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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Empowerment by Trash, by God" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Let's Talk Trash!

Ever think working for the trash department could pay off? 

An organized crime ring in Columbus, Ohio, and found in other places have this 'stinky situation' all wrapped up.

They are the lowly, empowered servants that we, as a society cannot live without no matter what.

Chicago, Illinois, historically recalls Mayor Daley of Chicago, Illinois.  The trash strike was smelly and drew disease and rodents.  From the New York Times:

Garbage, or Trash in it's natural state: before being sorted at
the trash facility.

National Briefing | Midwest: Illinois: Garbage Strike In Chicago

By Jo Napolitano (NYT)
Published: October 02, 2003
More than 3,000 trash haulers have gone on strike, leaving the Chicago area's large apartment buildings, commercial and industrial complexes without garbage pickup. The strike affects all of Cook County, including Chicago and its inner suburbs, as well as Lake and McHenry Counties and parts of DuPage County. Jo Napolitano (NYT)


A New organized crime ring, also a 'trend' includes Trash Men, Sex With Slaves, and appears to be mostly blacks and appears to be part of a Black Crime movement also known as "Black Power".
"Black Power" includes African American people from around the world and receives financial backing from fascist countries like Nigeria.  Angry Nigerians are angry Nigerians.  The Nigerians I met are attractive, look like police or military types of men, and claim that "Nigeria did not intend to fund an organized crime ring in the United States".  

This young woman would say this story is "fake and utter garbage",
but appears to be some kind of model for GARBAGE. 
While this seems like a fun 'sex game', it really is a source to terror when out of control because the people involv4ed in this reputedly also use cocaine on themselves (the men) and find women alone to then become addicted to them and the drug, which the people then have to pay for in one way or another.  There was a reported death that came about because of "Sex With Salves" because the informant was having sex without love with a woman who was somewhat fragile and somewhat elderly and she died.  the man felt guilty because this occurred during the sexual union and he had to use a knife to literally 'cut himself out of the woman'.  In this case, the informant was black and the victim was a white woman. 

In certain cases, the trash people were able to gain so much control of areas that they literally boosted out or threw out of homes people who were not part of their "Empowerment" program for men.  In Ohio, this resulted in a misogynistic cult.  (Misogyny is the hatred of women in general). 
An empowered "Trash King"

Any editorial comment made about this would be that only but in addition to 'What-You-Think-I-Think-About-This', The International World may have been interfaced with this cult because in other countries of the world. women were always lagging behind in status and had fewer rights overall that women from the United States. 

If this was someone's backlash against NOW or the National Organization of Women, the joke was not very funny and still is not very funny.  In addition to this being a reported problem in Ohio, a writer from the Boston Globe wrote articles about "Sex With Slaves" terrorizing the Boston, Massachusetts area.  This same cult appears to be mobile, and may be tied into trash crews in various affected areas. 

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