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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Diseaster Assistance - Why is my experience not part of a Federal Crime strike or abuse by crooks to make "Whigs"?

I tried contacting the Diseaster Assistance people when the abuse in Wooster, Ohio happened, and couldn't get through.
This is their website address:

Why do I get to be the 'worm' because I was in a police role?  Why can't the Federal Government and
individual states compensate crime victims?  My 'whig' included nothing but homelessness.  I think crooks in certain areas were doing this to help crime buddies and put people they did not like in positions of vulnerability forever..  

"I look like Ginger, a family dog that was killed in Wooster, Ohio
because crooks thought this was funny.  Why would someone hate me that much? 
I was rectally bleeding
and died thanks to being abused.  My family had me for years.
My brother was Trent, a white Westie. 
 He was taken and a smaller dog was put in his place." 
  The email to another address also bounces.  Also, the State of Ohio would not do anything about this.  I was on the internet for 10 years to be abused by criminals like this, and lost all of my material goods.  Crooks also stalked me to sabatage my cars, and ripped off luggage in storage and everything else they could find.  My birth certificate was also stolen.  Maybe this is Eddie Bauer playing games with abusive relatives of mine. Where is my only son Justin Bauer?  This is not funny.  I now need to have a life again.

Informants claim that this is insurance fraud and that the crooks do this often to collect money.  I would like to be able to collect money based on damages and know why I supposedly died and am not able to get hired anywhere anymore.   

Open Letter to the United Nations:

There are women involved in this
'puzzle' although not pictured here. 

I am in Columbus, Ohio and have been the victim of domestic violence and fraud for years. Here in Ohio we now have a new governor, John Kasich, but in the past had a Nazi/KuKluxKlan/fascist based administration. The crooks that are on the "police Internet" have all kinds of issues, and I would like to leave and be re-established elsewhere.

My ex-husband, Jerry L Bauer, is linked with Eddie Bauer Corp and had domestic violence charges filed against him and then found a way to NOT give me a divorce settlement, so 'ethics' may be a continued problem. 

Crooks made certain that I had no source of income and that my complaints about fraud were never responded to. I live with my fiance whom I am dependant on.

As has been the case in the past, if I personally do not establish a connection, the crooks certainly do not bother.

Terrorism, an organ transplant cult, drug cartels and other city crime is marked here. A prior message written today was deleted by crooks before it was sent. In fact, I had a problem yesterday with a white 'skinhead' type of librarian who was new there at the Main Library and was interested in shutting down several computers and giving me a hard time, as if giving certain people trouble to be 'impressive' to someone.

More information in regard to all of this is on my blog spot called "Born To Be Miserable" located at and on my Facebook page under the name of Kimberly Koerber (click on the cute cartoon face). My voice mail n umber is 206-203-4349

Thanks much!

Warmest Regards,

Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber
P.S. - a priorly written website, that went along with 'other things' in Wooster, Ohio was destroyed as part of abuse in Ohio.  In other words - I can't win no matter what I do as the crooks are prone to temper outburst and violence here.  Unfortunately, this is not a peaceable UN setting for anyone.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Attn. Interested Parties: One State's Response to Terrorism of Federal Witnesses....

U.S. Department of Justice

United States Attorney

District of Oregon For Immediate Release

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Karin J. Immergut, United States Attorney

Contact: Gerri Badden

Arsonist Sentenced to 11 Years and 6 Months for Retailiating Against a Federal Witness
Eugene, Ore. — Cory Joe Gwyn, 33, appeared before United States District Court Judge Ann Aiken, and was sentenced to 11 years and 6 months imprisonment for retaliating against a federal witness by setting fire to his home.

Gwyn will serve 10 years of his federal sentence after he completes serving a sentence for attempted murder and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Gwyn retaliated against a witness who informed a federal agent and city detective that he had given Gwyn a rifle stolen by an armed career criminal during a residential burglary in Springfield, Oregon. The armed career criminal, Martin Elery Beal, was sentenced on March 5, 2008, by United States District Court Judge Michael Hogan to 15 years and 8 months imprisonment.

After the witness appeared before a federal grand jury in December 2006, Gwyn told him that he would “burn everything down that you got,” and “ruin (his) life.” On July 25, 2007, while the witness was in jail, Gwyn set fire to his home and later bragged to others that he had gotten back at the witness. The arson caused $10,000 worth of damage.

On September 21, 2007, while under the influence of methamphetamine Gwyn shot a man in the face at close range and was convicted of attempted murder and being a felon in possession of a firearm on November 5, 2007. Gwyn was charged with retaliating against a federal witness and using fire to commit a federal felony on September 17, 2009, and pled guilty to those charges on November 3, 2010.

Gwyn had prior convictions for illegal drug manufacturing and possession, identification theft and forgery, assaulting and recklessly endangering others, and felonious attempts to elude police.

Gwyn was sentenced to the mandatory 10-year prison term for using fire to commit a federal felony and a 20-month prison term for retaliating against the witness. He will also be required to pay $10,000 in restitution.

Fire cause experts from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the Oregon State Police conducted the investigation and were substantially assisted by detectives from the Springfield Police Department.

For further information, contact Assistant United States Attorney Frank Papagni at (541) 465-6771.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cornbread sighting

A "CornBread" sighting...
and it was not in a marijuana field..
 Today, an unusual incident occurred. 

A white man in his late 20's was in a car that had something about "God" on it as a license plate holder, but was telling people that he worked for the Coroner's office and was part of "Executions". This young man with short dark brown hair was not unattractive and was thin to medium built and American but was someone in the past known as a person from the marijuana group known as 'Cornbread' in Ohio. Before the Ku Klux Klan in Ohio started using this name, the name belonged to a group of black women from Louisville, Kentucky. They were a police group until they got mean and became a prison gang. They were called "Cornbread" because they had very short hair - almost shaved heads and they dyed their hair orangish/yellow - the color of cornbread - and stuck together as "sisters" or friends.

This man would have been in trouble if this had occurred in Louisville, Kentucky because he was in a new car that had stick on black letters on the side. One part of the black stick on letters said "State of Ohio" and the other set on the other side said "security". He had three citizen's band antennas on the truck of his car. seriously. He could be part of another type of problem Father, Bauer, known as "Sex With Slaves". Sex With Slaves" do not guard marijuana fields, but they go door to door and look for people who are home alone. The "Don Juan" or "Juanita" Sex With Slaves types try to have sex with the person or are part of an escort service to come to the door. This is intelligence information and is meant to be helpful. Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Development and Family Roles in Ku Klux Klan versus normal families"

Hi.  I am the oldest daughter in the family.  My parents were not identified as American Nazis, but I
considered myself to be in an abusive family. The point is that I, as the oldest sibling in the family "got stuck", I thought.  These families, like other crime based families,. applaud not education, but internal theft.  Since the Klan and Klan leaders are becoming more and more open about this, and since someone asked me what the difference is between myself and this sister who they supposedly 'picked' the details are as follows:

For iinstance, In high school:

1.. No job, not in school daily, being trained athletically and a cheerleader on stage to be an important person.  Flat chested, large bottom half - would fit into the 'shemale' athletic model.
2. a crime buddy.  Character disorders show up early in life, are part of an achievement pattern. 
3.  Complaints against this sister in my family of origin were ignored as she was supposed to be  crime buddy, and I was supposed to be a martyr
4. I was supposed to suffer loss after loss while living there and then resorted to getting a padlock for my bedroom door to keep the 'beast' out.  This 'beast' type is developed, not borne that way.  This 'beast' type was an intentional antagonist, causing friction with certain people on purpose. 
5.  The beast was not able to do well in social situations unless they were in a very specific clique
6.  I was then supposed to be mentalluy ill and disqualified from police employment because the 'beast' was supposed to win or else.
7.  This is typical of organized crime patterns or patterns in dysfunctional families. 
8.  If these created 'beasts' are not in appropriate placements (aka - part of a fascist government to obtain information) then they get involved in hostile escheat and other rip offs that increase local crime statistics, so the police know they are there.  This is also known as KuKluxKlan Activity.
9.  In my household, the 'beast', this younger sister, was put on steroids, and then robbed me in various ways, and then put physical belongings between tit's mattresses.  I was supposed to fight with the beast in person and chose to ignore it as much as possible.
10.  Graduated from high school in 1977.

1.  After school job at a grocery store.
2.  Honors classes
3. On tennis team
4.  Daily exercise
5.Church attendance and acolyte in high school
6. Ripping me off and demeaning me was part of the "beast's" training, and it has legal support from prior offenses. 
7.  As a high school student, I was never home on purpose, was always complaining to the guidance counselor about the beast's abuse since my parents were fostering this abuse, and wanted to run away, but stuck it out and graduated from high school and got married at the age of twenty.
8.  The beast was kept busy for years and was out of reach when called, always.
9.  There was really no relationship,. because of early conditioning.10.  The beast and other family members were not available when called. because they were cohesive among themselves and others who were part of their 'inner circle' which disincluded me. 
10.  Graduated from high school in 1976.  The "Spirit of 76 - 1976/1776 was my high school graduation theme, which could have yielded a Nationwide political/police launch.  This was aborted because of nurturing and developing other 'beast' types in the area at the time. Our high school Prom song was "Stairway to Heaven" about a female 'buying' the stairway to heaven and etc.  


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Ugly American strikes the 'beauty world'

The old typewriter...Why do you have to be their 'type'
seedy and not all there to win?
 Sent to AARP toady - February 15, 2011 at

In Ohio we had a group of Nazis selling cocaine who made life for everyone incredibly difficult.  they were ugly underweight dogs and were able to put themselves in positions of authority and were then abusing normal people to GET THIN because of unresolved bank fraud issues.  No one wanted to be here or be stuck with these nuts., and at an older age this is relevant.  I got stuck with an abusive man also after divorcing one abuser.  My husband was 11 years older than me.  I am now 53 and am stuck because of ignorant ugly "Martian" types of people and prostitution which ate up my life and Ohio.  I did not even have to participate to be affected.  I was Kimberly Bauer, and they developed a large elephant of a business by abusing me for years, - Eddie Bauer.  these ugly ET looking NAZIS are not what anyone wanted to be.  Is there programming available for people who were affected by crime like this?  I have a blog spot called "Born To Be Miserable" located at and am on Facebook under the name of Kimberly Koerber (click the cute cartoon face).  The state was also eaten up by organized crime including the drug cartel and the transplants cartel, but kooks wanted people to keep "GETTING THIN" as part of "Hee Haw" - a CIA or Nazi launched program designed to rip off and degrade people and then hold them in white slavery.  Some of the people doing this were supposed to be models.  this is like a reprogrammed "Holicost" type of set up.  I would like to get some feedback.  Thanks!
                                                            Kimberly! :)

Library Books and books for sale - Can this be part of computer related "Black Ops"?

"Innocent" white 'PENGUINS' from Alaska
This book may be part of "Black Ops"also.  The book has a downloadable audio version.  Penguin Group (USA) Inc. is the publisher and is represented in the following countries:USA, Ireland, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, and China.   A unique feature of this book is that after reading 40 pages, the reader is prompted to go to a site to 'watch' a cyberbridge so that the "Steve Dark" storyline can continue. Steve Dark is defined as a crime-scene tactician and "The Tarot Card Killer" is one of the set up 'chapters' as defined on the book's jacket.

The same author is the author of book is the author of "Dark Origins", a series, and the book is available at the library, and at bookstores, or by mail order throughout the world.  They also have their own web community beyond 'advancing in chapters' through another named website on the books jacket.  This book is fairly easy to read, written to the level of an eight or ninth grader with short words, simply constructed sentences to a degree, and is not like a  banned or part of any kind of classified material. 

One wonders how large the distribution network is and how many copies are out.  Kids also could get involved in this kind of 'development' which is like a video game but not real life on their 'special' website. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ohios Amish Victims in Wayne County Ohio

Ohio's Amish in Wayne County also became victims within the last few years. 
 Many tried to return to areas like Indiana and were blocked.
Ohio's Amish Settlements were involved in movement always.  In the past few years, not only were their areas overdeveloped and heavlily tradffic laden, but the Amish felt as if they were stuck being victimized in Wayne Copunty, Ohio.  There was one case of an Amish daughter that was not found and left her community for good.  There were many cases of Amish who were being robbed and became victims of horse theft and other abuse.  The Amish were desirable to live around in the past, because of traditional values and stability.

In the "cocaine eras" of history, things changed dramatically, sadly.
             (to be continued). 

"Kip", a young, nice, stuttering man employed at Motel One arrested!! by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

 This is a news story that was in The Columbus Dispatch about a Motel One Employee who is a very nice, quiet man who stutters in speech a lot. 

Common link: Master keys
Picture of a Chinese orchestra on a
Maybe the Oriental family who works at
The Motel One
played Kip a sad song
before he left.
Man jailed after OSU-area break-in

Residences of college-age women hit over 2 months

Saturday, February 12, 2011 02:51 AM

By Mary Beth Lane


Columbus police charged a man yesterday with attempting to break into the off-campus apartment of two young women near Ohio State University. Police are investigating whether he is connected to a rash of burglaries that have targeted college-age women living east of campus.

Kip K. Klages, 35, whom police say lives in a Motel One at 3190 E. Main St., was charged with attempted burglary and possession of a criminal tool.

Klages is accused of using a master key to try to enter the Norwich Avenue apartment of Ciara Martin, 21, and Camryn Robinson, 20, about 6:30 a.m. yesterday, said detective Brian Lacy of the Police Division's burglary unit.

The women heard someone trying to get in; they peered out the peephole and called police, Lacy said. The women apparently scared off the burglar.

Undercover officers were in the area as part of an increased police patrol since burglaries began there about two months ago, Lacy said. The officers stopped Klages nearby, and he was identified by the women.

He was being held in jail last night and is scheduled to appear in Franklin County Municipal Court today, Lacy said.

Police searched Klages' motel room and found "a few things" that make them believe he could be connected to other burglaries, Lacy said.

Klages had the master key on his key ring, Lacy said. "We are still trying to figure out where he got the key from," he said.

A burglar using a master key has broken into about 20 rental units and possibly more - all occupied by young women - in the past two months, Lacy said. Most of the break-ins have occurred east of campus between 12th and 18th avenues, and on Norwich and Oakland avenues, Lacy said.

The break-ins have occurred at both apartment complexes and rental houses, and there is no apparent connection among the rentals, he said.

In some cases, women have awakened to find a man standing in their bedroom watching them, he said.

"We understand how traumatizing it is, how scary it is," Lacy said. "That's why we are out in full force." 
I live at The Motel One where this young man lived and worked in a maintenance position.  Motel One staff said that Kip left and 'would not be returning'.

As a Post script to this story, there was a Motel One key found not far from the Motel One two days ago and turned into the Motel One staff today (today -)3/16/2011).  The key did not match our door, but matched someones.  For some reason, some one wanted 'this' type of human interest story to be continued also. 

Based on the ways things have been going societal, it is fair to say that maybe "Kip" wanted to be important and be a known gangster, because he did not have a great life.  This "American Gangster" identity has to be much better than being a loser type of man who stutters, has few friends, is isolated, and has a boring job, if any job at all.  This is much better than competing with others and doing the best you can, because of how people have reacted.  Gangster political launches and The last political administration, which Strickland said was not him as dysfunctional - but everyone else - lead people to believe that working hard to build a life is no longer good enough.  

There are a lot of genuises out there.  How come no one has been able to find a plan that is reasonable and feasible and 'covers this base' in the baseball game of life? 

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I graduated from High School from Medina High School in 1976. Our patriotic launch, which was then to apply to every class of '76 with the theme 1976/1776 (the Country's bicentennial) was delayed because of crooks. Instead, the USA got pulled into "Humiliation and Embarrassment" which we all now have to work to get out of. This is depicted in a small plaster statue that is available at the 99 cents store, for just one dollar, which is a store next to the T.A.T. Restaurant, almost at the corner of Livingstone and James. This small statue is a curled up American flag.  An American eagle, one wing flap trying to cover his face in shame, is in front of the flag trying to hide in humiliation and embarrassment, thanks to crooks. 

                                               Warmest Regards,

                                                         Kimberly! :)
"The Faces":  a Cartoon City Cartoon
 by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber - 02-12-11

 It would be nice if came to Ohio. Here in columbus, Ohio, we have a problem at The Ohio State University, one of the big ten Universities in the USA. The President, Gordon Gee wa President for many years and was not able to be reached ever. We just got rid of a Ku Klux Klan Governor of the state, Governor Ted Strickland, and now have Governor John Kasich. There is a racketeering ring at the OSU College of Social Work, called "the Office of Female Empowerment", which is not able to be used by alumni. They claim that this is for staff there only, but professors there claim that their wives cannot use the office of Female Empowerment for anything.

In addition to this, young students are involved in Values Differentiation.                                                          

Episcopal/Anglican Church Shield in blue

Episcopal/Anglican Church Shield in blue
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