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Friday, April 29, 2011

Storm Damage in Greensboro, NC and a "mental health comment" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

All kinds of things occur at the speed of light -
like colors of the spectrum.

Storms down power lines, damage homes in Carolinas

Thursday, April 28, 2011
By The Associated Press

LENOIR (AP) — A brutal storm system that wreaked havoc in other southern states damaged roofs and downed power lines in the Carolinas as it punched into the western ends of both states early Thursday and then swept toward the coast, emergency management officials said.

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Advertise with Us No serious injuries were immediately reported in North or South Carolina from the storms that killed more than 200 people in states to the west. Trees and power lines were down in several western Carolina communities and thousands were without power.

National Weather Service officials were investigating reports of a funnel cloud sighting in Hendersonville and a tornado touch down near Morganton.

Much of the central Carolinas was under a tornado watch until 2 p.m. as a band of strong winds and driving rain pushed east. Seven counties in North Carolina near the Virginia line were under a watch until 3 p.m. and a tornado watch was issued for the eastern Carolinas until 4 p.m., which included 16 counties in South Carolina and 18 in North Carolina.

The damage early today was concentrated in the western half of the region, including the communities of Little River and Saw Mills, said LouAnne Kincade, spokeswoman for Caldwell County.

A house was destroyed in Scaly, near the North Carolina-Georgia state line.

National Weather Service officials said several roofs were ripped from houses in Madison County, near the North Carolina-Tennessee state line, and large hail was sighted in Caldwell County, where wind damage also was reported.

Strong winds brought down trees and power lines in Henderson and Transylvania counties in the early morning hours. Duke Energy reported about 9,000 customers without service. Progress Energy reported nearly 10,000 without power.

The National Weather Service said it received reports of tornadoes in Macon, Burke and Caldwell counties in North Carolina but none had been confirmed as of 8 a.m. Thursday.

South Carolina emergency management officials reported no serious problems early Thursday.

A tornado downed power lines and trees near Fort Motte southeast of Columbia. Calhoun County Coroner Donnie Porth said no injuries were reported and several farm buildings were damaged.

Derrec Becker, a spokesman for South Carolina's emergency management division, said rain and mostly minor property damage were seen in his region overnight.

Trees and power lines were down in Aiken County, and a roof was damaged on an apartment in northern Greenville County a day earlier.

"The system is still moving through and we are monitoring," he said.

Above is an official article about the storm damage that occurred here in Greensboro, NC last night.

I am currently living at Weaver House - a local shelter - which is open to the public for
a certain number of days (30 to start) under the condition that the residents follow the rules and that others living there do not influence staff to abuse people identified as 'police', which besides black racism aimed at certain whites and odd, erratic behaviour of certain residents - like
defecating on a toilet seat in the men's area - is a big problem in this public shelter with programming.  The programming is voluntary - not mandatory - because Weaver House has shelter residents - not court ordered people there for drug treatment or diversion from other
antisocial behaviours.

In the mental health area I noticed people acting erratically the day before the storm, and called this racism and bullying.  I am white.  I also filed a complaint with the Anti-Defamation League
because of some of the inappropriate behaviour.  During this, for some reason, the people doing this do not think that their behaviour targets them as potential embezzlers of the system.  This is part of a 'game'.  There have been numerous cases filed in regard to abusive behaviour or bullying that occurred here in Greensboro.

An attractive black woman, who will not talk to me ever, walks around with long braids which she waxes.  I have seen her on several occasions and noticed that what makes her stand out from other people is a pink part of her head, which I believe is part of her skull  - exposed.  At some point in time, it looks like someone took a knife, and peeled her head like a vegetable.  The woman is very quiet and I have noticed that she is attractive, but is alone a lot.  This woman is an example of abuse, yet because of her 'look' she now 'could be' a
An informant said that this abuse was done by a man.  The woman clearly is not part of a gang to be seen, yet is a victim who is probably not considered mentally ill either, which is questionable.
If this woman did this to 'prove herself', I would like to know where the rest of the gang is and what the benefits were in having her head peeled.  In the area where her head was peeled, no hair can grow.  This 'medallion' is about two to three inches and is somewhat squarish, but not perfectly square. This woman is not young and I would guess her to be about 40 - 45 years of age.

Also, the people who were blacks carrying on and alerting the shelter management to announce in the nightly meeting that 'someone was washing clothes upstairs yesterday morning seemed to get the sympathy of a large black man, who is in charge of the nightly meeting to talk about 'rules of Weaver house" and infractions, but I was not trying to prove any point, and I was the one washing jeans out in the shower because - I am broke and needed clean jeans to wear to a temporary agency that morning to hopefully be sent out on a job.  I have no money to wash clothes any other way.  Yet this was something to call attention to in a game there which appears to be another chapter of "Hee Haw".

This morning, after this storm occurred, there was an unseen woman yelling in the restroom at the downtown library - here in Greensboro, NC.  The woman was in the restroom, while three female  staff, and a uniformed security guard stood outside.  The woman, who I did not see, acted like she needed her psychiatric medication.  I asked a few questions, and the crew said they had the situation under control and seemed annoyed, so I got on the elevator and went upstairs. 

Then, in about an hour, I and my fiance John were walking down the street, and noticed that there were many police cars surrounding a local bank.  One, two, three, four, five,. six, seven police cars to be seen , with yellow "Do Not Cross This Police Line" tape pulled across the front of the bank.  Someone said that this was a bank robbery.

If this was a bank robbery, the outstanding people noted before this bank robbery seemed to be mentally ill or conflicted bullies looking for a target.

This story behind the story is of interest to the people who are in areas where some of these things occur, but generally not of interest to people "writing up" these stories.  This seems odd.  In tonight's paper, there either will, or will not be a story about a 'bank robbery'.  This appeared to be some kind of 'Administrative" Robbery  - maybe done via a computer network or some other way, rather than a traditional 'shoot-out.  Again - 'you had to be there' to see what this really was.

There was a man, sitting down at one point who claimed that he was supposed to be blamed for this bank robbery.  The man did not seem mentally ill,  He said he did not do this robbery, and showed John, who was with me a note which he did not show me.  Then he said they could not just set him up because he is black. This man seems self destructive. or like someone who wants to take credit for the bank robbery for an  unknown reason. 

Notes and tracks from the field...
What a weird world we live in.

Word of the day:
skull which is a known gang (The Skulls).

Thursday, April 28, 2011

What do I know about Raleigh, NC? by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

"Cornerstone" Path Programs - Raleigh, NC supposed to "serve mentally ill and substance abuse persons".  Actually, John and I went there and took showers separately.  I was the only woman there.  The men sat around in the main room and watched television.  They were friendly, and the towel was a small paper hand towel.  We then went up the hill and washed our clothes.

The Salvation Army Raleigh, NC
...Feeds many people daily.  The food is fresh and not bad, the portions are small, and the people thee who eat there and who work there are friendly and cooperative.  The people are not fighting or causing trouble with each other there at all.

Moore Square Station and Moore Triangle Park
...This is a hang out area where there are always all kinds of attractive blacks
walking around, sitting on benches, and patronizing local businesses and looking at each others.  Blacks outnumber whites about 9 to one.

Healing Place
...The Healing Place has a nice Shelter in Raleigh, but it is far away.  To get to stay there, you have to go to the the classes held at 1st Presbyterian Church, 120 W. Hargett Street, Raleigh, NC.  You have to go to both classes - one held at 9:00 am and the other and 12:00 noon and if you are even one minute late, they throw you out.  There seem to be females in the group who are getting an education by going around from building to building there, but this is a 'classified' project, because not everyone can be involved in this. To secure a bed at The Healing Place's shelter, you have to sign the sign in sheet twice, then wait in the parking lot of Moe's Diner, in the Moore Square Station/Moore Triangle Park area at 3:00 pm - to get into the overnight shelter for one night.  To get into the treatment program, one has to sign a contract for a year.  The healing place does .  not want clients to drive, work, have food stamps, or any source of income for one year.  They are supposed to abide by other rules also.

The Greyhound Bus Station, Raleigh, NC
This is where we came in.  For some reason John wanted to go there every morning, and the people who worked there finally got annoyed and said "go away!"

The Edenton Road United Methodist Church
This is a church where we got to sleep, fighting over a little blanket, on cardboard when we finally found some. They want people to rise when the sun does.

The Public Library System in Raleigh, NC -
seems pretty good.  They have a beautiful library that has a coffee shop in it off of Peace Street.

We got to experience Raleigh and other places like this thanks to crooks taking any money we had and making me into a homeless woman hahahahah. :(

All about NPR - Raleigh, NC

The new short blurbs online from different NPR personalities at WUNC here in Raleigh, NC. all with very familiar voices - more than familiar faces:

Melissa Block - host of "All Things Considered : ..."What we do here sounds simple - we listen. ...We know that the power of the human voice and the story behind it - that is the stuff that holds us together."

Howard Berkes - NPR World Affairs Correspondent: ...."Good journalism.... It sheds light, not heat. It challenges our thinking instead of confirming what we already believe. This is good journalism, and this is NPR

Laura Sullivan - Crime and Justice Correspondent. "NPR is a community - it is a voice for people all over this country. When I walk into a prison, sit in a prison, ride in a police car, I believe I am there because NPR's l;isteners have asked me to be there - to examine and explore, and hold people to account, and it is really the only thing that matters. This is NPR.

Felix Contreres - reporter for NPR's Arts desk. "My speciality? Latino Arts and Culture. I work very hard to look for voices that are not always part of the public radio community and put them on the air. It's a lofty goal for sure and not always easy, but NPR is committed to journalism that reflects all of us....This is NPR."

Nina Totenberg: NPR Legal Affairs correspondent. "When I write about the law, I am not writing about abstract legal theories. I am writin about people - parents, kids, business owners, employees, victims of crime and the accused. In short, I am telling listeners stories about the country, as seen through the lens of the law. It's what you have come to expect, and I am proud that this is NPR.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A crook started 'hate crime rhetoric' late at night - to be sneaky.....the date: April 27, 2011

What would "Big Dog" say to "Little Dog"?

Where am I?  In Greensboro, NC. 

Why would crooks start a hate campaign against one person?

1.  The clique is money motivated

2.  The clique is no good and is like a "Children of the Corn" or Hate group cult

3.  The clique is not anything but looking for a victim based on someone having a mentally ill revenge fantasy and having 'followers' to continue the abuse.

4.  Goons from this cult come up with hate rhetoric to "Win".  This is the oddest thing I have ever experienced.

5.  Goons are disrespectful and smart alecky.  They may be funding organized crime. 

6.  The Goons who are initiating this are generally no good and have no business being alive.

7.  Another FBI complaint was filed recently.

Dear "Antidefamation League" at :
Here is the content of an email sent today:

Hate group rhetoric starting up.....


I am new to Greensboro, NC ansd am staying at Weaver House. I became the victim of hate crime in Ohio because of a narcotics cult. If you take a look at my blogspot called "Born To Be Miserable", you can read more. The thing is, that this hate crime is occurring for a very real reason, Anti Defamation League - my ex-husband Jerry Bauer is probably trapped somewhere in his wheelchair, my son is currently in jail (also named Bauer), and there are perpetrators in our family. The point is that Eddie Bauer, a large emplyer who provided jobs in the past was 'stopped' and the crooks keep doing this to batter people in the way, like Bauer family membes, ex-spouses, and others, to rip off funds from the CIA development system. They insisted on using this money to build mansions that people could not afford, run drug cults, and put "certain" people into being victimized by hate crime in one way or another. This is one of the biggest causes of our current poor economy, and other issues.


Kimberly! :)

P.S. - I see that Greensboro, NC has been the centrix of other hate crime in the past.

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