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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"A Human Punching Bag" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Do I Really have to "Stick in There" for blow after blow?
Since someone ripped off the 'human punching bag email that was in my 'drafts' folder because they did not want to incriminate the Salvation Army, Joyce Johnson my roommate, and the "Cornbread" Director there named Mary, I needed to take a look at how the human punching bag situation affected my and other people's lives.  The perpetrator in the email 'swipe' must have thought that stealing the email caused the situation to be forgotten.

It is a sad thing indeed to be in a city you are not from and have the Director of an agency tell you all kinds of mean things in a covert way like "You are Crazy" and etc disrespectful things because it happened on the third floor and it was my word against a person's in authority.  She then gave me two days to find another place to live because I was crying and I am a nut talking to myself and because I, not she and my Salvation Army black roommate, named Joyce Johnson, from the Johnson Health care facility here in Lynchburg (another important black) were bullying me, a white woman who had to stay in this and other shelters because of an organized crime cult causing this to occur to begin with. I am still in the middle of this and am looking at them either revoking this or having to spend time sleeping outside.


It wasn't bad enough to have my police check ripped off by a crook using my name - Bauer - because this was also supposed to be my fault. or having to be there as a victim who was need based thanks to things like this not being prosecuted. but this payola situation, where I was supposed to be victimized because my mother is Mrs. R. J. Reynolds and lives in Akron, Ohio and is an emergency contact takes the cake.  I also hear that now I get to be a retarded woman also because this is part of gangland bullying.

Maybe this is one of the reasons that Social Work was not as satisfying as I once thought it would be - Social Workers are supposed to be involved with advocating for disadvantaged people and then be beaten up and trapped like this.  Another funny he-haw time.  Then, we have one of the retarded people exclaiming on a regular basis "She Hates Me!"  Sorry - I still call this fraud and abuse.

The stolen email also talked about blacks, on the east side of Columbus, Ohio sending foster children out on the street to sell crack cocaine, and then this Hamilton Road agency losing it's Foster Care License, but it's "followers" still hanging around the block to cause additional headaches - just like Manson Family followers - listening to and obeying a cult leader.


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