Born To Be Miserable

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Justin, is that you? Jerry is that you? You supposedly both died and...

Soldier's Field Park, in Rochester, Minnesota is absolutely beautiful in the early morning,

Just before sunrise.

...but you have to be there bright and early, befor the sun rises.

When the sun rises there are sparkles and shimmers on the river there, which can be

Seen with clarity

...when the sun is coming up.

I swear a spirit ball or rabbit touched my heel while I was sleeping in Soldier's Field Park

As a homeless woman with my friend John.

...I could feel the separation between myself and 'it'.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Goodbye Cheryl Newman!!!!!

Good bye Cheryl Newman.  This is the same person who said on the phone when I was in Chicago that she had no sister named Kim, yet is in my email all of the time, and not to chat with me at all. hahahahaha


I hear sirens in the background.

>>>>This has been a commercial from The Long Arm Of Yahoo and Friends.<<<<

Bye Rochester, Minnesota

Bye Rochester.  We will be back in one month.  I know we will be missed during that month. hahaha

Winona,Minnesota is beautiful.  La Cross is next. 

Episcopal/Anglican Church Shield in blue

Episcopal/Anglican Church Shield in blue
"I have been a member of the Episcopal Church all of my life"

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