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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another Triune Juncture

Creativity and “Oiling the Brain”

By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

December 4, 2010

3:25 p.m.

There was a grand Christmas concert at this juncture at the Columbus Public Library’s main library, which could be heard all the way through the library, including all floors, all alcoves, and all corridors. The holiday songs were clear, beautiful, melodic, and resonant. The concert, which was on the second floor of the library, ended about 25 minutes ago. The songs echo through my mind and will for the rest of the day.

Some days are like this: cold, mean, disorientating one minute, and then relaxed and transcended and one with the universe the next, as in:

1.   Muuuuusickkkkk

2.  Music

3.  Music!


This reminds me of having to sit down and practice the piano as a kid which went something like this:

1.  Pranktice

2.  Practice makes perfect

3.  Practice this first, then I can play and write freeform!


Or singing:

1.  Tra

2.  Tra-la-la

3.  “Blackbird singing in the dead of night – take these broken wings and learn to fly…”

Teamsters Sucks (and then some)

Ever write a letter you knew you would not get an answer to?  One appears below.
                                                                           Happy, Happy, Happy Hanuakkah

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Please be advised that if you have a matter of importance that you would like addressed in an official manner you need to write a letter to the address provided below.

When communicating with the IBT, please be sure to include a return address so that a reply can be made. Also include your local union number, if applicable.

The IBT Shipping Department will not accept packages/letters from non-union carriers. Such mail will be refused and returned to sender. Acceptable carriers are United Parcel Service (UPS) and the United States Postal Service.

Please use the Division and Department descriptions to help you determine the appropriate recipient of your letter, as well as reviewing the areas of responsibility of the General President and the General Secretary-Treasurer. While most departments and divisions have corresponding email addresses, please note that the General President and the General Secretary-Treasurer cannot be communicated with electronically.

Proper Forms of Address:

General President James P. Hoffa

General Secretary-Treasurer C. Thomas Keegel

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Office of the General President

25 Louisiana Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20001

(202) 624-6800

Dear "The Teamsters",

Beyond the fact that Hoffa died a long time ago, you are neglecting UPS. Crooks considered this such a bug-a boo topic that they stole and ruined an article that I wrote about UPS, however, I mentioned UPS on my Facebook page (Kimberly Koerber [cartoon face]) because UPS bonded with Teamsters a long time ago. If fact, as in other areas, UPS employees had no choice but to say 'yes' ot "The Teamsters". UPS now has terrorism throughout its facilities, countrywide. How come they are not listed as a current campaign on your site?


Kimberly! :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Tossing Barbie down the cellar stairs" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

The prostitution /drug cult is so strong in Ohio that there is no way to get some of the people enlisted to help as diversion speakers in regard to teenaged prostitution and human trafficking.  The original plan in Ohio was "I think" this and this was the intended "trafficking in human beings" slant but -
crooks got involved with human organ teransplants cults, killing cults, and hostile escheat to get cronies into position, and much more. 
The '"revenge of the Barbee" or "Barbie doll" series entrapment may have something to do with me not wanting to play with Barbie dolls as a kid and throwing these dolls down the cellar stairs.  In Ohio, the Barbees or Barbies are generally women who other women are supposed to be jealous of and the 'other woman' generally someone;s wife, is called 'fat' and other names by "Barbee. 
Why can't someone volunteer to help me toss "Barbie" or "Barbee" and her buddies down the cellar stairs again? ;)


                                                                       Kimberly! :)

The Barbie or "Barbee" Fraud game - and "What's New Now"

by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber
( I tried to put photos of "Barbie dolls" here, which curently are called 'Shang-hei Barbie Dolls') but was unable to.
The complaint detailed below: word for word was filed along with my address and phone number on the following site today (Devember 1, 2010) :
I have been a victim of fraud and abuse because of getting into an abusive marriage. I got divorced in 1995 from Jerry Lee Bauer, with one son, Justin Jeremy Bauer, who is now a missing person. I met "John Drilling"after being evicted from my house in Wooster, Ohio. He was staying at The Salvation Army Shelter in Wooster, Ohio after I got evicted, and is currently a cabdriver for ACME cab here in Columbus. I think is a similar fraud to what I got stuck with before. Part of this fraud is detailed on my blogspot called At this time, crooks keep "launching" people into new cars, new homes, and jobs they want while I remain stuck. Complaints have been filed with FBI, the Columbus police, and others to no avail. I am isolated and stuck and want to be able to have a car and some belongings again. I do not know why I am supposed to be a victim of a continued Ohio fraud. The fraud 'used to' involve strippers who were whores selling drugs either at clubs or out of their car or cabs. The scam is ruining my life, because I am, stuck in this police 'auditory" mode, and the police are doing nothing about this scam but enabling it. I have no job, make no money, and am scared. The police Know that I am stuck and have done nothing about this. I think that this is a horrible way to treat ex-wives, especially since i got no divorce settlement and cannot run away from Ohio easily. I have no home at the age of 52 and want desperately to leave Ohio. I think the way crooks dealt with complaintants about before this was to say that the complaintant was suicidal and then put a street hit on them. I survived this, also. My prior married name was Bauer and I reverted back to my maiden name of Koerber, generating a triune last name: Koerber-Bauer-Koerber. I have no money and cannot leave Ohio at this time, but would like for the abuse to be stopped. I have had to put up with organized crime abuse like this most of my life, and in Ohio, crooks like to tell victims in this intelligence or auditory mode that they are "nuts" and are "hearing voices", while the abuser continues to be abusive. As I said before, This current scam "used to" involve whores, in particular this go-go Lizzie whore. This is because this woman's name was "LIZ" and she had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and was someone who was supposed to keep being helped. There were many go-go Lizzie types who looked alike. This is a "Barbie doll"

type with no breasts, who 'always wanted to be a model. This woman appeared on stage rubbing her vagina against a stationary pole that held the stage up, as detailed on my blogspot called "Born To Be Miserable". Now, the scam involves all kinds of other women who are getting paid via some source to be able to actually have lives. This scam also involves crooks coming onto our auditory mode and calling me 'fat' or some other name and then trying to trigger me to use cocaine to 'get thin'. I really do not get to meet these people, but saw one version in Medina, Ohio named Teresa Ernie who was a whore to my bother and all of his friends, but not yet a stripper or

'street whore', then saw with my ex-husband this "Liz" whore on stage in her 'rubbing' act, then at another point in time saw two whores at "The Top of the Town" restaurant here in Columbus, with long blonde hair when my husband, my son and I were having dinner. This is the same husband who would not pay me a divorce settlement.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Crime Buddies and Offshore Drilling: A Real Life Tale of Horror - by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Offshore Drilling - one type

Hello world.  It is me, Kimberly.  I have no hope.  I am in despair.  I have no job, thanks to crime.  Unfortunately, one of the crime buddies in the mix is the man who I live with.  This is a man who is trying to be popular, just like a sister I had and still have but rarely see or hear from because they have this is common - abusing me to be popular with other goons.  Think this is part of the police?  I am not any kind of a crook. Why would they abuse me?  Is this supposed to be a family business?  If so, I have no money and am not being included in this in any way but as a victim.   This is called "Offshore Drilling - the Racketeering variety with people" and somehow I got to be a victim.  This occurred because I am in a 'borne" i.d.   I am the oldest in the family.  My first full time job was at Standard Brands in Seville, Ohio, a facility that in later days had the name "Nabisco" on the sign instead of Standard Brands.  When I worked there, They were supposed to be packaging and processing "Royal" Brand gelatin and puddings.  The sign in front did not say that though.  I was hired there as the receptionist, and was given more responsibilities.  One of the added responsibilities was to do accounting for this business, and keep records of what flavors were shipped and processed that day, according to the papers someone gave me, to produce stats with.  I was paid $500.00 a month there, for a full time job.  the year was about 1979.  They kept increasing my responsibilities and would not raise my pay, because they did not have to.  Not only was this a problem, but an old man who worked there in Supervision, who was older than my father, named "Dick Lakin" (Richard) started sexually harassing me.  I worked in the office and the man worked in another part of the office.  The man refused to do his paperwork.  Because the man lived not far from me at the time, I got an occasional ride to work with him and he had to depend on me to give him a ride, although he should not have, because he should have had a more functional car, being in Supervision, and also because he and his wife had parrt interest in an auto parts affiliate/shop in Barberton, Ohio.  This man claimed to be from Boston, Massachusetts, where the "Whigs" movement, of tax cheats, who shelter their income  started recently.  One day IO had to deliver accounting stats to the man's office, along with other Supervision on the list, and the man had his penis out, exposed, jacking off while sitting at his desk.  The man was ignorant and a bully.  His fat stomach jiggled as he laughed at me because I was mortified and terrified and ran out of office and ignored him after that.  Also, not long after that I put in my notice and quit, because the old goon kept sexually harassing me.  After I filed for divorce, this group of bullies found me, and refused to pay me my police hub salary, and got pulled into some kind of enormous "crime buddies" ring, although the problem was not them, but was me, because the Crime Buddies" claimed that I was mentally ill.  This occurred in Ohio.  This is an example of "Offshore Drilling" because I put my notice in and quit that job, but met my spouse who I married at 20 through this job. 

In Wooster, Ohio, I got divorced, and was terrified of what would occur in my life.  My husband, Jerry Lee Bauer, was from Wooster, Ohio when I filed for divorce based on abuse.  We have one son named Justin Jeremy Bauer, who was born on December 31, 1982 and who is now a missing person.  I filed for divorce in Wooster, my then ex-husband's hometown area.  We were married for 16 years.  I hired Susanne Waldon, Esq. as my divorce lawyer, and she stood at the back of the court room when we got divorced, and would not beg a divorce settlement for me, an affected spouse, as part of a sadistic joke,.  In Ohio I could not file a misconduct charge against the bitch. 

My ex husband decided to leave me there in Wooster,, Ohio after an adequate amount of trouble was stirred up with the local "Crime Buddies".  He left and was supposed to be picked up by his brother Ken Bauer, Senior, and told me "Ha, ha, too bad.  You cannot come with us, because we are no longer married.  This occurred after I was there to help him maintain his job because he was in a wheelchair and worked at Colfor Industries in Malvern, Ohio.  Our son Justin was also there.  This was our family.  Our family then broke up because this was funny.  One week before this ex-spouse left my son left and was supposed to go to Conway South Carolina.  His dad was supposed to go to Bunnell, Florida.  I before this tried to find employment, and was able to find only temporary employment.  After this ofccurr3d, also.  I eventually received checks in the mail which were from him.  Crooks in that community would not cash the checks, period, because this was also part of harassment.  Then , after about a year, a gang of blacks showed up to rob me because this was "Offshore Drilling" also, but this was supposed to include with some of these blacks, a sexual assault component.  After this abuse by this gang occurred, I complained, and someone filed a complaint about me living there.  They then decided to rob me, which was part of a 'joke'  This to me was not funny but was terrorism.  When I called my mother for help, she said "Too bad - this is tough love".  This sister, Cheryl who was lazy and would not work when we were in high school and whom I had to buy a padlock to keep out of my bedroom when I was in high school was not in dire straits like this.  she would not return my calls.  She and these goons wanted to keep me in chronic abuse and pain.  This group overall is extremely sadistic.

Currently, My fiance, John Drilling, who provides a room for both of us to live in, who was supposed to help me to get a job as a cab driver, refused to do so.  Instead, I was supposed to be 'like his wife' he said, although we were never married. This is a current problem, because I am a good driver, although I was not able to get a job driving a cab for Acme Cab here in Columbus, I currently have an expired driver's license, because of "Offshore Drilling".  I think crooks were using that also to terrorize me.  I am supposed to be the problem, not the terrorists.  I would prefer to not be tied into their areas, based on how they act.  At some point in time, they wanted to pull in a whore, who worked in a strip club here in Columbus, and was a cocaine junkie as a cab driver, I hear.  This is more abuse.  I would like to move to another city, where the people like me, and not be constantly hassled by this practice of "Offshore Drilling". 

Crooks also came after our luggage which was stored in Louisville, Kentucky and wanted to assume my identity after they robbed me in Wooster.  They sabotaged cars that I had, including an old Ford Taurus I bought in Wooster, which was the only car that they would sell me, only with cash added and my better car used as a trade in.  This is more "Offshore Drilling".  I still have no car.  I hate to have to depend on this fiance, who resents having to support me, but he fell through when it came to getting me a job with the cab company.  I never received my hub or police salary either, during the time I was online.  The point is that the 'crime buddies' were apparently enabling crooks to use my identity, I complained about this many times, and local agencies were not able to help me.  I then field a complaint in another state, that was related to this harassment - aka white slavery housing and Mr. Drilling.

Harassment, terrorism, abuse, and sexual harassment was part of what I have had to endure during this time.  Also, Mr Drilling does not like "outsiders" and does not want me to have any friends.  The point was that thanks to this goon alley group, I can now either live like this or live at a Women's shelter, which in Columbus, is another hazing/harassment entity.  This is all "Offshore Drilling".

Go-Go Lizzie, a Teamsters crime daughter, is someone whose 'live sex-on-stage show I saw with my ex-husband here in Columbus, Ohio.  Go-go Lizzie was supposed to be a star and model so started using cocaine which was sold at the strip club, (which used to be just north of Schottenstein's North here in Columbus.  Go go Lizzie did not dance, sing, or do much besides take off he clothes and rib her vagina against a stationary metal floor to ceiling pole on the stage.  My husband and I saw her act once.  Then, the woman kept coming to AA to harass people there because, according to her, she was so pretty and wanted to be a model, but was stuck at that job, yet kept going back to work.  She was one of the whores who sobbed and cried and got people who were not tied into this strip club involved in her life.  She was a Teamster's factory daughter and part of Organized Crime.  I was mortified to see her back, and knew that this was another bitch who showed up to continue trouble.  More "Offshore Drilling". 

I hate to be a crybaby, but this is my life.  This is why I try to think about and get involved in other things, and write about other things - to take my mind off of the reality of "Offshore Drilling".

Headline of the New York Times: November 29, 2010:  Obama to Open Offshore Areas to Oil Drilling for First Time

                              Something to think about!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A New "Whig" and Abject Poverty by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Money Laundering in Ohio took a bad turn when people were swamped with 'fake emails' worth millions of dollars telling the recipient that they won.  Crooks in Ohio found a way to cash these in, but advised others that these checks were fake and that the recipients were 'mentally ill" as part of a racket in Ohio.  One method is to use 'dirty bankers'.  The 'dirty bankers' were there to tell people that received checks, even legitimate checks received for journalistic efforts and other things were fake as the development of a "Whig" shelter for sale or to bid on.  Bankers used the victims name to cash or launder these monies through the bank, using the victims name, but the victim was never given a dime. 

People who receive emails that say they are this winner of a grand amount of money are now being by FBI and other authorities to please donate these million dollar winners to local churches or synagogues instead of playing games with crooks or deleting them, because  many of these items seem to have state department problems associated with them.  

If you receive a check from a known source and the bank plays games and the check is worth thousands, not millions, you, the receiver, are advised to file charges against or prosecute the bank.  This 'dirty banker scam' is an old scam in Ohio which is still going on.

In addition to this "Whig for Sale" formation issue going on in Ohio, crooks decided that complainants here in Ohio were supposed to be mentally ill to enable this fraud scam for many years, so going to local government agencies did no good.  Victims have to go to out of state agencies or report these crimes from there in order to prosecute these offenders.

Preferred Whig colours in Ohio were blonde, by the way. 

Governor Ted Strickland is no longer in office.  "The Whigs" could be another Strickland based development plan in Ohio along with "Sex With Slaves", also destructive to the people of Ohio and females in particular. 

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