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Friday, April 1, 2011

Where is the Salvation Army in Raleigh, North Carolina?

This looks like North Carolina.
 The answer is:

Administrative Offices

215 South Person Street
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601
Phone 919 834.6733
Fax 919 828.0911

902 Wake Forest Road
Raleigh, North Carolina 27604
Phone 919 832.6918
Fax 919 832.8500

Women & Children's Shelter
215 South Person Street
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601
Phone 919 834.6733
Fax 919 828.0911

Family Store & Donation Center
205 Tryon Road
Raleigh, North Carolina 27603
Phone 919 779.8867
Fax 919 773.3006

Worship Center
902 Wake Forest Road
Raleigh, North Carolina 27604
Phone 919 832.6918
Fax 919 832.8500

John and I came into Raleigh last night late, stayed at The Grey hound bus station, where a group of friendly people showed up, boarded a bus, a left together.   We then walked up the hill, went to McDonald's, had a cup of coffee, and came from there to the public library.  McDonald's Corporation, a chronic sponsor, had friendly people working there, and said that they just hired four new people when I asked about employment there.  What is good about this day that the Lord hath given us?

1.  I did not have a heart attack walking up the hill with luggage. 

2.  We had enough money to get coffee and breakfast.

3.  We escaped from Ohio based corruption.

4.  Today is April 1st - a new month - a new beginning.

5.  Instead of being broke, I hear that there is employment available here.

6.  In this position that someone created which includes 'out of control drunks of ll ages against the people' - I survived.

The fickle finger of fate:
"YOU are responsible for your own happiness of lack thereof"

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Open letter to "On Wings Like a Dove" Organization,


I am in Winston Salem on a four hour 'vacation' awaiting the next Greyhound bus. My son, Justin Bauer is in the Gaston County Jail, in Gastonia, North Carolina. If you read my blogspot called "Born To Be Miserable" at, you can see the kinds of things that crooks and nuts added to my life. Not only did they ruin my house, rob me, harass me with a black gang in Wooster, Ohio and run Mob activity, my son was in their areas and has no legal assistance because I am broke thanks to crooks. I did not pick them, but noticed that they kept picking me for abuse.  I think that reading my blogspot will answer a lot of questions, but people like me and relatives need assistance when these goons get riled up and continue to start trouble.  I noticed that other people's lives weren't ruined, for instance the library staff here. 
There is an article on the front page of the Winston Salem Chronicle today that talks about a white woman who supposedly killed a compainion and had no rights.  Crooks caused me to have no legal Aid in Wooster, Ohio. If you have a crooked family and live in affected ratholes, it matters a great deal. Also, in Winston Salem, it looks like thugs and or gang members broke a stone "Art Wall" and chipped pieces of value out of the wall.  No one in this wanted to actually do the gateway project, which I called "The Indigo Drum", but wanted to rip off the money for it and continue to cause trouble.  The crooks still are not interested in doing the work for this.  I had no intention of staying 'frozen' but crooks enabled all kinds of weirdos to be involved in a fraud string to anable theft, because they were broke and needed to be crooks (Wah - too bad would normally be the response to trash like this but for some reason, this behaviour was enabled by the police and others and is still a major issue. 

I noticed that your agency is only open on Tuesdays, and from the site: 
"Our mission at “On Wings like a Dove,” is to provide spiritual and emotional support to the families of prodigals & prisoners who have chosen to wander from the Father’s purpose and plan for their lives.

Through the power of God’s Word and Intercessory Prayer our intention is to empower families to experience the same unconditional love and forgiveness the Father shows the prodigal in bringing reconciliation and restoration to the family.
We encourage families to stand in the gap through prayer for their prodigal, with the hope that they will one day come back home to the Heavenly Father's open arms.
We also provide support to the prodigal and re-entry guidance to the ex-offender "
"The Prodigal's father called for a party to end all parties upon his son's return. "Bring the fatted calf here and kill it, and let us eat and be merry; for this my son was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.' And they began to be merry." (Luke 15:23-24)
I am not a crook and have no interest in being roughed up by the police or blacks, and my son Justin needs support and prayer.  This is another case of crooks ruining the lives of police and others in the system to participate in Organized Crime activity.  A crook is using my names:  Koerber,Bauer, and wanted to rip off not only the money for The Indigo Drum and never do the project, but started all kinds of headaches because I had a 12 week abortion, to keep tension goin on in the forefront in this area also, it appears.Justin Jeremy Bauer needs prayers and he needs a laywer which I cannot afford.  I also need to be able to go to visit him there.  I and my fiance have no permanent housing ourselves because of crooks.  Crooks blocked employment in my life out of spite. 

P.S. - Am I the "Prodigal's Mother" that someone wrote this book about?  I could be.  My son was born on December 31, 1982 and his last name is Bauer.  I did not cause this abuse.  Criminals call all of this" legitimate social policy formation" which is questionable. 

Me in a bourne id - this only son in a bourne id -
stands out like a sore thumb to crooks

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All About Wooster Little League and 'bonding' by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


I, Hillbilly Hound and pups 'may' be safe,
or may never return if we go to certain areas to visit and
no one knows we are there.

Ready, Set, PLAY!  by ESPN's Mark Schlereth and Mark Preisler
The above book is not a bad choice but in real life....
My son, Justin Bauer, who is currently in jail in Gastonia, NC. had the experience of bonding through Little League in wooster, Ohio. Unfortunately, one of the coaches, a Klansman who was divorced and had a resentment against his wife and other woman, had a complaint filed against him by me. He was abusing the only little girl on the Little League Field. He told all of the boys that they 'ran like a girl' with only her there. After I field a complaint with the baseball commissioners about this, Shorty Long got meaner. There was a female juveline cut into pieces in Wooster. The Klan stuck together about this.
I had no experience in regard to Ku Klux Klan before.  I did not want to be a target of them, but my husband was from Wooster, tha this man was someone he knew.  This is an example of 'parents and children bonding through sports' as is on the front of the book.  The book is much more inspirational and features Sports Legends like:
               George Foreman
               Cal Ripken Jr.
               Lou Holtz
               Laila Ali
               Nolan Ryan
               Grant Hill
               Jim Kelly
 and       Julie Foudy
The point is bonding is bonding, and "Children Live What They Learn."  I have had continued trouble because of dummies like this for the last 15 years, to the point of having to move to another state.

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Episcopal/Anglican Church Shield in blue
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