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Thursday, December 30, 2010

"The Sovereign LORD is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights."

-Habakkuk 3:19

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"I WANT THAT ELEPHANT ASS SOLD!!!" : Point and Counterpoint by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Heard from an anonymous source in Columbus, Ohio:

More will be revealed

"Why are they always picking on me?  I am a great Mother - I had relatives blighted out in Kenya, Africa also.  We were the victims of Organized Crime against animals in Kenya, Africa due to a created drought and we also had to be nomads to survive.  We have always been victims of poachers and those who just wanted to take "pot shots" at us.  Some of us were also Survivors, and others did not make it.  

Why can't we the Mighty Elephante' - the mammal- be saved. 
 Maybe this campaign statement means something else. :)"
                                       Peace and Love,
                                       Eunice the Elephant
Post Script:
The man who wanted the "elephant ass sold " was an innocent merchant who owned the "Dire Dawa" on East Main Street, in Whitehall, Ohiio just down from The Motel One.
He at the time said he was talking about a very large photograph which was in
front of his merchant counter in a frame, of a large elephant rear end, which had a little tail.  The man claimed he was not doing anything wring, but was not clear about "Which"
"Elephant ASS" he had a resentment against.  The Federal Government, corporations, and large conglomerates were sold out more and more within the last decade.  This immigrant from South Africa, a man who was an attractive black man, with a mean face, claimed that he was innocent, and will claim this to this day.  Yet - this man was on the communication network and was From South Africa.  The case never went to court as it was not filed.

In addition to this, South Africa and some, but not all African countries recognize cannibalism as not a bad alternative.  My story about a video called "Meat" talks more about this, but these things are examples of International customs and courts which intermingled with the old established Us\nited States customs and courts and
started to change social ;policy in Columbus, Ohio and probably many other areas if the field research was done.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas gifts

Here is what I got for Christmas from "Offshore Drilling"

1.  Spongebob square pants 'candy dispenser (with a long pinnochio nose and blue eyes - (the classic 
crooked politician)
2.  A Large Hershey Kiss
3.  Life Savers ( so that 'the media does not pick this up')
4.  Kennedy money
5.  A blue heart

The thing was that there was also a picture from wrapping paper on Santa and Mrs. Calus in a red biplane
 with a blue background that matched the wrapping paper.

This was a government procurement.

I guess all of that "Offshore Drilling" finally amounted to something.


                                                                                                           Kimberly! ;)

(What can I do with the crooked politician?  Not really needed in my life! ;)) 

What is "Impugn"?

Close examination of a salad - bit by bit

Better image of what Ohio's Racketeering/whore ring did which included calling me names to help the Las Vegas drug/prostitution ring aka "I deserved to be abused" for one reason or another as most crooks, if allowed, tell their victim.
What does 'impugn' mean? ;)


with Anu Garg





verb tr.: To call in question or cast doubt upon.

Via French from Latin impugnare (to attack), from im- (towards) + pugnare (to fight), from pugnus (fist). Ultimately from the Indo-European root peuk (to prick) which is also the source of point, puncture, pungent, punctual, poignant, pounce, and poniard. Earliest documented use: 1384.


"'You can't impugn somebody's integrity without having proper evidence,' David Collier, chief executive of board, said earlier."

Huw Richards; Troubled Tour Ends for Pakistan; The New York Times; Sep 23, 2010.

Explore "impugn" in the Visual Thesaurus.

A Star is Born Again

December 29, 2010

Dear Las Vegas Police-

Happy Holidays!!! :)

Hello! I have been part of the police for many years (15). I was married to Jerry L. Bauer and got divorced. Prior to getting divorced, I was involved in a job which seemed to be in a cocaine type of environment. They had a sign out front - "Standard Brands" and were supposed to be packaging and shipping Royal Brand gelatin and puddings. To make a long story short, my divorce lawyer, Susanne Waldron from Wooster, Ohio came to court and would not get me a divorce settlement. Then they got fixated in this 'auditory mode' with Standard Brands and a sexual perpetrator there - Dick Lakin, who was supposed to be from Boston, Massachusetts. I never received my hub or police salary but became a victim of battery in this "intelligence' way and in life. I was evicted, robbed, and was a victim of sexual battery. One of the 'stars' chosen for Ohio by someone is a woman in a string of lookalike characters. She worked in a strip club that no longer exists, but appears to have starred in a movie called "Showgirls". (She was the blonde who was in the movie hitchhiking and was picked up by a man in a red pick up truck.) The thing is that she and others are connected back to Las Vegas. I think that these crooks fro years developed "Whigs" and the source of money for the Whigs appear to be street crime created and or illegal narcotics areas which do not exist. I realize that Las Vegas is a high crime area, and Susanne Waldron, who is in a 'string of different people using the same first and last name, has or had long red hair that is wavy. She would also be the legal protection for the prostitution/drug cartel. Here in Ohio these women are known to sell drugs out of cabs and or personal vehicles. Waldron also has a daughter who was a stripper in Louisville, Kentucky.

I, currently have no car, and have a missing son - Justin Jeremy Bauer. I obtained knowledge about cars being gotten in my name or names which are as follows:

Kimberly A. Koerber

Kimberlee A. Koerber

Kimberly A. Bauer

Kimberlee A. Bauer

Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

If these crooks have cars in my name I would like to have them retrieved and donated to charity. This is a complaint, based on the fact that cars are driven around and then pedestrians are stopped in this ring and asked about drugs, but the people involved in this are generally not apprehended because the cars are in other people's names and they obtain fraudulent license plates. When I was 'bitten' by this originally, I worked at "Standard Brands" which was an office job and was before I got married at the age of 20. After divorce, crooks wanted me to recall this and followed me to other states to take identification, my birth certificate, and etc. I am not in a position of wanting to change me name at this late date thanks to being intimidated by crooks.

Because these women are pretty, they tend to make women who are not as attractive feel not as good, and this string is very manipulative with men. I don't know if this is a police cult or not, but I do not want my name used or associated with this venture. The other thing that occurred in conjunction with this is that I got a degree from the Ohio State University in 1990 in Social Work. This Social work degree could be used to kidnap. The crooks wanted the physical degree also, along with all of my family photos, and other things which had real value. The scam ran in Wooster, Ohio whereas I could not cash legitimate checks in banks there. One of the women involved in this bank scam is a beautiful woman with red hair and a freckled complexion. I am tied of being called names on line, and would like to file charges, but this appears to be a long string of people and I only have a few names. Listening to this at times is like responding to an obscene/harassing phone caller trying to be a big shot on line in front of all kinds of people who are on here and are listening also in this Columbus, Ohio city hub.

This pretty blonde woman from "Showgirls" the movie is known as "Liz”, or go-go Lizzie. The thing is that I saw her show one time with my spouse when we were married and the woman was a loser on stage, she did not sing, dance, or do much but was obscene on stage. She took her clothes off, and opened her vaginal lips and masturbated on a pole on stage. The club is not there - it has since then burned down but these people are still around. The other point of interest is that they are supposed to now be heavily moneyed, thanks to programs like the "Whigs" program seems to work at everyone else's expense. Someone drew and submitted a cartoon picture of this woman with very long hair as "Disney's Cinderella Princess".

I would like to be able to move on with my life to another state and to a paying job, but this is still an unresolved issue here in Columbus, Ohio. I do not know who booked these bitches originally, but there also is a police group in Wooster, Ohio who call themselves "the Al Capone police gang". They are really police and carry guns. Things like this resulted in Columbus, Ohio being shut down at one point. I and others who become victimized by this ring do not know what to do but fight with them online. The other issue of relevance to this is that this Las Vegas prostitution/drug ring was absorbing "the Limited Companies" and claimed to be "Limited Companies models" until The Limited Companies filed complaints about this and said that these women were never them. These people are NOT from the other entertainment areas where the people actually sing, dance, and are entertaining. Some of these people also have Teamsters relatives, and this is a labor union which has always been crooked and was known to me when I was a kid in Pittsburgh, Pa. This ring is also associated with International crime. Your assistance in this matter would be appreciated.


Kimberly! ;)

Monday, December 27, 2010


This model represents a fly in the web, or sexual bondage.  she is a beautiful model and on the right side - is one black cord - the other side shows another black cord.  This model is athletically built.  She got 'caught'.  Below is the story about "Chick-In-A-Box".  Is this really a choice?  Something to think about...

The "Chick-in-A-Box" program or campaign is still around.  How this works is that you have to 'click on'
a box that represents a certain woman.  The woman masturbates on the computer screen in a little box which is at the upper left hand side of the computer screen.  They do not care if they are dealing with juveliles on the receiving end or not, and charge the vicxtim's phone a high rate.  These women in business are also pests, and are hooked up to the computer/television internet.  This occurred in Wooster, Ohio and is around in other areas. :)
                                                        Kimberly! :)

Ever want to be a Pagan?

This is a great book about The Christian Response to Pagans.  I wonder is Pagans all get in Ohio Deve'loop'ment Programs like sex with slaves, or maybe just a few.  Anyhow, this is an interesting book for reflection. 
On Global Wizardry: Techniques of Pagan Spirituality and a Christian Response

(ISBN: 0974689513 / 0-9746895-1-3 )

Jones, Peter R; Herrick, James; Montenegro, Marcia; Harvey, Linda; Klett, Fred; Doveton, Dave; Toole, Marcus; Gomes, Davi; Turaki, Yusufu; Ling, Samuel; Verarde, Randall; Stootman, Frank; Beisner, E. Calvin; Frost, Pamela;... Pelsue, Joel

Cars for free

This is an invitation to a group in another state.  :)  If this applies to you a reader of this blog spot, I would be very careful.
                                                                                     Kimberly! :)

"I hear that crooks has or have a car or more in my name. They ripped off my birth certificate, and all kinds of vital records to do this. Part of this abuse occurred in Ohio, and part of this abuse occurred in Kentucky. If you can find these cars, you can have it or them. I am presently on this day in history (December 27, 2010) without a car period and have been the victim of all kinds of games. I need to get a car eventually, but am not in the 'retreival' business'. My maiden name is Koerber and my married name was Bauer. The goons are always looking to play games. Want a car or two or three? You could help me out because these cars are illegal anyhow. Happy holidays! ;)"

P.S. - Gee whiz - don't say that I never gave you a lead. ;)

look for my also on under "Kimberly Koerber" (click on the cute cartoon face).

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The United States in Embassasment and Humiliation ( oops - I made a mistake!)

The United States in Embarrassment and Humiliation- A statue available in a store located next to the T.A.T. Restaurant - on Livingston Avenue.
The point is that because of some of the "Department of the Interior Problems" not being dealt  with and crooks hiring trash to get rid of police agents, we are in another war. 
A curled up American Flag and an Eagle hiding in the flag (or trying to) is an example of US  
policy that needs to be changed that originated in Ohio to assist Organized Crime. 
I got a great Christmas gift from the store owner - the point was that These "Friendship in 2002"
Christmas plates were indicative of a War that crooks started thanks to abuse like the types that I went through to then be stripped.  Goons then correlated this with a stripper or part of the sex industry.

"I think I am ready to move.  Why are we not supposed to be
stable and able to be found?
How come no one cares about this and similar issues?"

Avoiding Fraud

Because I became a victim of fraud and ripoffs, I decided that the best thing to do was to put something on here to help other people.  Compliments of
                                               Happy Holidays!
                                                          Kimberly!  :)
Kimba tha White Lion:  One foot in front of the other - toe the line.
You can sidestep would-be scammers by following these common-sense rules:

DEAL LOCALLY WITH FOLKS YOU CAN MEET IN PERSON - follow this one simple rule and you will avoid 99% of the scam attempts on craigslist.

NEVER WIRE FUNDS VIA WESTERN UNION, MONEYGRAM or any other wire service - anyone who asks you to do so is a scammer.


CRAIGSLIST IS NOT INVOLVED IN ANY TRANSACTION, and does not handle payments, guarantee transactions, provide escrow services, or offer "buyer protection" or "seller certification"

NEVER GIVE OUT FINANCIAL INFORMATION (bank account number, social security number, eBay/PayPal info, etc.)

Who should I notify about fraud or scam attempts?

U.S. Federal

Internet Fraud Complaint Center

FTC Video: How to report scams to the FTC

FTC online complaint form

FTC toll free hotline: 877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357)

Consumer Sentinel/Military (for reports from services members or their families)

SIIA Software and Content Piracy reporting

resources for Ohio residents

Ohio Attorney General Consumer Complaints


Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre or 888-495-8501 (toll-free)


If you are defrauded by someone you met in person, contact your local police department.

If you suspect that a craigslist post may be part of a scam, please send us the details

Episcopal/Anglican Church Shield in blue

Episcopal/Anglican Church Shield in blue
"I have been a member of the Episcopal Church all of my life"

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