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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Aggravated Abuse and gang activity including Cyberstalking and menacing in a relationship by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Who - me?  A Victim? 
Subscript:  Substantiation paper for computer policing and applying for funding

No woman wants a man who caters to other women or men at her expense.  This is aggravated abuse.  Gang activity increased when we got stuck with 'no good' men who were either this or linked into other patholiogical behaviours.  If a son is this able to put distance between himself and a parent - GREAT!  If a mate is this - bad news!!!  This is because Biblically, a man is supposed to leave his family and be bound to his mate, not a parent.  Being bound to parents for too long a time is pathological.

Why would people choose to be dependent?  This is an interesting question.  In Ohio, because of a crime ring, crooks forced dependence.  Usually, people would be told to 'buzz off' if they were inappropriate and the victim was not in fear of being killed.  We have no structure to support law enforcement in Ohio that does not cause hardship for the victims.  I was a part of 'the system', and then got victimized by a 'tangential' part of the system to enable crooks to get into higher level areas of narcissistic behaviour including aggravted burglary, menacing, and other objectionable behaviours.  Then crooks wanted to use my Social Work degree to participate in a wealth acquisition program that they developed a long time ago.  Who wants to be stalked to be killed?  Not me! 

What did I do to cause this? 
Nothing.  At the time, we had a government crisis.  Then I got to where I would rather spend time working than fighting with a bully I lived with. 

As a result of being stuck in this abusive relationship, I now have no valid driver's licence, crooks 'families' kept getting into Ohio's system, and I was not able to become employedCrooks set this up so that I had to marry a bully to change my name - to enable the system to keep proceeding the way is had.  This looks like a gateway door, because crooks could not care less about me.  Crooks should have been procesuted for fraud.  Crooks then surrounded themselves with other crooks who protected them.  Then, they got into cyberstalking and abuse because this was 'their' area, they claimed. 

There are all kinds of illegal Somalian Families, including Somalian cab drivers.  "Somehow, they wre able to use legal United States ids.   This is Ohio.  People who are part of the law enforcement system know about this.  This is supposedly difficult to prosecute for some reason. 

Here is further information according to a Law site. 

What is aggravated abuse according to Ohio law?
How To Recognize a Stalker from

(By the way, this site is a wellspring of information about stalking and the like.  The article below is a summation of what stalkers are about, including personality/character diagnosis patterns.) 

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Recognizing someone as a stalker is quite impossible. They do not look like monsters. Many can initially appear quite charming, while others seem awkward and socially inept.

Profiles of stalkers have not been clearly delineated, but can overlap with characteristics offered in the domestic violence literature. The most common type of stalker (Simple Obsessional) includes those individuals who were prior intimates that may have engaged in domestic violence. There are several psychological characteristics: mood, anxiety, and/or substance abuse disorders; low self-esteem; social insecurity; narcissism; intense jealousy; morbid infatuation.

Listed here are the current findings describing stalkers:

Most are male (Colman, 1997; Hall, 1998; & Zona et al., 1993)

There is an increased likelihood of prior criminal, psychiatric, or substance abuse histories (Hall, 1998; Meloy & Gothard, 1995; Zona et al., 1993)

Immigration may play an interactive role -- these individuals may be experiencing acculturation stress and/or culture shock and suffering a sense of loss of one's culture of origin (Meloy, 1992; Zona et. al, 1993; & Garza-Guerrero, 1974)

Stalkers have higher intelligence than other criminals (Hall, 1998; Meloy & Gothard, 1995)

Defense mechanisms play a significant role in the form of denial, minimization, devaluationnd projection of blame onto the victim (Meloy & Gothard, 1995; Skoler, 1998)

Axis I disorders are evidenced as substance abuse, mood disorders, sexual dysfunction or schizophrenia (Meloy & Gothard, 1995)

Axis II disorders are primarily of the following: narcissism, borderline, paranoid, and dependent personality -- with antisocial personality also possible, but not as common (Meloy & Gothard, 1995). The schizoid personality disorder has been related to erotomania (Akhtar, 1987)
     What is erotomania?  

           Erotomania can be defined as a psychological disorder in which the afflicted relentlessly pursues the   notion that the object of his/her affection reciprocates his/her romantic feelings and/or fantasies.
from  This, by the way, was part of policial fundraising in Ohio and also part of a program developed called "Sex With Slaves" where crooks stalk victims, have sex wth them, and hope that the victim is involved in the fantasy to releive gult of the perps.  "Sex With Slaves" involved also doing this with victims and they killing them by injecting them with drugs and then becoming a relative to inherit their wealth. 

Loss within at least seven years of the stalking behavior (i.e., relationship dissolution, job termination, or potential loss of a child or an ill parent) is very common (Kienan, Birmingham, Solberg, O'Ragan, & Meloy, 1997)

Birds on a wire - some more barbed than others.

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