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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are you Looking for a Job?', by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-KoerberT

 "Are you looking for a job?"

I sat at my computer and lethargically went from one job site to another. I must have applied for thousands of jobs already.  I am what they call a discouraged job seeker.  In other areas, people who are less than me were given gifts of government checks go that they did not have to work.  The cronies were at work to cause discouragement in certain people again.  Oh well.  Another born to be miserable experience, I thought.  I am not the Ku KLux KlanI am not one of the crooks - so I don't qualify.  These crooks got money from some source to fortify themselves.  What is their function?  To party, to waste other people's lives, and to spend lavish amounts of money.  This is their employment.  Nice job, if you can get it.  Are these people Federal employees?  Nope.  Are they there for any real reason?  Nope.  But they cost a lot of money.  If there is an emergency, what can they really do?

This was tested and the point is that they were not able to do much of anything when needed but burn up money continuously.  Maybe no one else can get jobs because they are hiding there, in a clumped up region.  They are not supposed to do investigations.  Not even when investigations are called for. 

"You need to find a job or go on disability", one of the crooks kept telling me.  "I don't want to work, but I HAVE to", he said.  "I don't have any choice. If I have to work, you have to work."  This crook knew that the 'clump' was not the police, so he figured that if he were annoying enough, he would be asked to 'join the clump'.  This 'clump' in the world of work, is exclusive.  They don't like police.  they are not manufacturing anything.  They are non military.  they are not Federal employees, either.  This looks like a Mob corporation to others.  They were supposed to hide in southern Ohio, and then ended up being nomads, to keep the games going. then came back to their starting point.  

This is what occurred many times over in the state of Ohio's massive embezzlement cult, where then certain people within the government sector then started going around and paying certain people to reestablish a paramilitary strike force.  The paramilitary strike force doesn't have to work either.  But they really are there (wherever there is) for some reason.  How come these people who got high priced goons in to destroy areas were not so motivated to bring employment into the state of Ohio so that people actually had jobs?  The answer 'could be' illegal black immigration from African countries and "whigs".  This mob corporation, which funds many people, and runs or manufactures 'something' is not responsible. 

"A word to the wise..." one of the cronies whispers to people from the 'hive' to sound threatening - but no one really paid attention.

A chopper flew over the 'hive'.

"Knock, knock" said the pilot from above, over a speaker..

No response.

"Knock, Knock." Any jobs there?  Before long, a missile flew through the sky. That was the response.   "Hey..." - the chopper pilot said - "there is not supposed to be a miltary installation there. What was that?"

This story is still continuing.  Am I 'overly involved' with this?  Not really.  I came up with an idea to have a  writing business and would like to get the thing funded and going, and in another sate - far away from this nest or hive.  Federally reinforced hubs?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Time will tell.  Whatever the "hive" is, it generates no jobs.

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