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Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Black on Black" Killing and other 'Fundraising"

In Cincinnati, Ohio on Gilbert Avenue, there is a black merchant who sells videos and other things from behind a glass cage.  He is located not far from the Labor Works, a local temporary employment agency which is across the street and down about a block, and is just down from the church district the other way.  Temporaries and Churches - what neighbors! The sign on his store window said "STOP BLACK ON BLACK KILLING".

The man meant well, but apparently was not getting the type of reaction that he wanted.  In Cincinnati, Ohio, black violence is not unknown.  The infamous Rodney King beating was there, to remind us about violence and the police.  Blacks get out of control also, and get riled up.  The point is that someone was trying to put a stop to something intrinsic to that area, which may have to do with blacks being pulled into different groups, or gangs.  The Rodney King beatings had to do with the police getting out of control also.  It can and does happen, if people are not able to stop ion midstream, think, and then resume.  This is sort of like taking a deep breath, and or stopping work to enjoy a cup of coffee. 

The Cincinnati Women's Clinic, which has many listing is Cincinnati, also was an area that caused protesters, black and white to appear.  The Clinic, which is supposed to be an abortion/Women's care clinic, saw all kinds of women who were in late term pregnancies.  Women were there to be 'checked and were on gurneys in the back on the clinic, inside.  There were no babies born there, but the word was that this was a women's funding program, based on stem cell research.  Some of the very poor women, who had no income saw this as an income boost, as they were paid not to give birth, thanks to 'live tissue' being needed for stem cell research and the like.  This is a still as yet unresolved ethics or morals based issue.  Poverty - and the resolution to it would be the wider scoped category here, whether this relates to black on black violence, or any other violence which is profit generating for 'someone'.  Something to think about.......
                                                                                                             Kimberly ! :)

The KKK and Golden Corral

Oodles and oodles of all kinds of things - but nothing in the house
that is Kosher or anything close to it at the Golden Corrall  for "some reason". 

I would like to see Golden Corral have more ethnic foods.  Because I went to high school , in Medina, Ohio and there were no Jewish foods in particular there, I recall driving to a deli in Fairlawn, Ohio to get kosher food.  Why does Golden Corral have to be the Ku Klux Klan Also, instead of having a diversity id?

A Horse is a Horse (Of course, Of course) or John plus John plus John ;)

A beautiful white horse - like just Mr. Ed - the talking horse
from the 60's series

On inauguration day, for the New Governor of Ohio- John Kasich, here in Columbus, John Drilling and I were walking in front of The Ohio Theatre, where a well dressed crowd had assembled.  As we walked in front of one of the beautiful horses - it neighed proudly. 

A Horse-is-a Horse is Mr. Ed. - a riddle.  The riddle correlated with not only Eddie Bauer Corporation, but another Bauer relative - who does 'confessions' online.  Another John, Father John Bauer, has been a Catholic priest there at The Basilica in Minneapolis, Minnesota for many years, and is part of a team.  they have a direct line - aka a 'text block' on their site, if your would like to 'cleanse your soul and confess' to anything.

Their web site address is  Father John Bauer or someone from the Catholic Basilica can be reached anytime - online.  They said that if people want to leave an online confession, they can and can even use this email address for safety:  The Catholic church believe in confession and is in a position to give absolution. 

Directions for reaching Father John Bauer at St. Mary's Bascillica - Minneapolis, Mn:

1.  Go to the above web address:
2.  Go all the way to the bottom of the page and click on "Contact Us".
3.  Click on Reverend John M. Bauer, Rector.  He is the first person listed.
4.  Fill in your name, your email address (or the pseudoaddress given above), A subject for your message, and your message in the large conversation box.  
5.  Click on '"send".

This particular Catholic Church is a part of Eddie Bauer, also, as some of the members are affiliates in the same last name, like Father John Bauer.

"Stairway to Heaven"

Free Drugs

The light at the end of the tunnel:  A move toward better public health care
free antibiotics for all in Columbus, Ohio!

Dear Giant Eagle:

Thanks very much for providing free antibiotics. I am in indigent poverty at this time, thanks to an organized crime theft ring, and have not been able to become employed. I had a terrible toothache, and Grant Hospital was assistive in helping me with a prescription for free antibiotics, now available to everyone. This adds to the quality of health care for the impoverished in Columbus, Ohio.
                                             Kimberly! :) 

Open Letter to WSYX ABC6 On Your Side:

This is me - the one with green eyes and red lipstick caught in
a web. :(

Open Letter to "6 On Your Side":

Hello! I was the victim of burglary and an illegal eviction in Wooster, Ohio. At that time, I had a business I was operating from my home at 1785 Akron Road, Wooster, Ohio called "The Indigo Drum". "The Indigo Drum" is a writing and research business. I received checks in the mail, which the local banks would not cash, and claimed were fraud. I was the victim of an illegal eviction, and had no legal aid, because when I went to Wayne County Legal Aid, I was given a business card that directed me to call and talk with an organization called "Community Legal Aid Services, Inc." When I called them, they would not represent me and sent a rejection letter. I was advised by a judge in Wooster to 'just leave everything there' and during the time we lived there, someone brought in live rats, which the landlord, "Clear Water Systems" would not do anything about. After this occurred, I contacted many agencies online and was not able to get an appropriate response. Since they were running a drug cartel in Wooster, Ohio, someone said that crooks wanted "The Indigo Drum" to run as an illegal money laundering connection that goes along with the drug cartel there. I was not able to get a job doing anything after this occurred, and am in poverty, and am living with my fiance, who drives a cab for a living.

"The Indigo Drum" had an EIN number from IRS. IRS has contacted me with several things since then which I do not understand and also need help with.

1. "Statement for Recipients of Interest Income for 2010: total interest paid is $13.92.
     [I have no idea what this is, and IRS is not able to help provide an answer]

2. A Certified Letter from IRS saying that I do not qualify for innocent spouse taxpayer relief and owe the      IRS money.

3. I know that I have to apply for a new EIN number for "The Indigo Drum" because of this theft ring and drug cartel operating there, and would like to be able to move myself to another state and recruit student interns for "The Indigo Drum" as an agency. I need to clear this mess up and am not having great success in so doing.

CAN "6 ON YOUR SIDE" help with this? (Pretty Please?)

My current web sites of interest to go along with this are the following:
  1. Facebook page:
  2. Born To Be Miserable:
  3. The Indigo Drum:

Thanks Much!


Kimberly! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Testimony and Fear and the Klan

Testimony and Fear and The Ku Klux Klan ------yikes.......
to be continued........

ABC News and The Columbus, Ohio Police

Thanks, Columbus Police for your support.  We noticed that
The Columbus Police
are continually 'on the job' in our area and around us all of the time also :)
ABC News ran a spot last night or this morning (January 24, 2011) about the new technology that they have which can now find pedophiles online and based on the language they use and how they act.  Another
positive move into higher technology for the police and investigations, and a black eye for the crooks. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Am I crazy? :/

The infamous brick wall, the war on drugs, and another scam

Mental Health America

200 N. Beauregard Street, 6th Floor Alexandria, VA 22311
Phone (703) 684-7722
Fax (703) 684-5968
Toll free (800) 969-6642
TTY Line 800/433-5959

Dear Mental Health America....
   Am I crazy?  :/
There is a game running in Ohio that started for me in Wooster, Ohio which has to do with corruption and the cocaine cult. it plays on people's codependency issues and includes mob activity. The thing is that if you take a look at my blogspot called "Born To Be Miserable" you can sort of see what the game entails. I was the mom in the house who was abandoned in Wooster, Ohio and then I was supposed to have to put up with the most ugly nuisance "nigger" blacks with long braids (men) who were part of a string cartel or gang. My son, who they wanted to make into a 'king of drugs' as his birthday was December 31, 1982 chose to be part of the police, so the point was to rape and rob me as the last part of the game. Now, according to a dirty Episcopal Church here in Columbus, i was 'always mentally ill" according to one of the crooks who is clergy. The point is that a white hillbilly whore was supposed to be the star or else. They use cab drivers to sell their cocaine drug and people in private cars. We need DEA to be recruited for here in Columbus, Ohio. I was never paid my police hub role and the nation via the internet and media is degrading more and more in certain sectors. We also got stuck with KU KLUX KLAN governance as part of this package, and a KLAN governor, was just 'removed'. We are having continuing problems in the intelligence areas (auditory) because of this change.

As part of this 'intelligence game' where victims are supposed to be mentally ill, they try to get you to think of and 'bond with' people who were disgusting the first time around (like management who sexually harassed you on a job) or bad relationships to get you angry.

Learning is great fun ;/
The point is that you are supposed to constantly experience loss and wish you had killed the person or sued them at the time. This is retribution by 'someone' for not suing perps at the scene and is really not that hilarious.

Professional incompetence - a case study

Reverend Richard Burnett and Reverend Joan Grant
Money and 'ice' - What part of Christianity is this? 
 There was a story on the news this morning about a black woman who is now in a mental health hospital and has been there for a long time.  They did not state the particulars of her case, but did say that the woman has been mentally ill her entire life.  In Columbus, Ohio, a female Episcopal Clergywoman, Joan Grant, went off on me and told me that I have always been mentally ill because I asked her for a bus ticket at the time to leave and go to another area.  At the time, I contacted the Episcopal Diocese in Maryland.  This is one of the reasons that I no longer go to that church.  In addition to this, a man who I live with is not my fan and wanted me to be a factory worker instead of a social worker and is angry because he claims that I talk to myself.  This has to do with abuse and this intelligence network.  My 26 year old son, Justin Bauer is still missing.   

This story may have a lot to do with professional incompetence.  I got a bachelor's degree from Ohio State university in 1990 hoping to build on it, not get tied into a gigantic 'government emergency' as a US police agent, become a chronic victim, and never get paid.  This story is also a story of why some of the people veered away from churches.  Who wants to go to church and be abused by clergy at church because the person is not using their real name/degree and is incompetent and combative?  This is the church that was alleged to be anchoring a cocaine cult, and be instrumental in running cocaine parties at the state house, across the street - also known as Trinity Church at the corner of Third and Broad Streets in the downtown area of Columbus, Ohio. 

The rule of thumb I go by is this:  If the person or thing smells fishy, it probably is.  Because of identity fraud
situations and circumstances, these people are questionable.  I am tired of being the "Underdog" in these situations and would rather be in another state which is more law and order oriented, where I acutlally have legal protection and do not have to worry about continued stalking and buse, because someone came up with a 'fun' game.  I wonder why I had to be stalked and abused for the last 15 years with no job, and no gain.  Authorities could not be contaced with in Ohio - the government areas about this because the crooks were professionally incompetent and got cronies into Government jobs, and they then ignored written complaints.

The cronies also made sure and piad people who were working at the library, with a Brinks truck that came, parked on the side of the main library, and came in to the library with 'moneybags' on a regular basis.  If any of this has been placed underinvestigation, it has not appeared on television, or in local newspapers.  Also, complaintants about things like this are supposed to have been 'menally ill their entire lives' like crooks from this area told me.  This is why people chose to leave Columbus, Ohio are areas like tit inl liue of other types of employment.  I would not be in this predidament myself had I not been entrapped in Wooster, Ohio because of Beacon Agency, a foster care agency from Columbus, Ohio not wanting to have their case taken to court, where they got a black friend hit me while in my personal vehicle.  She was driving a Franklin County MR/DD van and smashed into my car on purpose.  They intentionally "launched" a crooked foster parent, Lynn Graves, into a singing/entertainment role with a changed name after she sent a foster child out to sell crack cocaine and then claimed that whites brought the drug into their neighborhood.    

Episcopal/Anglican Church Shield in blue

Episcopal/Anglican Church Shield in blue
"I have been a member of the Episcopal Church all of my life"

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