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Monday, June 4, 2012

"In the World of the Weird", by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

A picture of a 'pigeon' ready to attack a poor victim

White wings instead of white tipped wings - a slight revision that could be a winner.

In the world of the weird and ‘somewhat’ unexplained:   A greybill diving at me?  Why????

Last Thursday, I was walking down a High Point street, and all of the sudden a medium sized grey bird with white tipped wings dove at me called Nighthawks and Nightjars (Caprimulgidae).  To make sure that I noticed this and that it was ‘not a mistake’, the bird sat ontop of the gutter of a local building, and dove again.  Then it flew across the street and landed and sat in a tree branch until I finished walking down the street.  Also, a black man saw me and said “Are you lost?”  I said – “No, not at all – I am just taking a walk.”

Because I get along well with animals and make it a habit to feed birds with this prayer” Bless the creatures of the earth – Great and small and in them give thanks and praise” – I wondered why this ‘bird incident happened at all.

Maybe this bird, which someone called a “Greybull” was supposed to dive at me based on State of Ohio corruption.  Dealing with communism in Ohio is part of the city’s thing to want.  The crooks get involved with fascists from fascist countries now, as a trend.  Then they want to bully principles online.  The solution?  Instead of this diving, attacking bird being anything illustrious, maybe it is supposed to be instead a grey pigeon with ‘white wings – like the wings of an angel – deceased and forgotten.

The crooks  created an abusive program around this in Ohio.  Apparently the women are supposed to be some kind of whore and get abused – and give up our career paths not to get married but to be continually abused.  Talk about fascist 60’s programming.  This programming sounds like it got stuck in some cold war era and needs to move forward.  I think this occurred in my life because I was hit by a car in the 60’s and this turned out to be a racketeering cult.  Maybe this is where KGB degradation of various goods, services, and other things started.  Maybe this is the Iacocco link, as in Chrysler Corporation.  Maybe now our intelligence system will get cleaned up like it was supposed to have years ago.
Don't know.  More will be revealed.

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