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Saturday, August 4, 2012

How did Johnson and Johnson Companies get hooked into Federal Shutdowns and other crime? More Will be Revealed. by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Crime.  Open Letter to Johnson and Johnson Companies:

Dear Johnson and Johnson,

You were intricately linked into an organized crime cult which originated in Ohio and is represented here, also. the cult got very vindictive and is part of a drug situation in addition to medical racketeering. Here is why it interfaced with me:

1. I was involved with a black man named James Johnson in Columbus, Ohio. I had an abortion /miscarriage as a result of that relationship which was my only one. Black Crooks then caused a riot in Cincinnati, Ohio and continued to harass me.

2. I moved to Wooster, Ohio which was my ex-husband, Jerry Bauer's hometown. In Wooster, Ohio, which is an organized crime rathole, There was a Johnson, Johnson, and many other named law firm. They were not able to help individual clients, and said that they were involved in corporate law.

3. I became victimized by organized crime and became homeless and started to investigate Organized crime because I could not get hired to do anything, and had no money to go back to college, and had one son who ended up being a missing person - Justin Bauer. Justin went to North Carolina with two friends and his dad went to Florida to retire after we got divorced. They were both unreachable by phone or letter.

4. I write "Born To be Miserable" located at

5. A gang of blacks, called "Sex With Slaves" went around from house to house in Wooster, Ohio and other areas looking for females and considered themselves to be whores. I got assaulted and got robbed. A group of blacks also showed up and left a bunch of empty beer bottles in my house which were Colt 45. I met my current fiance at The Salvation Army Shelter in Wooster, Ohio. We are both white.

6. We are currently in Lynchburg, VA, where there are a lot of questionable activities going on. If you take a look at Born To be Miserable online, you will see some of them. We are living outside because of the staff at the Salvation Army getting abusive (blacks) and my roommate whose last name is Johnson getting abusive also. My fiance did not have this problem - I did. Joyce Johnson is a known black trouble maker in the area according to a lot of people, but is supposed to be some kind of thin "buppie" type to herself.  She is probably in her 40's or 50's.

7. There is a Johnson Medical clinic here, and the local Free Clinic wants a through ethics investigation. Johnson Medical Clinic could be linked to This abusive prior roommate at the Salvation Army with the last name of Johnson also- like Johnson and Johnson and the medical center.

8. I have never heard anything about Johnson and Johnson before, but in addition to all of this, Johnson is an old political name.

9. Is this linked to your company and/or the Obama Administration??


Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Wild Black Boars in Virginia", by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Wild Boar

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Wild Boar Pictures - Pictures

A young man named "Billy" was talking today while at The Salvation Army about encounters with Black Wild Pigs in Virginia.  He said they get really huge, and the largest one known weighed about 300 pounds. 

They originate in Germany, this intelligent young man said and are from the Pleistocene period. 

He also said they bite, and one wanted to take his kneecap off and use it as a Wild Pig Toy.

There is one video of the wild pigs fighting and they act like dogs.  Being attacked by animals like this is like a nightmare. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Letter From "The White House" - from President Barack O'Bama

The White House, Washington
July 30, 2012

Dear Kimberly:

Thank you for writing. I have heard from many Americans about the threat drugs pose to our communities, and I appreciate your perspective.
Substance abuse affects individuals from all backgrounds, and its debilitating effects often go unaddressed. Too many families are affected by substance use disorders, and the costs to our economy due to drug-related consequences are too high. We have a responsibility to prevent substance abuse, help Americans with substance use disorders obtain treatment, and promote recovery, all while stemming the flow of illicit drugs around the world.
My Administration’s National Drug Control Strategy establishes 5-year goals for reducing drug abuse and its consequences through a comprehensive approach including prevention, treatment, enforcement, and international cooperation. The Strategy is grounded in what science, research, and evidence show are the most effective ways to treat our Nation’s drug problem. As a result, it is guided by three facts: addiction is a disease that can be prevented and treated; people with substance use disorders can recover; and innovative criminal justice reforms can stop the revolving door of drug use, crime, incarceration, and re-arrest.
The most cost-effective way to address the drug challenge is to prevent drug use before it begins. There is overwhelming evidence that drug prevention programs achieve meaningful results with significant long-term cost savings. That is why this Administration’s programs emphasize prevention, especially when it comes to young people. For those Americans already suffering from a substance use disorder, we are working to find ways to intervene early through the public health system and are supporting programs that can divert those who need help to the appropriate type of treatment.
We must also directly combat drug-related crime and trafficking. As part of this effort, my Administration has deployed more personnel, infrastructure, and technology along the Southwest border than ever before to disrupt the illicit trade in drugs, guns, and cash. We have expanded international cooperation with the government of Mexico, which is addressing the threats posed to both of our nations by transnational criminal organizations. To strengthen our efforts to tackle drug crime worldwide, we will continue working with other nations considered major drug transit or illicit drug-producing countries. These measures, as well as innovative criminal justice programs like drug courts here in the United States, will save lives and help protect our communities from the great damage caused by drugs.
Together, we can reduce our country’s demand for illegal drugs. Our communities require solutions that fit their needs, and our parents need accurate information to prepare their children to reject illegal drug use. To learn more
about our Nation’s drug control efforts, please visit

Barack Obama


"A Live Case - Corporate Fraud Contraversy in Lynchburg, Virginia" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

The "Shadowed Joggers" appear again - uh-oh. :/

Many people are now seeking employment.  There is a live case, that is ongoing in Lynchburg, Virginia, that revolves around employment and the rights of employees.  Enter Startek.  Startek is an International Employer with locations worldwide, including Canada, The Philippines, and Latin America.  They appear, in the outside, to be a very clean company.  A statement on their website to entice people to apply is the following:  
   "We are looking for employees who have the passion, dedication, responsibility and enthusiasm that embody a warrior spirit.
    Our Brand Warriors are on the front lines every day promoting and protecting our clients’ brands by providing excellent customer service. They help build brand loyalty through every transaction they have with customers.
   At StarTek, our Brand Warrior agents are the most important part of our company. They represent some of the biggest and best companies in the world and work with the newest in technology products.
   Think you have what it takes? Do you like working with the latest technology and providing great customer service? Helping people and providing great customer service is what we do at StarTek. There is even more: benefits, rewards, and career advancement opportunities."

They show people with greasepaint on their faces, under the right eye - s stripe of blue, and a stripe of red, as "Warriors".  These employees are supposed to be Brand Warriors - in line with the Startek theme.  The company is always expanding, and so far, this Call Center operation has locations in Decatur, Illinois, Mansfield, Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio, Greeley, Colorado, Jonesboro, Arkansas, Lynchburg, Virginia, Enid, Oklahoma, Grand Junction, Colorado, and Denver, Colorado.  The company, on the outside, looks clean and shiny, but the location here in Lynchburg, Virginia, is currently shut down, say local people.

Locals say the company wanted employees to be placed on an employment contract, where they had to commit to the company for a  number of years.  Employees claim that they were not being paid at all, and got angry.  In addition to this, at the corporate center here in Lynchburg, Virginia, there is a building right next door which is highly questionable.  The front of the Building has signs saying the property, which is identified as a "Nursing College" on the front of the building, is under construction, but the back of the same building looks questionable - and has what can be viewed through the windows as an unmarked jail.  The jail has long metal bars, and the back of the building has no paving yet.  There is a drive-up delivery ramp
back there which is paved. 

Informants claim that the company originated from Germany, and that hassles included people being treated in an abusive manner.  Informants claim that they were not being paid that much to being with, and that this is a Telemarketing business.  An informant claimed that people were put in the 'jail' next door, which is not marked as a jail which is a questionable thing, since there is no way for a truck or vehicle, unless it is an all terrain vehicle to drive back there, to take people there, or remove people - yet this is what 'the people' claim caused one of the principles of the company to be killed. They then claimed that other people left the area because all of the people who were hired to work there started complaining about not being paid and so principles, who were very clean cut "German operative types" left the area.  There are two outhouses between Startek and the questionable building which are open and are being used. 

Startek also says this on their site:
"Business Process Outsourcing
     After purchasing products or services, often the only interactions customers have with a company is with their customer service agents. Customers reach out when they have a problem and need some assistance. Ensuring that very first touch is a good experience and inspires brand loyalty for our clients is what StarTek does best.
     StarTek not only excels at delivering a quality customer experience, but we know the importance of brand allegiance and advocacy in a crowded, competitive marketplace.
     We hire and train Brand Warriors who protect and promote our clients’ brands throughout their customers’ life cycle. They are the front line for our clients.
     Our delivery platforms onshore, near shore, at home and offshore allow us to offer a variety of pricing options and integrated service solutions. Everyone Matters at StarTek!"

"Brand Warrior Rewards in the U.S.

     "StarTek pays for training and offers full benefits, opportunities for advancement and a great work environment. StarTek also offers opportunities to work from home through StarTek@Home.
     "StarTek offers great benefits for employees:
                Fully paid training
                Medical, dental, vision and life insurance plans
                Paid holidays, paid overtime and paid time off
                Variety of work schedules
                Incentive pay programs
                Comfortable business casual dress and environment
                Employee referral bonus programs
                Flexible spending accounts for medical and dependent care
                Employer-paid employee assistance program that provides:
                Health and wellness plans
                Prenatal care
                Child Care arrangement referrals and options
                Referrals for elder and caregiver
                Referrals for legal and financial
                Resource help"
     Community involvement is big part of working at StarTek. We believe in giving back to the communities where we live and work. Our employees spend hundreds of hours of volunteering in the local community and fundraising events are part of the StarTek culture.

The company is now looking to hire as Associate Recruiter for this Lynchburg facility. I applied for the job and am qualified.  I don't know is the company is the problem at this point, or the informant(s) about this.  But, the jail next door definitely has long, sturdy bars and looks like a traditional jail without the markings of a jail period.  This is supposed to be on private property, a private structure, and not a part of the city of Lynchburg, The Federal Government, or the state of Virginia.  

Startek looks like a great place to work.  I am not from Lynchburg,Virginia, and do not know what really happened there but do know that the facility is currently shut down and is looking to hire right now.

More will be revealed... 

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