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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden visited Wythville, Virginia last week" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Vice President Joe Biden went to Wythville, Virginia last week when we were there.

Because of the kindliness of two different people from two different churches in Wythville, Virginia, we were able to have a room for two nights in a row at the "Travel Lite" motel in Wythville, Virginia.

Mr Biden seemed to draw a crown of cars coming in from somewhere.  They left as quickly as they showed up, and the town was again very, very quiet.  Wythville, Virginia is a quiet, nice area  which seems to have few problems.

Wythville has a large population of Christian people, and is a cute small town in Virginia, which looks very much the same, store facing wise, as it would have in the 60's and 70's era. 

I did not get to hear Mr. Biden speak because of all of the hustle and bustle going on there, but maybe in the future this will occur. 


Welcome to a Miserable Life" thanks to sex offenders and their 'Aides' " by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

The above link is to a David Letterman Show with Elizabeth Berkley, the star of "Showgirls" the movie.  In the movie, the woman is supposed to be involved in prostitution.  A real life story that marred the world and development occurred.  In the original movie, a young blond woman was hitchhiking and got a ride to Las Vegas in a red pickup truck.  This woman looked like "Liz" from Columbus, Ohio. 

Her story was that she worked in a strip club that was just up the street from Schottenstein's North, in Columbus, Ohio where she took off her clothes and then masturbated on a pole on stage to entice men to have sex with her because she wanted to be a 'model'.  She then came to Alcoholics Anonymous meeting on the north side of Columbus, Ohio and tried the same thing with men there.  She sold cocaine.  She was always trying to quit her job but said she couldn't - so finally, someone burned down the strip club with the element of fire and wanted me, Jerry Bauer's ex-wife to take her role.  I was never a hooker or prostitute.  then, then thing was that Liz's daughter Amber was abused by a man she started dating named "Milt".  The FBI found out about this and created an agency called "Amber Alert" for missing and exploited kids.
All of the above really occurred and could be taken to court as legitimate testimony.  

Our son, Justin Bauer, who was born on December 31, 1982 is currently missing.

This woman "Liz" is in a sting of lookalikes.  She was I think" supposed to be absorbed by the "Trump Casino project' which someone took down and tried to negate.  I don;t know where the woman is.  
I am not interested in being hassled by people like this or other trash - sorry.  This stupid "Liz" got involved with a group of laid off factory workers who went to AA meetings and who were always looking for 'whatever'.  "Liz" had long string blond hair and blue eyes.  "Liz' had the opportunity to be in the movies, which few of us do, and was then supposed to be in an actual Las Vegas stage act, instead of the crime from Las Vegas seeking people out and causing assault, robbery, and assorted issues with victims.  "Liz" seems to have fans in Lynchburg, Virginia and other ares. 

I 'think' that someone integrated this into the system to set social policy against kids running away from home and becoming stars, but crooks ruined people;s lives, and made this slut in a string into a star anyhow.  then crooks (probably from the pedophile area of jail) got on the police communications system and their social policy issue was to create "Sex With Juveniles" as an acceptable thing without punitive jail time connected to it.  This is a large Klan problem in Ohio now and was before with a certain group of whites before blacks got involved in this at all.  Some of the juveniles were as young as five years old and the sex ws supposed to be oral sex. :(

After being stuck with crooks like this for a long time, with inadequate prosecution of the felons and being abused as part of a Social Worker group, I got and am angry.  This goon culture abused police and Social Workers in particular because they tend to be the authority figures who govern and monitor this kind of behaviour.  

Crooks made it impossible for me to get paid employment for any length of time,a crook wanted me to go on "disability" because a crook kept saying "You were mentally ill in high school anyhow".  I would like for this matter to be investigated thoroughly and would like to find out who and why I became a victim, and why this 'wonderful project' with a live whore and others was not stopped a long time ago'

It seems that crooks also developed a 'button' and 'buttonhole' closure instead of the case being investigated to it's closure point.  What I mean bu this, is that on a regular basis, we hear one person saying "I fucked up" (as if the perfect legal client client or repeat offender) and another person repeated by saying "She hates me", as if this crime is aimed at a female like myself and others.  The two 'halves' seem to fit together. I think this is like a 'lace' or 'binder' in the auditory/police system to keep others from getting in to investigate the matter. 

As if it was not bad enough for Ohio to experience this, it seems that the wonderful creators of this traveled to other states and other areas and did the same kinds of things there to people.  They also wanted to have 'live sex' online and retaliated against people who objected tot his.  They also created "Sex With Slaves", a black program of men who were involved in sex crimes also.  Their thing to 'think' was that woman wanted them and these random 'sex partners' were their fans.  

I 'think' we got a number of hookers in the system to abuse other women to be honest. 

This article, in a shortened form, was on "Face book" but a crook found a way to delete this information.  

In addition to all of the above,. Sara Maucher, a Wooster, Ohio prior landlord, claimed to be a prior "Las Vegas showgirl" but was married to an elderly man from Germany when we had her as a landlord in Wooster, Ohio and she had a young son about my son, Justin Bauer's age.  She was ignorant, hardened, crass, and got into the real estate and rental business.  She had red hair styled in an old fashioned short hair style and a pretty face but was pretty hefty at the time.  

Receiving Stolen property and The Salvation Army system 

The Salvation Army receives on a regular basis

small bottles of shampoo and conditioner stolen from various motels to give to homeless people

who have to live there.I wonder if this is why the slut,  named "Liz" mentioned above, who tried to pull me into its horrible life was a 'hair model'?

Isn't this receiving stolen property and creating accessories? 

Why does the Salvation army recieve new clothing?  

Maybe these contirutions, which are generally moved to other locations are part of 'payola', maybe not.

In addition to this, I can;t get a job with The Salvation Army, despite being overwualified.  This is because "The Salvation Army" hires beased on a buddy system.  Thsi means that they will not hire people who do not have firnds on staff.  I got thrown out of their shelter in Lynchburg, Virginia for 'being a narc thanks to abusive staff there. 


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