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Friday, May 8, 2009

The Miracle of "Sparkle" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

What counters depression and makes people happy in all cases is "sparkle". "sparkle" is that undefined something extra that certain people have and other lack consistently. To live life to the fullest, we all need sparkle.
Fuzzy ducklings lived in the creek at Soldier's Field park, but
when we were there, they were all grown up.

Spelled Pronunciation [spahr-kuhl] Show IPA verb, -kled, -kling, noun
–verb (used without object)
1. To issue in or as if in little sparks, as fire or light: The candlelight sparkled in the crystal.
2. To emit little sparks, as burning matter: The flames leaped and sparkled.
3. To shine or glisten with little gleams of light, as a brilliant gem; glitter; coruscate.
4. To effervesce, as wine.
5. To be brilliant, lively, or vivacious.
–verb (used with object)
6. To cause to sparkle: moonlight sparkling the water; pleasure sparkling her eyes.
7. A little spark or fiery particle.
8. A sparkling appearance, luster, or play of light: the sparkle of a diamond.
9. Brilliance, liveliness, or vivacity.
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Related Words for : sparkle
coruscate, scintillate, light, spark, coruscation

I will never forget going to Rochester, Minnesota.  Because we were not supposed to be there at the time and had no resources or money, we (John Drilling and I) stayed in Soldiers Field Park for 30 days.  This is because in Rochester, there is no accomadation for poor people unless they stay at The Dorothy Day House, for 14 days (the limit) and then find other accommadations, or a way to leave.  We slept in the park on Federal land, and met a couple of the forest rnagers while sleeping in the men's restroom during the rain twic, and were thrown off of the picnic shelter but if we woke up early, just at sunrise and went to the shelter before the sun fully rose, the Miracle of Sparkle was there to be seen.  The creek just glistened and minute sparkles were there to be seen on the creek's surface - and fish actually were able to be seen there - just under the surface of the water.  Live Fish!  The miracle of the new day breaking included "sparkle" always in that spot, in that location. Just down the creek was avid pollution, but in that spot, in that clearing, was "sparkle".  What a great place for a morning meditation!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ramblings in Columbus, Ohio

Ohio became crooked when they decided that crooks were supposed to use the names of others and not be prosecuted and that whores, who were supposed to be (ha, ha, ha) "police agents" were supposed to collect our salaries, rob our homes and burglarize us and not be prosecuted as a 'special favor'. Ohio became crooked when people who applied for jobs were displaced by criminals and criminals started to run our lives without us being able to do anything about it. Skinheads are a continued problem here in Ohio. Ohio refused to do anything about illegal immigration or drug trafficking, except punish the police and those in government areas. Ohio became crooked when murders were committed, and the folks in administration would not prosecute the killers, but created cover ups for them, because this generated monies for illegal cartels that the state was not supposed to support, but did. I am currently looking for a better opportunity which will allow for advancement. "Sigh".
Ohio is shutting down more and more thanks to "whatever" trend the crooks wanted for Ohio. Gee whiz. poor ecomony, poor everything in many ways. What can individual citizens do? Nothing. Scary to have facsism 'cease' your life and give you no alternatives.

"Ceasing" or "Seizing" is not an uncommon or unknown thing to happen in coppuot political structures. Crroks "Seized" homes in Ohio, "seized" belongings, and then lied to people about what they had done. Maybe

Thursday, April 16, 2009

God Danced the Day You Were Born

You are loved
You are beautiful
You are the gift of God
His own possession

You are the gift to all mankind
His gift of love to them
You are his
by Richard Kramer
Copyright Abbey Press 1993

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Praise God - by "Anonymous Author"

Happy moments, praise God
Difficult moments, seek God
Quiet moments, worship God.
Painful moments, trust God
Every moment, Thank God.

-Anonymous author-

from the bulletin board of Faith Mission for Women
315 E. Long Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Friday, March 27, 2009

"Judgement: The Ultimate Setting" from Catholic Update, April 2008

"Fear of the Last Judgement faded from the modern mind", says (Pope) Benedict, but it has been replaced by the absence of hope, in the face of injustice. "A world which has to create its own justice", which it can never adequately do, "is a world without hope" .

by John Feister, Managing Editor of "Catholic Update". He has Masters degrees in Humanities and Theology from Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Trends : What is a trend? by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Wearing hats  - an old trendy thing to be.
 Trends. Some good, some not so good.
Why are trends developed to begin with?

There are clothing trends......
      Political Trends.....
            Food trends.....
                  Lifestyle trends.....
                          Economic trends....

                                              And also there is CHOICE!

In other words, we could get into depth here about what current fads are in what area, but
because people move around so much, and because I do not have a clothing company to 
repicate cothing itens to put my 'tag' on, this is not as significant to me as behavioural trends -
where they came from
Who influenced them
and what is to come in the future.

To Be Continued... 

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