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Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. You outlined several in your email, including the lack of coverage regarding Greyhound and its improvements. We have not received a new release from Greyhound regarding these upgrades of which you speak.
Other transportation entities such as the local airports, and COTA often send us new releases and we decide coverage based on their impact on our viewers and the larger community.
As for security at the bus station, any disturbances as you described should be reported to the train system’s security office.
You also spoke of the Calli Cocaine Cartel. We are not familiar with any such criminal organization. If you have any information regarding this or recent activity, please provide it to us. We will look into it.
Again, thank you for reaching out to 10TV.
Tonya McCleary
Assistant News Director
770 Twin Rivers Dr.
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 460-3340 (office)
(614) 460-2891 (fax)
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Response Addendum - by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

This is the type of response received when complaints are filed always, also known as a 'red flag'.  The list of recipients above was created by this woman, Tonya McCleary, who I do not know. This is the way Ann Higgins, who worked at Madison County Hospital in London, Ohio also acted.  These people seem to have some kind of mental disability and are abusive to boot.  In addition to this, they are generally some kind of wisecracker, and self important.