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Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Hope" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Hope Street Sign
 What is Hope?

I had the opportunity to find a turquoise hanging sign, written is script with the word "Hope" today.

Hope is what I have for the development project that i started.  I hope that crooks in Ohio don't crash my life down again, and rob me for coming up with a police project.  

I hope that the project receives funding in Ohio.

But - I am discouraged.  Because I now have to live in public Shelters and have not been able to get a decent job since crooks decided to make a mockery of the Justice system, and pulled into public ridicule as a 'joke' so that Go-Go-Lizzie, an anorexic stripper/prostitute, who was arrested in Cleveland, Ohio and was on the news there could win as a female icon in Ohio - to represent Organized crime.  This is another person who never ran for political office, and stood for Organized Crime and despair.  


Crooks hoped to be able to use my married and maiden names and have nothing happen, because they wanted me to be mentally ill - or Hoped that I was.  I am still around. 

Filing for divorce based on abuse got all of the bullies out of the woodwork - because I was married to Jerry Bauer - and he was represented by someone who chose to ruin my life.  I was supposed to stay in an abusive marriage and Hope that the man would change.

It didn't occur. I still don't know why I became a victim or target of terrorism in Ohio but Hope to eventually find out why.  I think that the terrorism was money motivated. 

The Gift of Hope Logo for Tsunami Relief Efforts Charity Drive 2011, Japan

Everyone hopes for something. I was hoping to stay in another state because I felt defeated here in Ohio, but for some reason I am here - thanks to a person I am involved with wanting to come back here.

Open Letter to "The Columbus Federal Voice" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Banner at the top of "The Federal Voice" newspaper
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Episcopal/Anglican Church Shield in blue

Episcopal/Anglican Church Shield in blue
"I have been a member of the Episcopal Church all of my life"

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