busy".  Maybe these 'wonderful' experiences apply to me only, but I 'think' in the past, in fact I KNOW that white women who had to stay there filed complaints based on preferential treatment of blacks over whites aka racism.  I also 'think' that a mean pest, who comes on the police/intelligence internet at night works at Faith and is on staff there.  That person wants to 'remove me' from the intelligence network, they just told me this very morning so that they can get 'another member of their family' in.  They were online fighting with me about this just today and last night and thought that there was no one else listening.  I think this is also part of some kind of reality theater production of "Black Swan" the ballet but the racketeering/organized crime version. I think that a heroin cartel is tied into their activities at Faith Mission, also, and that a motorcycle cult is involved also in this.

Looks like a Teamsters Girlfriend made up to go out to party for the evening.
Looks like a Teamsters Officer again with his girlfriend to the left.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

38,257 emails by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


38,257 emails unread in my mailbox.  The date is 2/22/2012.


Why such a large number?  When They are dealt with another 'rash' of emails, generally junk mail, shows up. Is this more harassment?  :)

Remember Sardi's Restaurant "In The Theatrical District?" They have 'gone to the dogs'.

  February 16, 2012, 12:07 pm

For Champion Dogs, the Traditional Sardi’s Feast Will Continue

  • Shiho Fukada/Associated Press
  • Mary Altaffer/Associated Press
  • Kathy Willens/Associated Press
  • Hiroko Masuike for The New York Times
  • Craig Ruttle/Associated Press
Rufus, Bull Terrier, Best in Show, 2006.

Updated, 9:41 p.m. | It had become a tradition: Every year, the winner of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show had lunch at Sardi’s, the theater district restaurant where the walls are lined with portraits of celebrities.
And every year, the tradition broke the health department’s rules against animals in restaurants. Even dog-world celebrities like the Westminster winner.
No one noticed until Wednesday afternoon, a couple of hours after this year’s winner, a Pekingese named Malachy, had diced chicken and rice on a platter.
The health department ’s initial position, reported by The New York Post, was that Malachy’s meal would be the last enjoyed by any prize-winning dog at Sardi’s.
That possibility prompted, among other things, a conversation between Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and his health commissioner, Dr. Thomas A. Farley.
The health department did not want to create a tempest in a doggie dish. It did not want to set off a brouhaha like the one over the cat at the Algonquin Hotel or the one over the free cheese and crackers on the bar at Sardi’s itself. Both took action to avoid losing points on the health department’s restaurant inspections — the Algonquin by installing an electric fence to keep the cat from wandering where food was served; Sardi’s by making the cheese and crackers available only if customers asked (and charging as much as $5).
By Thursday morning, the health department had found a loophole that it hoped would defuse the dog-in-a-restaurant issue: a waiver from Dr. Farley.
“Whoever wins will get an exemption,” Mr. Bloomberg told reporters. Referring to Dr. Farley, he added, “He feels strongly, and I certainly support him, having dogs in restaurants and other pets is generally not sanitary and should not be done.”
David Frei, a spokesman for the Westminster Kennel Club, said he was pleased that the tradition would continue. He credited Howard Atlee, a longtime Broadway press agent who was the president of the New York Dog Fanciers’ Club in the late 1960s, with coming up with the idea of taking the winning dog to Sardi’s.
Mr. Atlee said it was just an addition to an existing ritual, a lunch for, among others, the best-in-show judges. “I said, ‘Where’s the best-in-show dog?’” he recalled. “I had Mr. Sardi” — who died in 2007 at 91 — “serve the piece of meat on a silver platter.”
Mr. Frei said that on Wednesday, Malachy made the rounds of television shows like the “Today” show and “The View” before being spirited into Sardi’s, not through the front door but through an adjacent office-building entrance. Malachy rode in a private elevator that opened on the second floor of the restaurant, which was off-limits to the matinee crowd downstairs.
“Malachy sat quietly in his crate while we ate,” Mr. Frei said. “The media showed up, we did the photo op and we hit the road.” Malachy had more appearances lined up.
V. Max Klimavicius, the president of Sardi’s, said he looked forward to welcoming next year’s winner, assuming permission is granted. “We are all about following the rules of City Hall and the health department,” he said. “If a waiver can be obtained, we’ll research that.”

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

N.Y. / Region

Playing to Win - 'or else'

A "Friendly game of Tennis" - called 'Playing To Win' - or else.  

Open letter to the U.S. Department of Justice: re"US versus Gary Anderson Antitrust case"

A Homeless Asian Family "shares the street".  This is really 'rough' housing.
February 22, 2012

Dear United States Department of Justice,


A new development

Three condominiums or townhouses
The "United States vs. Gary Anderson case" on the Department of Justice case, and anti-trust case, is of particular interest to comment on. I noticed that the problem had to do with housing. Here in Ohio we have another problem -"Fire Policies" being sold to attain properties and then collect rent. This became popular around the Ohio State University Campus and then spread to other areas because students were at the time looking for 'cheap housing' along with other students as opposed to having to pay more money to live in the dorms that are part of the Ohio State University. In these situations, the owners are supposed to be thrown out, for instance for nonpayment of taxes which cause a lien to be put on the property. Also, if renters can't meet the rent payments, instead of courts offering to be assistive or renters putting their rent in escrow to force the landlord to make repairs, there seem to be a lot of 'absentee landlords'. Happenings in other inner city areas like Louisville, Kentucky, Cleveland, Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio, and others are similar. The Fire policies are an "Old Mobster Trick" I understand, and involve a financial 'split' for people involved in this practice. Maybe the US Department of Justice can investigate and help in this class of case.

Additionally, I was looking at the Victims’ Rights paragraphs as outlined in another area on the Department of Justice's site which appears below:

Overview of Victims' Rights

Under the law, victims of Federal crimes such as antitrust violations are entitled to certain rights. Stated briefly, these are:

·         The right to be reasonably protected from the accused.

·         The right to reasonable, accurate, and timely notice of any public court proceeding.

·         The right not to be excluded from any such public court proceeding.

·         The right to be reasonably heard at any public proceeding in the district court involving release, pleas, and sentencing.

·         The reasonable right to confer with the attorney for the Antitrust Division handling the case.

·         The right to restitution as provided in law.

·         The right to proceedings free from unreasonable delay.

·         The right to be treated with fairness and respect.

·         How these rights are provided in any particular case will depend on the facts of the case, the need of the Government effectively to investigate and prosecute the crime, and the legal rights of the defendants.

·         While Antitrust Division attorneys prosecuting an antitrust case will do their best to see that victims receive the rights to which they are entitled, Division attorneys represent the United States and not the victims of antitrust violations. Crime victims are encouraged to seek the advice of their own attorneys concerning any of the rights listed above.

·         For more information on victims' rights and services provided by the Antitrust Division, refer to the Antitrust Division Victim-Witness Handbook (April 2006).

·         *******************************************************************************************************************************

·         Please be advised that I am a victim in Ohio as described on my site called "Born To Be Miserable" located at and was never compensated by the state of Ohio or any law enforcement agency - to date. They here expect the victim to readjust alone in regard to cases and situations that they here knew about and caused due to payola court and other practices which are supposed to be part and parcel of Nazi acquisition of wealth" and "political launches". In other words, if 'this' happens to you ( as it did to me) the sentiment is something like "Too bad sucker" as opposed to victims getting proper reparation in court or a court date. I am also in a Born id as a Social Worker on the intelligence/police internet and have not been able to become employed here in Ohio or get more education after the wonderful ‘events’ that ruined my life occurred here.  Crooks claimed that I was supposed to be in a political launch – which could have correlated with Eddie Bauer Corp but I was then divorced and someone wanted the ‘launch – so I got cast into homelessness with no rights.




§  Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Schroeder, The Nicki Menage Show, and crime control
It is rainy and overcast here in Columbus, Ohio in many ways. 

·         I like Schroder’s Scherzo aka a “MetLife Insurance generated game and I "used to be able" to play that but better until I got burglarized in Ohio and thieves wanted my ebony Kawai piano, expensive sheet music books, in addition to everything else in my house as part of a burglary assault cult that they ran in Ohio in Wooster, Ohio and other parts of Ohio. Sex offenders were the stars in this 'reality theatre presentation who were blacks with long braids.  I came up with a name: Nigger Alley/ Sex With Slaves and The Big Easy - a real life cocaine ring that would look much better on stage as a stage production with singing, dancing, and short vignettes in between. Oh well - no one cares :( No one is looking for any new ideas or ways to clean up crime. How sad :(s with long braids. I came up with a name: Nigger Alley/ Sex With Slaves and The Big Easy - a real life cocaine ring that would look much better on stage as a stage production with singing, dancing, and short vignettes in between. Oh well - noone cares :( No one is looking for any new ideas or ways to clean up crime. How sad :(I came up with a name: Nigger Alley/Sex With Salves/ and The Big Easy.  It comes from the live cocaine cult they ran in Wooster, Ohio and in other areas, and the sentiments of a white woman being ‘rolled’ and ‘robbed’ to scare me and to shut me up.  This and other ‘bitch’ campaigns rolled through Ohio leaving a path of destruction and affected myself and many other people. 
This would look much better on stage with singing, dancing, and short vignettes in between starring Nicki Ménage of the black side and “unknown group” on the white side as female singers and dancers to bring the public’s awareness to what southern crime, called “the New York Cali drug cartel” and other robbery cults do to people in Ohio to shut down the system. 
with long braids. I came up with a name: Nigger Alley/ Sex With Slaves and The Big Easy - a real life cocaine ring that would look much better on stage as a stage production with singing, dancing, and short vignettes in between. Oh well - no one cares :( No one is looking for any new ideas or ways to clean up crime. How sad :(I came up with a name: Nigger Alley/ Sex With Slaves and The Big Easy - a real life cocaine ring that would look much better on stage as a stage production with singing, dancing, and short vignettes in between. Oh well - no one cares :( No one is looking for any new ideas or ways to clean up crime. How sad :(
W When these men were drawn in a cartoon, the cartoon disappeared thanks to crooks coming into our room taking things - before it was published.  The 'nice darkies' are still at large.  This is just another part of crime until someone makes it into a miracle screenplay (with different actors, of course.) 

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