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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Who is Jessica Germain?


Good Question.........

What is an injunction?


An injunction is an order of a court requiring a person, corporation, or government entity to stop doing something and refrain from doing that thing in the future. In relatively rare cases, the court may issue a "mandatory injunction", compelling a person, company, or governmental unit take affirmative action to do something.

Injunctions historically are issued, only "when the remedy at law is inadequate". For example, suppose you own a home surrounded by 100 year old trees and your neighbor claims the trees are on his property and is planning on cutting them down. While the dispute is pending, the court might well issue an injunction preventing the neighbor from cutting down the trees until the matter is heard and completely resolved. Otherwise there could be irreparable harm to the land, money damages could not replace the trees, and the damages you would be entitled to could be speculative.

Another example of when an injunction may be issued is in the case of an ongoing course of conduct that violates your rights. For example, assume you own a Web site and another firm keeps on coming back and copying the material on your Web site in violation of copyright notices, no trespass notices, and contractual provisions. A court will issue an injunction to prevent that conduct from recurring. In fact, courts did exactly that to prevent others from improperly using portions of a site published by the creators of FreeAdvice.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In the World of Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Today, I was in the library and put my purse and other things on a chair and was walking around.  My fiance, John Drilling was upstairs.  He came down, kissed me, then went outside.  After he left, I noticed a white unmarked envelope.  When I opened the envelope, I saw the results of my AIDS test which I took yesterday.  Instead of them having the result of the AIDS test in the office in the Salvation Army, they had a white envelope with dental information on it.  I have no idea how the envelope got where it was on the floor of the library.  I don't think Mr. Drilling had it.

Then, I looked up 'money' under my ex-husband's name and found money listed in his and my missing son's name in various states.  I don't know if I should try to retrieve this or not because crooks took all paperwork from our house when I was evicted.  Mr Drilling today told me that 'someone' in Wooster told him that he wa ok to rent to and I was not, and this information came up today, for 'some odd reason'.  Thi is the same man who told me that I was supposed to take the housing for free in Rochester, Minnesota, which would then enable him to get a 'nice' apartment.  This group housing was with people I did not know, was run down and questionable.   

Emmett Kelly, Inc.

A link all about Emmett Kelly, also known as the "Sad Clown".
Part of Mr Kelly's experience had to do with "Testimony and Fear"

Selling out the US Intelligence system and "Real Estate Fraud"

" I, this kid from the Taliban approve of this artice 100%"
       by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

NPR has a "Planet Money" series talking about "Toxic Assets",  because apparently ssomeone from NPR got involved in a @200 Million dollar fraud in the state of Florida and collectively called this their "Toxic Assets" group.  They did a cute series about "Toxie" dieing, but being a Social worker, I noticed one short in particular that they listed as one of the acquisitions which 'had inside" an 81 year old man, named Dr. George Blum who was a Doctor,  on Cove Terrace Road in Sarasota Florida, who had a dog named 'Muffin'.  

I wonder if the man is part of the United States intelligence system, and is part of the acquisition.  NPR does not say, but this is one of the ways in which the United States intelligence system, and the people in it, are being 'sold' and making a profit for someone.  This is only one part of the large Federal Crime cult that were are currently experiencing the repercussions of, as we breathe air, on this day in history, Saturday, November 13, 2010.  We are in the midst of a Nazi cult and Blum or Bloom sounds like a Jewish name. 

That poor man!  This story was 'sponsored' by Fidelity Mortgage Company, and  Craig Adams was the contact with his friend Steve Wexler (which to be sounds very similar to Wexner - who is a principal of "The Limited Companies", a Columbus, Ohio Development corporation which used to be a retailer and warehouse system years ago and originated here in Columbus, Ohio).  For some reason, the are selling homes more than once.  Dr. Blum claimed that he sold his house for $800,000.00 and then heard a week later that the house was sold again for $725,000.00.  Crooks are selling "properties more than once, and the point is that I wonder what is really being sold here.  This is called "mortgage fraud".  Apparently the FBI is investigating more and more
mortgage fraud' cases, because some smart investor compiles a list of real estate and then investors invest their money, sight unseen.  

I am not a realtor, or a real estate investor, but my personal experience with this has to do with becoming a victim of crooks, being robbed, and someone wanting the property who was a 'ghost owner'.  For this reason, I am currently homeless and live with my fiance in a hotel room that he provides.  This 'toxic asset' was our home for many years.  I have no other home.  Crooks were always trying to find ways to rip people off, and this one, which was part of the 'rich get richer - the poor get poorer' exclamation and relinquish statement of hopeless and futility that has come true around the country.  High class crooks are also working while people sleep to come up with these plans that are self enriching. 

I recall being a kid in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called "Knoxville" before we moved to "Brentwood" and experiencing another type of home relinquishing movement where blacks lived on one side of a public park, whites on the other, and blacks got involved in a hostile takeover of homes there of established families, some of whom had 'for sale' signs on the front lawns.  This occurred in a hostile way.  Blacks broke into homes and scared people into selling.  I recall grandparents who lived on Rochelle Street, putting up bars on the basement windows because they were older people, were afraid, and were not interested in being victims of assault .  A white nurse, walking home after her shift at the hospital at night was raped by a black.  But - they got the properties that they wanted, and now this is also a black neighborhood.


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Ever wonder what a female "King" looks like?
Eric Don-Arthur for NPR

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