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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All About Mobsters and Others by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

hahaha....shhhhhhhh - don't tell.
Don't blame me for laughing - what do I know- I am just a juvenile brat.
I will be introduced by name later. :)

What good are Mobsters and others trash?  Do they have a higher intellect that normal people?  Are they generous?  Are they worth knowing?  No to all of the above.  From the police point of view, mobsters are dangerous people and are not really needed.  Women who like mobster types are mentally ill based on all of the professional and other types of people who they could be attached to.  What is fascinating about them?

Nothing at all.  But, entrapment is entrapment, nonetheless. And this got to be one of my life experiences that I never really picked thank to a "God's Will" type of thing.  Crooks are crooks.  In the world of crooks, you can not do anything well, you are not good looking, you are cut off from others, and you exist only to be slaved and used by crooks and - oh, yes - ripped off also - (if they can do it sucessfully - stick together, and not get caught).  My mother and dad say the crooks have to exist.  Their job is to be a thorn in the side of humanity.  Oh well - we all have our reasons to exist.   

If it wasn't for crooks, the police would not exist or be challenged.  The police are safety and security to many people.  In the "World of Mobsters", they, the Mobsters, are not much other than cohesive.  There is nothing about people who victimize others and wage wars internally - like Civil Wars - who are liked.  They have no personalities, no money, are controlling, mean, and abusive.

Plus they are always working on creating some new hazard to cause more injury and harm to people.

To be continued... 

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