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Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Premature Babies and Plasma Feeding" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Instead of being an aborted fetus I could
 have been a preemie saved by plasma feeding
when newborn.  This is a great medical accomplishment
for people like me!

Plasma feeding of babies who are premature is supposed to get the baby up to a healthy weight, and to help build intestional coli according to research studies done on human infants.  Premature babies also mature quicker than non plasma fed babies.   

Elton John was on a morning News show sponsored by this morning and his baby Zachary was a small baby.  He looked very healthy and I am glad that he made it through, but there was no questioning about whether Zachary was plasma fed or not by the interviewer.  This could have saved Zachary's life.

In adults - this 'covert' procedure is supposed to expensive, use up a lot of blood and plasma, and is only available to certain people again.  I broke my ankle in Wooster, Ohio and the woman next to me in the same room was supposed to have a colostomy bag attached to her. Her family members and friends were there with her to have a party.  I got sectioned off in a little corner of the room.  This shows some of the extreme the crooks went to to lose weight while there.  The point was unknown unless this was an obsessed area, and the people were not all there and some were supposed to be some kind of 'movie star' according to themselves. 

2.  The AlliBabba Site lists animal plasma and similar products:
3.  One of the "sheep studies" as in Dolly the Sheep the Cloning victim.

"Facebook Online "Pledge" to ban sex offenders who are in jail from being on Facebook" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber..

Because of 'trouble' in general in regard to online behaviour, someone sent me their "Cause" to Underwrite in a way.  Their "cause" has to do with not allowing Sex Offenders who are currently in Prison to not have Facebook.  It really isn't a bad thing to support.  Their petition is located at this address:, and the originator is asking that people sign up and then contact a certain number of friends on line to help.  Their email appears below: 

From: Causes

People in Prison have an intertwined or interwrapped
relationship with others like the
artist's drawing above that others
often are not aware of.
Hi Kimberly ,

Thank you for joining the cause Sex offenders in prison shouldnt have Facebook!

My cause is to make people aware that sexual offenders and other criminals can communicate through emails and computer social sights.. Its scary and shouldn't be allowed... I hope that we can share our knowledge and make a difference.. I believe that people can always make a difference. I hope that you all have an understanding of why I have this cause.

We are very excited to have you as a part of our community. Right now, we need your help to reach our goal of 500,000 members so the most important thing you can do to help our cause is to invite your friends to join too.

Help us reach our goal of 500,000 members today:

Send Invitations

Thanks for joining the cause and taking action!

You are receiving this email because you are a member of the cause Sex offenders in prison shouldnt have Facebook.

Want to know about bedbugs, as they appeared as Columbus News Channels stars?

The following is an article written to the "Medical Marijuana Dispensary" area of (online):

Even this "inner spirit" pictured
needs relief from 'pests'

I currently live at the Motel One - 3190 E Main Street - Columbus, Ohio. My fiance will not change rooms. We both became victims of some kind of 'itch'. These bedbugs are not really large, but are small and are "red spider' types. "He" found a couple of them on the bedclothes which look more like little spiders with eight legs than bedbugs. This type of bedbug was a 'star' on local news channels here in Columbus, Ohio, who called them 'bedbugs' instead of little red spiders. The point is that if we change rooms, other rooms may be infested with them. In fact, Motel One Management was not noftified about this, because my fiance pays for the room and does not want to move for some reason. I have no source of income it is either 'THIS' OR THE LOCAL SHELTER.

The red spider marks are not as large as the marks pictured in another area of "".  They are much smaller and like a pattern of 'hives' They appear intermittently on the skin. THE 'HIVES' are individuated and separate and are in a pattern that is irregular. This 'rash' could also be an allergic reaction and an all purpose antihistimine helped WITH ITCHING THAT GOES ALONG WITH THIS TYPE OF "BEDBUG".

Lessons Learned:
* This is another form of slavery: having to put up with bedbugs thanks to not having freedom of choice.

* These little red spiders were also found as part of another area's issue "come to think of it" and had to do with red spiders being shipped with marijuana, so I heard.

* Pests are pests (in general)


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dear NAMI.......


This is a letter that was submitted to NAMI aka the National Alliance on Mental Illness this day of our Lord - February 9, 2011.  I do not think I will get a response because I haven't before in regard to this or other complaints of lobbying types of letters, but....
               This is one of those "same time next year' things. (sigh)

Stacks and stacks and stacks of files...

Message recipients were:                                                        
Congresswoman Charleta Tavares
Governor John Kasich

"Ohio was the victim of massive embezzlement and mismanagement for years.  Sadly, mental health coverage in the poverty sectors are not there and not as good as mental health treatment that exists in the insurance covered population. 
Columbus, Ohio and other cities had federal shutdowns.  To date, Eddie Bauer reports being ripped off, Kimberly Clark reported beings ripped off, police from these entities reported being railroaded and never paid for police hub roles, because a 'joker' decided that people in the police agent areas, who were not in line with whatever political 'breeze' was coming through were supposed to be mentally ill and apply for SSI (Social Security) funding to deplete the Social Security finds for all.. 
In addition to this, "apparently', based on rhetoric heard in the intelligence

The Woman With The Golden Apple
 as opposed to
The Man with the Golden Voice
aka "Ted Williams" - a black mentally ill man
who was a prior convict
mode which crooks decided was 'hearing voices' for those with a valid counter posture, we have the mental illness of Anorexia Nervosa and anorexia bulimia overrepresented, with bullies telling all kinds of others that they are 'not ok' because of fat issues.  These things incited terrorism and hate crime and were the basis for needed suggested amends to the mental health system. 

I became such a battery victim and had no choice in the matter.  I then became a victim of hate crime, because crooks were trying to protect an embezzlement linkup.  My development project is "The Indigo Drum".  Crooks decided that this was something that they wanted to get ahold of to use as a money laundering well.  The point is that because of mental illness and corruption, there is very little that people can really do or be , because in certain states this culture was not only present but exasperated:  "Damned if you do, Damned if you don't" - in regard to many things.  The result of being stuck in such a pickle is this - the generation of another mental illness which is not adequately being treated in the population: "Depression".

While we know that you have tough decisions to make about the budget, indiscriminate cuts to mental health funding inevitably lead to higher costs in the future. Funding mental health services on a timely basis helps improve personal well being and public safety.

Thank you for your careful attention to this urgent letter."

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Episcopal/Anglican Church Shield in blue
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