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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden visited Wythville, Virginia last week" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Vice President Joe Biden went to Wythville, Virginia last week when we were there.

Because of the kindliness of two different people from two different churches in Wythville, Virginia, we were able to have a room for two nights in a row at the "Travel Lite" motel in Wythville, Virginia.

Mr Biden seemed to draw a crown of cars coming in from somewhere.  They left as quickly as they showed up, and the town was again very, very quiet.  Wythville, Virginia is a quiet, nice area  which seems to have few problems.

Wythville has a large population of Christian people, and is a cute small town in Virginia, which looks very much the same, store facing wise, as it would have in the 60's and 70's era. 

I did not get to hear Mr. Biden speak because of all of the hustle and bustle going on there, but maybe in the future this will occur. 


Welcome to a Miserable Life" thanks to sex offenders and their 'Aides' " by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

The above link is to a David Letterman Show with Elizabeth Berkley, the star of "Showgirls" the movie.  In the movie, the woman is supposed to be involved in prostitution.  A real life story that marred the world and development occurred.  In the original movie, a young blond woman was hitchhiking and got a ride to Las Vegas in a red pickup truck.  This woman looked like "Liz" from Columbus, Ohio. 

Her story was that she worked in a strip club that was just up the street from Schottenstein's North, in Columbus, Ohio where she took off her clothes and then masturbated on a pole on stage to entice men to have sex with her because she wanted to be a 'model'.  She then came to Alcoholics Anonymous meeting on the north side of Columbus, Ohio and tried the same thing with men there.  She sold cocaine.  She was always trying to quit her job but said she couldn't - so finally, someone burned down the strip club with the element of fire and wanted me, Jerry Bauer's ex-wife to take her role.  I was never a hooker or prostitute.  then, then thing was that Liz's daughter Amber was abused by a man she started dating named "Milt".  The FBI found out about this and created an agency called "Amber Alert" for missing and exploited kids.
All of the above really occurred and could be taken to court as legitimate testimony.  

Our son, Justin Bauer, who was born on December 31, 1982 is currently missing.

This woman "Liz" is in a sting of lookalikes.  She was I think" supposed to be absorbed by the "Trump Casino project' which someone took down and tried to negate.  I don;t know where the woman is.  
I am not interested in being hassled by people like this or other trash - sorry.  This stupid "Liz" got involved with a group of laid off factory workers who went to AA meetings and who were always looking for 'whatever'.  "Liz" had long string blond hair and blue eyes.  "Liz' had the opportunity to be in the movies, which few of us do, and was then supposed to be in an actual Las Vegas stage act, instead of the crime from Las Vegas seeking people out and causing assault, robbery, and assorted issues with victims.  "Liz" seems to have fans in Lynchburg, Virginia and other ares. 

I 'think' that someone integrated this into the system to set social policy against kids running away from home and becoming stars, but crooks ruined people;s lives, and made this slut in a string into a star anyhow.  then crooks (probably from the pedophile area of jail) got on the police communications system and their social policy issue was to create "Sex With Juveniles" as an acceptable thing without punitive jail time connected to it.  This is a large Klan problem in Ohio now and was before with a certain group of whites before blacks got involved in this at all.  Some of the juveniles were as young as five years old and the sex ws supposed to be oral sex. :(

After being stuck with crooks like this for a long time, with inadequate prosecution of the felons and being abused as part of a Social Worker group, I got and am angry.  This goon culture abused police and Social Workers in particular because they tend to be the authority figures who govern and monitor this kind of behaviour.  

Crooks made it impossible for me to get paid employment for any length of time,a crook wanted me to go on "disability" because a crook kept saying "You were mentally ill in high school anyhow".  I would like for this matter to be investigated thoroughly and would like to find out who and why I became a victim, and why this 'wonderful project' with a live whore and others was not stopped a long time ago'

It seems that crooks also developed a 'button' and 'buttonhole' closure instead of the case being investigated to it's closure point.  What I mean bu this, is that on a regular basis, we hear one person saying "I fucked up" (as if the perfect legal client client or repeat offender) and another person repeated by saying "She hates me", as if this crime is aimed at a female like myself and others.  The two 'halves' seem to fit together. I think this is like a 'lace' or 'binder' in the auditory/police system to keep others from getting in to investigate the matter. 

As if it was not bad enough for Ohio to experience this, it seems that the wonderful creators of this traveled to other states and other areas and did the same kinds of things there to people.  They also wanted to have 'live sex' online and retaliated against people who objected tot his.  They also created "Sex With Slaves", a black program of men who were involved in sex crimes also.  Their thing to 'think' was that woman wanted them and these random 'sex partners' were their fans.  

I 'think' we got a number of hookers in the system to abuse other women to be honest. 

This article, in a shortened form, was on "Face book" but a crook found a way to delete this information.  

In addition to all of the above,. Sara Maucher, a Wooster, Ohio prior landlord, claimed to be a prior "Las Vegas showgirl" but was married to an elderly man from Germany when we had her as a landlord in Wooster, Ohio and she had a young son about my son, Justin Bauer's age.  She was ignorant, hardened, crass, and got into the real estate and rental business.  She had red hair styled in an old fashioned short hair style and a pretty face but was pretty hefty at the time.  

Receiving Stolen property and The Salvation Army system 

The Salvation Army receives on a regular basis

small bottles of shampoo and conditioner stolen from various motels to give to homeless people

who have to live there.I wonder if this is why the slut,  named "Liz" mentioned above, who tried to pull me into its horrible life was a 'hair model'?

Isn't this receiving stolen property and creating accessories? 

Why does the Salvation army recieve new clothing?  

Maybe these contirutions, which are generally moved to other locations are part of 'payola', maybe not.

In addition to this, I can;t get a job with The Salvation Army, despite being overwualified.  This is because "The Salvation Army" hires beased on a buddy system.  Thsi means that they will not hire people who do not have firnds on staff.  I got thrown out of their shelter in Lynchburg, Virginia for 'being a narc thanks to abusive staff there. 


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"What is it Really Like Traveling around in some of these areas? Does God help?" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

August 14, 2012

Dear Friends,

Hello! John Drilling and I left Lynchburg, VA after sleeping outside for awhile, because there did not seem to be any job opportunities there, and they threw me out of the Salvation Army and were ignorant abusers there on staff, coming up with false evidence again - like cornbread the cult.  I said x, y, and z, which I never said to enable some crime buddy again.  I put my one piece of luggage while there behind a white fence on the back side of a shopping center on 'open property' and someone took all of my clothing out, and ground the clothes that they did not steal into the mud back there, then left, because we were homeless people there anyhow, with no rights.  Then, we went to Blackburg on the Smart Bus because someone gave us money to do so.  I left my luggage there at the Smart Bus stop point, which was right in front of Virginia Tech, and John and I walked to the down town area.  We then went to the local police station because John said that maybe they had some 'traveler's funds' to help us.  In between, we were taken back to where the luggage piece was, and the police said this piece of luggage with dirty, muddy clothing in it was a 'bomb threat' and one of the police said that the luggage piece was scanned and there was some ind of 'little ring' they were looking for in the luggage, so made me take out all of the clothes.  At that time, we were taken back to  the police station.  The police ran our id's and knew that there were no active warrants on us.  Then, someone from the police said that he had what they called a 'half shell' and could take me or John to the Red Carpet Inn, so I went.  The police then paid for one nights stay and bought our lunch from the Kroger deli.  They also brought the luggage piece back to the room.  The next day, John said we had better leave.  We walked up the street, and were picked up by two women who said they were from Russia in their car and were taken to Whyteville', Virginia's Greyhound bus station area, where there is a truck stop, a McDonald's and many other things, but with no fare to get on the bus and leave their area, as they acted like they wanted us to do.  John and I spent the night that night in the grassy area behind McDonald’s and the next day I looked up how much it would cost to go back to Columbus, Ohio.  I got a beggars cup and several people helped so that my clothes could be washed, we could eat that day, and slept in a wooded area that night, since we did not have enough money to get on the bus and leave.  The next day, a man in a pickup truck picked us up and brought us to Whyteville, VA, the community.  John went to the local welfare office, and they said that they had no shelter, but were able to offer one night free stay in a local motel called "The Travel Lite" with a voucher.

I did not do anything to be abused, nor did he, but this is the kind of thing that occurs when crooks find victims to prosecute.  John keeps saying that we are supposed to rely on God for help, and did not want to continue to panhandle to get bus ticket money.  I am not thrilled about being stuck with people like this looking for trouble for no apparent reason, and he and I are alone, not part of a gang or large group. We need this? This is why the system shut down to begin with.      

                                                                                                                                   Kimberly! :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

How did Johnson and Johnson Companies get hooked into Federal Shutdowns and other crime? More Will be Revealed. by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Crime.  Open Letter to Johnson and Johnson Companies:

Dear Johnson and Johnson,

You were intricately linked into an organized crime cult which originated in Ohio and is represented here, also. the cult got very vindictive and is part of a drug situation in addition to medical racketeering. Here is why it interfaced with me:

1. I was involved with a black man named James Johnson in Columbus, Ohio. I had an abortion /miscarriage as a result of that relationship which was my only one. Black Crooks then caused a riot in Cincinnati, Ohio and continued to harass me.

2. I moved to Wooster, Ohio which was my ex-husband, Jerry Bauer's hometown. In Wooster, Ohio, which is an organized crime rathole, There was a Johnson, Johnson, and many other named law firm. They were not able to help individual clients, and said that they were involved in corporate law.

3. I became victimized by organized crime and became homeless and started to investigate Organized crime because I could not get hired to do anything, and had no money to go back to college, and had one son who ended up being a missing person - Justin Bauer. Justin went to North Carolina with two friends and his dad went to Florida to retire after we got divorced. They were both unreachable by phone or letter.

4. I write "Born To be Miserable" located at

5. A gang of blacks, called "Sex With Slaves" went around from house to house in Wooster, Ohio and other areas looking for females and considered themselves to be whores. I got assaulted and got robbed. A group of blacks also showed up and left a bunch of empty beer bottles in my house which were Colt 45. I met my current fiance at The Salvation Army Shelter in Wooster, Ohio. We are both white.

6. We are currently in Lynchburg, VA, where there are a lot of questionable activities going on. If you take a look at Born To be Miserable online, you will see some of them. We are living outside because of the staff at the Salvation Army getting abusive (blacks) and my roommate whose last name is Johnson getting abusive also. My fiance did not have this problem - I did. Joyce Johnson is a known black trouble maker in the area according to a lot of people, but is supposed to be some kind of thin "buppie" type to herself.  She is probably in her 40's or 50's.

7. There is a Johnson Medical clinic here, and the local Free Clinic wants a through ethics investigation. Johnson Medical Clinic could be linked to This abusive prior roommate at the Salvation Army with the last name of Johnson also- like Johnson and Johnson and the medical center.

8. I have never heard anything about Johnson and Johnson before, but in addition to all of this, Johnson is an old political name.

9. Is this linked to your company and/or the Obama Administration??


Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Wild Black Boars in Virginia", by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Wild Boar

Click here to getImages &
Wild Boar Pictures - Pictures

A young man named "Billy" was talking today while at The Salvation Army about encounters with Black Wild Pigs in Virginia.  He said they get really huge, and the largest one known weighed about 300 pounds. 

They originate in Germany, this intelligent young man said and are from the Pleistocene period. 

He also said they bite, and one wanted to take his kneecap off and use it as a Wild Pig Toy.

There is one video of the wild pigs fighting and they act like dogs.  Being attacked by animals like this is like a nightmare. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Letter From "The White House" - from President Barack O'Bama

The White House, Washington
July 30, 2012

Dear Kimberly:

Thank you for writing. I have heard from many Americans about the threat drugs pose to our communities, and I appreciate your perspective.
Substance abuse affects individuals from all backgrounds, and its debilitating effects often go unaddressed. Too many families are affected by substance use disorders, and the costs to our economy due to drug-related consequences are too high. We have a responsibility to prevent substance abuse, help Americans with substance use disorders obtain treatment, and promote recovery, all while stemming the flow of illicit drugs around the world.
My Administration’s National Drug Control Strategy establishes 5-year goals for reducing drug abuse and its consequences through a comprehensive approach including prevention, treatment, enforcement, and international cooperation. The Strategy is grounded in what science, research, and evidence show are the most effective ways to treat our Nation’s drug problem. As a result, it is guided by three facts: addiction is a disease that can be prevented and treated; people with substance use disorders can recover; and innovative criminal justice reforms can stop the revolving door of drug use, crime, incarceration, and re-arrest.
The most cost-effective way to address the drug challenge is to prevent drug use before it begins. There is overwhelming evidence that drug prevention programs achieve meaningful results with significant long-term cost savings. That is why this Administration’s programs emphasize prevention, especially when it comes to young people. For those Americans already suffering from a substance use disorder, we are working to find ways to intervene early through the public health system and are supporting programs that can divert those who need help to the appropriate type of treatment.
We must also directly combat drug-related crime and trafficking. As part of this effort, my Administration has deployed more personnel, infrastructure, and technology along the Southwest border than ever before to disrupt the illicit trade in drugs, guns, and cash. We have expanded international cooperation with the government of Mexico, which is addressing the threats posed to both of our nations by transnational criminal organizations. To strengthen our efforts to tackle drug crime worldwide, we will continue working with other nations considered major drug transit or illicit drug-producing countries. These measures, as well as innovative criminal justice programs like drug courts here in the United States, will save lives and help protect our communities from the great damage caused by drugs.
Together, we can reduce our country’s demand for illegal drugs. Our communities require solutions that fit their needs, and our parents need accurate information to prepare their children to reject illegal drug use. To learn more
about our Nation’s drug control efforts, please visit

Barack Obama


"A Live Case - Corporate Fraud Contraversy in Lynchburg, Virginia" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

The "Shadowed Joggers" appear again - uh-oh. :/

Many people are now seeking employment.  There is a live case, that is ongoing in Lynchburg, Virginia, that revolves around employment and the rights of employees.  Enter Startek.  Startek is an International Employer with locations worldwide, including Canada, The Philippines, and Latin America.  They appear, in the outside, to be a very clean company.  A statement on their website to entice people to apply is the following:  
   "We are looking for employees who have the passion, dedication, responsibility and enthusiasm that embody a warrior spirit.
    Our Brand Warriors are on the front lines every day promoting and protecting our clients’ brands by providing excellent customer service. They help build brand loyalty through every transaction they have with customers.
   At StarTek, our Brand Warrior agents are the most important part of our company. They represent some of the biggest and best companies in the world and work with the newest in technology products.
   Think you have what it takes? Do you like working with the latest technology and providing great customer service? Helping people and providing great customer service is what we do at StarTek. There is even more: benefits, rewards, and career advancement opportunities."

They show people with greasepaint on their faces, under the right eye - s stripe of blue, and a stripe of red, as "Warriors".  These employees are supposed to be Brand Warriors - in line with the Startek theme.  The company is always expanding, and so far, this Call Center operation has locations in Decatur, Illinois, Mansfield, Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio, Greeley, Colorado, Jonesboro, Arkansas, Lynchburg, Virginia, Enid, Oklahoma, Grand Junction, Colorado, and Denver, Colorado.  The company, on the outside, looks clean and shiny, but the location here in Lynchburg, Virginia, is currently shut down, say local people.

Locals say the company wanted employees to be placed on an employment contract, where they had to commit to the company for a  number of years.  Employees claim that they were not being paid at all, and got angry.  In addition to this, at the corporate center here in Lynchburg, Virginia, there is a building right next door which is highly questionable.  The front of the Building has signs saying the property, which is identified as a "Nursing College" on the front of the building, is under construction, but the back of the same building looks questionable - and has what can be viewed through the windows as an unmarked jail.  The jail has long metal bars, and the back of the building has no paving yet.  There is a drive-up delivery ramp
back there which is paved. 

Informants claim that the company originated from Germany, and that hassles included people being treated in an abusive manner.  Informants claim that they were not being paid that much to being with, and that this is a Telemarketing business.  An informant claimed that people were put in the 'jail' next door, which is not marked as a jail which is a questionable thing, since there is no way for a truck or vehicle, unless it is an all terrain vehicle to drive back there, to take people there, or remove people - yet this is what 'the people' claim caused one of the principles of the company to be killed. They then claimed that other people left the area because all of the people who were hired to work there started complaining about not being paid and so principles, who were very clean cut "German operative types" left the area.  There are two outhouses between Startek and the questionable building which are open and are being used. 

Startek also says this on their site:
"Business Process Outsourcing
     After purchasing products or services, often the only interactions customers have with a company is with their customer service agents. Customers reach out when they have a problem and need some assistance. Ensuring that very first touch is a good experience and inspires brand loyalty for our clients is what StarTek does best.
     StarTek not only excels at delivering a quality customer experience, but we know the importance of brand allegiance and advocacy in a crowded, competitive marketplace.
     We hire and train Brand Warriors who protect and promote our clients’ brands throughout their customers’ life cycle. They are the front line for our clients.
     Our delivery platforms onshore, near shore, at home and offshore allow us to offer a variety of pricing options and integrated service solutions. Everyone Matters at StarTek!"

"Brand Warrior Rewards in the U.S.

     "StarTek pays for training and offers full benefits, opportunities for advancement and a great work environment. StarTek also offers opportunities to work from home through StarTek@Home.
     "StarTek offers great benefits for employees:
                Fully paid training
                Medical, dental, vision and life insurance plans
                Paid holidays, paid overtime and paid time off
                Variety of work schedules
                Incentive pay programs
                Comfortable business casual dress and environment
                Employee referral bonus programs
                Flexible spending accounts for medical and dependent care
                Employer-paid employee assistance program that provides:
                Health and wellness plans
                Prenatal care
                Child Care arrangement referrals and options
                Referrals for elder and caregiver
                Referrals for legal and financial
                Resource help"
     Community involvement is big part of working at StarTek. We believe in giving back to the communities where we live and work. Our employees spend hundreds of hours of volunteering in the local community and fundraising events are part of the StarTek culture.

The company is now looking to hire as Associate Recruiter for this Lynchburg facility. I applied for the job and am qualified.  I don't know is the company is the problem at this point, or the informant(s) about this.  But, the jail next door definitely has long, sturdy bars and looks like a traditional jail without the markings of a jail period.  This is supposed to be on private property, a private structure, and not a part of the city of Lynchburg, The Federal Government, or the state of Virginia.  

Startek looks like a great place to work.  I am not from Lynchburg,Virginia, and do not know what really happened there but do know that the facility is currently shut down and is looking to hire right now.

More will be revealed... 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"A Human Punching Bag" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Do I Really have to "Stick in There" for blow after blow?
Since someone ripped off the 'human punching bag email that was in my 'drafts' folder because they did not want to incriminate the Salvation Army, Joyce Johnson my roommate, and the "Cornbread" Director there named Mary, I needed to take a look at how the human punching bag situation affected my and other people's lives.  The perpetrator in the email 'swipe' must have thought that stealing the email caused the situation to be forgotten.

It is a sad thing indeed to be in a city you are not from and have the Director of an agency tell you all kinds of mean things in a covert way like "You are Crazy" and etc disrespectful things because it happened on the third floor and it was my word against a person's in authority.  She then gave me two days to find another place to live because I was crying and I am a nut talking to myself and because I, not she and my Salvation Army black roommate, named Joyce Johnson, from the Johnson Health care facility here in Lynchburg (another important black) were bullying me, a white woman who had to stay in this and other shelters because of an organized crime cult causing this to occur to begin with. I am still in the middle of this and am looking at them either revoking this or having to spend time sleeping outside.


It wasn't bad enough to have my police check ripped off by a crook using my name - Bauer - because this was also supposed to be my fault. or having to be there as a victim who was need based thanks to things like this not being prosecuted. but this payola situation, where I was supposed to be victimized because my mother is Mrs. R. J. Reynolds and lives in Akron, Ohio and is an emergency contact takes the cake.  I also hear that now I get to be a retarded woman also because this is part of gangland bullying.

Maybe this is one of the reasons that Social Work was not as satisfying as I once thought it would be - Social Workers are supposed to be involved with advocating for disadvantaged people and then be beaten up and trapped like this.  Another funny he-haw time.  Then, we have one of the retarded people exclaiming on a regular basis "She Hates Me!"  Sorry - I still call this fraud and abuse.

The stolen email also talked about blacks, on the east side of Columbus, Ohio sending foster children out on the street to sell crack cocaine, and then this Hamilton Road agency losing it's Foster Care License, but it's "followers" still hanging around the block to cause additional headaches - just like Manson Family followers - listening to and obeying a cult leader.


Friday, July 20, 2012

"Extortion Link up in Lynchburg, VA" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


This Bloodhound is NOT asleep

July 20, 2012

"To Whom It Concerns,

I recently applied for a job at the agency listed below by filling out their application. The job was listed in the local Lynchburg, VA newspaper, called "The Lynchburg Advance. As references, I gave Episcopal Clergy and the Wooster police, where the abuse was created to begin with. I have a clean background in all ways and the right experience for this job. A woman was heard constantly saying "She hates me!". This could be a worker with this agency. I think what crooks do is section off a small bit of the Internet and them cause harassment because of being online.

(The name of this agency is on the building, not available by doing a reverse search listing for people out-of-town.)

located at : 517 S. Oakley

                 Lynchburg, VA 24502

I think these people may be part of the NY Calli drug cartel and are doing this to avert drug/Organized crime investigations. The same rhetoric was heard in Columbus, Ohio and in Wooster, Ohio. I think they are using sex offenders to harass people who are alone, particularly women, and then rob the home. This game is called "Sex With Slaves".

If the victim doe not have a gun to kill one of the offenders, they are the fault because the local court in Wooster, Ohio was running this game and did noting about compensating victims for damages they accrued in this weird, macabre Black Supremesist game.

Today, when I called the agency's phone number to find out what the progress was on the application I submitted for a Direct Service Provider at 434-528-3982, the woman told me that I need to have a valid driver's license, which was not a requirement of the job to begin with, and hung up hard in my ear. I think this is the same person who comes on the police/intelligence Internet calling me names along with others,. The gig behind this was that an identified victim, usually someone who was involved in filing charges against someone from this 'gang' is mentally ill and is hearing voices instead of validating that this crime group destroyed the police/intelligence Internet and engaged in extortion and insurance fraud activity. When this drug ring started, I was living in Wooster, Ohio. The crime ring that they are also averted an internal investigation of the police - because at the time the Medina Police had not been contacted. I went to Medina High School in Medina, Ohio and part of the rhetoric had to do with some kind of loser harassing me about 'when I was in high school., Clearly, this is a crook who was inferior then and then found a way to stalk, terrorize, and harass me. I do not know if the perpetrators in this gang are from Virginia, and came to Ohio to cause the harassment or of they are from Ohio and moved here.

An informant said that this is the same agency that has been abusing clients of the agency for a long time."

If you hear of similar case, contact the Department of Justice immediately.  In case you wondered if this kind of thing is illegal, read on...





(202) 514-2007

TTY (866) 544-5309




WASHINGTON — The former director of corporate maintenance and renovations at Medical Facilities of America Inc. (MFA) was today sentenced to serve 63 months in prison for accepting kickbacks from contractors and evading federal income taxes, the Department of Justice announced. MFA operates health care and nursing home facilities throughout Virginia and North Carolina.

John D. Henderson, of Colonial Heights, Va., was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Roanoke, Va., by Judge Samuel G. Wilson. In addition to his prison sentence, Henderson was ordered to pay a total of $698,088 in restitution and additional taxes, penalties and interest to the Internal Revenue Service for his participation in two separate conspiracies. The conspiracies involved steering contracts for the repair, maintenance and renovation at MFA health care and nursing home facilities. One of the conspiracies took place from about June 1998 until at least December 2006, and the other conspiracy took place from about July 2005 until at least December 2006. Henderson pleaded guilty on March 14, 2012, to two counts of conspiracy to commit mail and honest services fraud for the kickback schemes and to two counts for failing to include the kickbacks and other income he received on his federal income tax returns for years 2005 and 2006.

According to the four-count felony charge, Henderson oversaw the bidding process for repair, maintenance and renovation contracts at MFA facilities. To facilitate the conspiracies, Henderson steered contracts to several venders in return for kickbacks; created fictitious competitor bids that were higher than the quotes submitted by the venders who paid him, in order to create the appearance of competition; and directed subordinates to solicit quotes only from vendors who paid him. Henderson received more than $560,000 in kickbacks and had at least $101,000 more paid to a co-conspirator, and in return steered MFA contracts totaling more than $5 million.

“Through this kickback scheme, Henderson and his co-conspirators deprived MFA of competitive pricing to its financial detriment,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Joseph Wayland in charge of the Antitrust Division. “Today’s sentencing demonstrates the division’s commitment to holding executives accountable for disrupting the competitive bidding process for service contracts.”

Henderson is the fifth individual to plead guilty in the department's fraud investigation into the award of repair, maintenance and renovation contracts at facilities owned by MFA. On Oct. 18, 2011, both Donald R. Holland and Larry R. Sumpter pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Roanoke to participating in the scheme. On Jan. 31, 2012, Holland and Sumpter were each sentenced by Judge Samuel G. Wilson to serve two years of probation and were fined $50,000 and $15,000, respectively. On April 4, 2011, Edward T. Fodrey pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Norfolk, Va., and was sentenced by Judge Mark S. Davis on Jan. 31, 2012, to serve 37 months in prison and was ordered to pay $326,799 in restitution. Gary L. Johns pleaded guilty on Dec. 12, 2011, in U.S. District Court in Roanoke and was sentenced by Judge Wilson on March 14, 2012 to serve three years of probation and to pay $169,341 in restitution.

The investigation is being conducted by the Antitrust Division’s Philadelphia Field Office, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Virginia, the FBI in Roanoke and the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation in Roanoke. Anyone with information concerning fraudulent behavior relating to the award of contracts by MFA should contact the Antitrust Division’s Philadelphia Field Office at 215-597-7405 or visit
# # #

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"The Dog of The Day - Win money to build a Local Dog Park" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


Visit on Facebook and win $100,000.00 for your area's Dog Park.  Lynchburg, Virginia is listed there! This
Dog Park could be right across from 
"King's" House.  
King is large, black, and was interested
in shaking
John Drilling's hand, but not mine.
"King", Drilling said -
"looks like my old dog". 
This is a heck-of-a-dog to have...
large and black, and so
old that "King" now has
a patch of white fur he never had before.

"Trump Casinos - How Could You?" or "How The United States Intelligence/police system got abused to launch crime (again)" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Crooks really really ruined peoples lives in Ohio to get mob activity 'in' again.  Crooks were always an issue and are not anything but crooks but they really hit Columbus, Ohio and other parts of Ohio before they traveled other states to launch "Liz" or Go-Go Slutty".

Crooks decided to go around and rob people to get them off of the intelligence system and get involved in hostile escheat of businesses and properties.

Crooks also decided that a prostitute was supposed to be a female political icon, and the Chicago mob.  Crooks also decided that everyone else was supposed to be homeless and mentally ill.

Crooks also shut down the tobacco Industry except for RJ Reynolds and a few of the smaller tobacco companies who did not have bombed warehouses and who were not part of the tobacco class action settlement.

Crooks also decided to find a way to abuse Social Workers in general by establishing Prisongate to be advocate old men in particular who were in prison for having sexual relationships with 12 year old girls. 
In Lynchburg, Virginia, the thing seems to be to have a certain type of bonded couple - a right wing preacher or a reluctant man who is involved with t a prostitution type of female.  The crooks picked a hooker from the mob who was part of a movie called "Showgirls" named "Liz or go-go Lizzie out of spite because this was a woman who was arrested for prostitution in the past.  Liz is also known as "Slutty" by many people because she could not sing or dance but took off all of her clothes and rubbed her bard body against a metal pole onstage in a strip club on Westerville Road in Columbus, Ohio.  Then, crooks committed arson to burn the woman's strip club down to 'get her out of the thing' but forgot about the people who owned the place and forgot about the customers there and forgot about the fact that this woman, who was like a trained 'dog' was known by all kinds of people as a hooker rather than anything else.  Then, in addition to this, crooks wanted 'slutty' to be a Limited Companies model and a hair model, so photographed this slut in the role that she wanted. 

I am mad about this.  Crooks robbed my house, assaulted me, and caused trouble for years in Ohio to get this goon political launch 'in'.  They also killed people, ran numerous drug cartels, shut down DEA and changed changed the state of Ohio state office tower from having all kinds of state of Ohio agencies to having the "State of Ohio Insurance" agencies mostly. In addition to "go-go slutty's" strip club being burned down and replaced by a little 'shed', Crooks did the same thing to a hooker/dancer Marion, Ohio who was 'not supposed to' work in a strip club. 

When the crooks ruin everyone else's lives like this to get a hooker in as the political launch, as usual to represent mob activity, people give up and want to have nothing to do with this launch.

I say:  I should have known better.  The crooks always win anyway.  The slut was homely, with buck teeth, and long stringy blonde hair but was the epitome of what women did not want to be.  Liz, or "Slutty" was supposed to be a "Barbie Doll" and an enticement for little girls to run away and become dancers/whores but the promotions people dropped the ball.  This campaign was a strictly terrorist campaign that shut everything and everyone else down out of spite.  Why even try, people started thinking. 

This was a horrendous waste of time and was supposed to be "fun". ;/

The perpetrators in the large homeless/disengagement federal shutdown cult along with International organized crime turned out to be Trump Casinos located at

In Lynchburg, Virginia someone told on them. Trump Casinos got into the system and refused to let go.  There was nothing that people could do to shake them loose.  They ruined all kinds of people's lives and all kinds of entities. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

"A Man Named Tommy" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

"Tommy" is a local man who lives in Roanoke, Virginia. 

A prior marine.

A man who needs the hand of friendship.

A man who likes other people.

A man who got trapped with crime and is scared.

A drunk.

No one seems to want to listen to "Tommy".

Tommy sleeps in the woods near the freeway and panhandles for a living.


"Ku Klux Klan Activity Abusing Homeless People in Roanoke, Virginia: A Sadist's Field of Dreams" by Kimbelry Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

A presentation in the chapel area of the Roanoke Rescue
Mission had people singing patriotic songs and
a slide show shown on screen.  The last slide on
screen wa of a person, who could not be seen, who was really wrapped
up in an American flag. After the presentation,
some of the women who went back to the Rescue Mission
were saying that "A Woman died there".


July 13, 2012

Rescued for The Kill:  A Fascist Rescue Mission in Roanoke, Virginia


Civil Rights exist in the United States, or do they? 

Most people think so, until they encounter circumstances placed in areas by fascist groups of leaders who disguise this as 'well intentions'.  Roanoke Rescue Mission, in Roanoke, Virginia, located at 402 4th Street SE Roanoke, VA 24013 USA is one such example.

Roanoke Rescue Mission is a crooked facility because of the following:

1. They require all people who stay there to deposit 75% of their income toward housing, and the housing is inferior, and the people have a hard time getting their money. This is an investment fraud scheme.

2. People there are in poverty, yet the Rescue Mission will not pay for or arrange free on line classes through Universal Class, an entity which offers all kinds of on-line education and could help all people - even people confined to a wheelchair. The site is legitimate and endorsed by the Roanoke Public Library system and is located at

Map showing proximity of Roanoke, Virginia
to Columbus, Ohio.  Columbus is the state capital of Ohio.

I think this violates people's Civil Rights. In addition to this, the staff they have thee acts 'superior' and as if the people there as less than, and will always be this. Some of the staff there is outright mean. People Complain about this all of the time but feel powerless to do anything about this. This Rescue Mission may also be a racketeering set up that is still in place that helped an old Governor of Ohio - namely Ted Strickland of Ohio, attain a massive amount of money 'on the people'. The set up is still in place although Strickland is out of office in Ohio.

Also, Strickland's law office is in Roanoke, VA. They have a large Klan based political family who are abusive to other people. Not allowing or paying for education to help people there at the Rescue Mission should be one of the reparations they are forced to make after abusing many people for the length of time they have.

Protectors would say;" This is fake." 
"We are not Fascists from The American Nazi Party."
"This is a joke."
"There is definately no drug activity or drug smell - legal or illegal."

The problem is that someone is creating the homelessness and helplessness, and then capitalizing on it.  Maybe Roanoke, Virginia needs to bond with or 'blame' fascist countries, but I really think this is coming from here.  In addition to the above mentioned problems, the cafeteria smells like a very familiar 'soper' type of drug encountered before.  The drug is a large white chalky drug in hard form.  The women who are in the cafeteria when i was there seem to be much worse off, generally speaking, than the men.  Many seem "stoned" for some reason.  This could be my imagination, or could be the truth.  The mission is classified as a 'sick poor' mission because of lack of programming.  The general programming for the women does not exist.  I think the men's area could be just as bad, but was not there to witness anything and then present findings, being a woman myself.  

Strickland was the Ohio Governor who was
always making trips to Germany.  In Ohio, someone brought
Deutschmarks in, to get Germany involved in Ohio politics.

A beautiful woman, who is currently 70, (and does not look older than 53) and whom I was talking with yesterday said that she ended up there because of being abused by a spouse.  She also is stuck and seems very high class, but is getting abused along with the other women there by staff who is not  sensitive and acts more like jail staff at times than anything else.  I think that some of the problem has in her case to do with her looks.  She is beautiful, clear thinking, and has curly grey hair and bright beautiful blue eyes.  She was also the victim of an illegal racketeering which took place here in Roanoke, Virginia.  

Does the state of Virginia and the Civil Rights Commission have a case?  You better believe they do.  Will they react in a timely way and be the advocates of those who are homeless and needy? More will be revealed.  This is another story that should be marked "To Be Continued". 


"Who is Ted Strickland?"

From Wikipedia 

Ted Strickland

Theodore "Ted" Strickland[1] (born August 4, 1941) was the 68th Governor of Ohio, serving from 2007 to 2011. A member of the Democratic Party, he previously served in the United States House of Representatives, representing Ohio's 6th congressional district (1993-1995, 1997-2007).[2]

In the the 2006 gubernatorial election, Strickland was elected to succeed term-limited Republican incumbent Bob Taft after defeating Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, receiving 60% of the vote.[3] However, he was narrowly defeated for re-election in the 2010 gubernatorial election by former U.S. Representative John Kasich.[4]

Strickland currently serves as a member of the Governors' Council at the Bipartisan Policy Center.[5]

Monday, July 9, 2012

"Days of Wine and Roses - Living with an abusive relationship situation" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Male/Female Relationship

Uh-oh - Another side of Roanoke, Virginia...

I left the Roanoke Rescue Mission after two days there.  What went wrong there?

I felt
     * Locked up
     * Fear
     * Insomnia
     * Stuck
     * No One cares about me!
     * In a bad relationship to be stuck here
     * Crying all night for two nights - hard to sleep but not interested in taking anything for sleep
     *  Other people there were complaining about my crying and were not sympathetic.

About 'relationships' and brick walls
 I asked for my luggage which was taken out of a cage and I left Monday morning.  I don't know what to do next.  The Rescue Mission requires that people put 75% of their income toward housing, and the Mission 'holds ' this money - if the person has an income.  If you don't have an income, it looks like you have to live there for years.  Other clients said they lived there for years:  One client said two years, another said four years, another said five years.  The inside of the place smells very antiseptic and has metal bunk beds like a jail.  The ward or small room I was in has room for 24 women with no belongings and two toilets, and two shower stalls, one on each side of the bathroom.  People have to be in their beds by 9:00 pm and the women have no social or mixing time except for the cafeteria, which is at the other side of the complex and is 'off limits' after checking into the 'sleeping side'.

Fighting Faces - From
Mr. John Drilling, my fiance is disrespectful and disappeared all day yesterday.  I have no car, and cannot go anywhere so walked around alone. which Mr. Drilling wants me to do.  I went to two masses at St. John's Episcopal Church, one at 8:00 am and the other at 10:00 am then went to Good Samaritan House and then walked around in Roanoke more.  Roanoke is a nice, but somewhat small town.  On Monday, when I told Mr. Drilling that I did not want to move around from city to city and stay in shelters forever he got mean and said that he was breaking up with me he man has consistently given me but trouble and I have consistently written "Born To be Miserable", and applied for jobs with no result.  Drillling said that he wanted a woman who worked instead of a woman who wrote.  I then told the man off and there were witnesses to hear this around in the park at the time.  There was no physical violence.  Then Drilling said that he was going to the Homeless Outreach office to get a ticket for himself to leave.  He was also hit by a drunken driver as a cabdriver in Columbus, Ohio and is awaiting an accident settlement.  He has not applied for any jobs in Roanoke and keeps complaining about me not working but the man was 'supposed to be' my protection and fiance.  I do not get paid for my blog spot.  I would prefer to work at a job and not be trapped with him as much as he acts like he hates me.  Intermittently in all of this, Drilling tells me that he loves me and switches to making up with me, but we have not had intimate relations since leaving Columbus, Ohio which has not been about three months.  Drilling also now claims that i physically hit him at some point which never occurred at all.  Drilling said that he was at the Rom House yesterday but was there without me.  The man also says that he is now going to take me to court, but i did not do anything to him.

People assume that Drilling is my husband but we never got married because he said the i have to have my ex-husband's death certificate to marry him, according to an Asian Catholic priest in Greensboro, NC.  I consulted with other Catholics who said this is not true. The man tells people that he worked hard and got us a 'place' but the only place we ever had together was a room at  The Motel One on E. Main Street, In Columbus, Ohio and they were running a crack cocaine cartel from there.  They shut the motel down according to articles put on the internet after we left there.  Drilling and I have moved to various cities and each time have had to stay in the shelter there with no money.  He always hates the place before we are there for very long and wants to leave.  Legal help always shows up and is around him but never around me.  In addition to this, the man is angry all of the time and when I talk to another person, particularly if the person is a man, Drilling comes up with some kind of 'porn related' string of rhetoric and applies this to whatever man this happens to be with me to irritate me.  I have ignored this for a long time but other people see and hear this.  Instead of this, I wanted to be gainfully employed and paid. 

My two pieces of luggage are a problem also because Drilling complains about this loudly and now says that he has a 'cyst' on his aorta' and does not want to help me with luggage so that other people feel sorry for him.  The luggage or 'baggage' is not the only problem in this relationship.  We have been in a relationship since 2006-2007and the man has gotten more and more controlling over time.  He was a cabdriver in Columbus, Ohio but thanks to his irresponsible spending habits we still do not have a car and have to walk everywhere we want to go. 

I 'think' all of this is being done to enable a 'crook in a string' to use my Social Work degree and to force me to go on "disability' since I was supposedly, according to the crooks, mentally ill in high school anyhow and do not count.  My bachelor's degree was earned under the name of Bauer when I was married and is legitimate.  I also think at time that Drilling wants me to pay him but I have no money myself. 

Drilling says that the reason he will not go to the Episcopal Church or any other church is because he is "Catholic" and that the Catholic church is the 'true church' but he will not go to the Catholic Church either anymore.  He also walks around muttering to himself all of the time about "the bread and the wine" as if he is a Catholic priest, which is weird.  John says he does not want to be a Catholic priest. 

When I met Drilling, it was at The Salvation Army shelter in Wooster, Ohio after my house was robbed.  He looked and acted normal at the time, but since then he has degraded in all ways. 

My 54th birthday is coming up on July 17th and I have prayed repeatedly for a change but none has been forthcoming  except for me to get older and Drilling to degrade more and more.  I don't know what to do but work on the Field Analysis and do other writing. 

Drilling says he does not want to be mentioned on "Born To Miserable" and now is angry because he 'heard' this being written.  I think the man is sick and needs counseling.  I am hoping that someone will help him which will help me also.

I guess, it could be worse...... :(

Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Roanoke, Virginia Power Outages" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


This is how to find Roanoke, Virginia on the map

Roanoke Virginia - emphasis is on "Better Health for All"

July 5, 2012

Roanoke, Virginia is a beautiful, historic city in a Commonwealth state, but is currently experiencing issues here due to power outages throughout the city.

Informants say that the power outage issues started last week on Thurdsay.  

The local Civid Center, thanks to the American Red Cross, is providing fold up cot beds, blankets, meals, and a safe place for victims of this local tragedy.  

Workers have people who are staying at The Civid Center who were affected sign in and sign out.  The temporary housing is in a large 'gymnasium' room and   The American Red Cross also provides meals.  The Civic Center housing is expected to last about two more days.  Crews are busy at this time trying to restore the power.   

This is the siloutte version
of joggers seen yesterday as part of the
Roanoke,  Virginia
Fourth Of July Celebration.
The joggers, who were of all ages
were all healthy and 99 percent white.
The Fourth of July celebration here had to do with a large parade of many, many joggers running down a directed path yesterday morning through the city.  The flag women for the event were also the cheerleaders for the event, cheering on certain joggers as they passed them on the corner, not far from the local police station.  The 'better health' trend also included the local YMCA, which has as an emphasis area for adults 'better ehalth through cycling.  The Y also offers deluxe exercise facilities, including an electric 'climbing wall', and a computer lab for children.  Rates are reasonable and published.

Roanoke, Virginia as seen coming in of the Greyhound bus

Also enjoyed in Roanoke this Flurth of July holiday a church picnic offered by a local Baptist Mission.  We got to meet many of the locals who were involved in these events and who were friendly, and enjoyed good homestyle food including potato salad, grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and homemade coleslaw among other items served there. 

The Fourth of July day ended by having fireworks shot off in the sky all around where I was last night, in five different locations.

Monday, July 2, 2012

"A Loser type of person" thanks Reverend David Umphlett

OPEN LETTER TO THE REVEREND DAVID UMPHLETT, Rector, St Mary's Episcopal Church, High Point, NC

July 2, 2012
Dear Reverend Umplett,

Thanks for being our friend, and helping us by buying our tickets to Roanoke, Va. so that we do not have to sleep out on the street here in
High Point, NC or be picked up and have to go to jail for vagrancy.
We appreciate it. You made us feel like we were worthwhile human

I also liked the closing hymn on Sunday - "America". I am sort of an orphan anyhow. My mother, who is now "Mrs. R.J.
Reynolds" and lives in Akron, Ohio would rather have me rot on the
street than help us in any way and has always been this way.
She is 74 now anyhow and my dad is dead.
Johns mother is in her 80's. This is why I was so intent on working
and building a life, which we will do again. I did not want to ever be a
"loser person" who had to beg, live in shelters, and be looked down on
by people. My ex-husband, with the "Bauer" conglomerate, is the same way. St. Mary's Church made us feel welcome the entire time we
were here.

Have a blessed fourth of July.
Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber and John Drilling

Happy Fourth of July!" "Moving to Virginia - and an email of value sent to me today" Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Open Letter to Marc Cenedella, CEO & Founder of "The Ladders"

Hello!  I am moving to Virginia within the next few days.  This email from "the Ladders" was sent to me today.  It is very relevant based on having to rebuild and start all over again.  Thanks to a bright young clergyman, at St. Mary's Episcopal Church here in High Point, NC named  The Reverend David Umphlett, Mr; John Drilling and I are able to travel to Roanoke, Virginia where neither of us have never been before.  This journey will occur on the 3rd and 4th of July.  I appreciated being a member of St. Mary's Episcopal Church for the short time we were in High Point and appreciate their generosity.  I did not appreciate the abuse by "Black Power" at Leslie's House, 851 English Road, High Point, NC , or being blamed for things beyond my control. The below newsletter is very inspirational and uplifting, also, from an Executive Job Search Site called "The Ladders". 


Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

It appears below:

Why the critics of Kimberly Koerber don't count

A patriotic Monday, Kimberly,

With the 4th of July coming up on Wednesday, it's a good time to reconsider this advice from a great American:

It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.

That was Theodore Roosevelt speaking at the Sorbonne in 1910, but he could have just as easily been speaking to you.

Those critics, those naysayers, the nags and the negative people in our lives who want to tell us: "No. It can't be done. Don't try. Give up, Kimberly. Why do you have to stand out? Why won't you just be sensible and give in to the inevitable?"

They don't count. And you mustn't mistake their words for truth.

Don't buy into their message of settle-settle, underachievement, and muddle-along-now.
Because you've been blessed with talent, because you've had the fortunate happenstance to be born in this great country (or emigrate, or visit!), because you're one of the leading professionals in this land, you have a higher calling this Fourth of July.

Use the great gifts you have been given, find the forum where your talents will shine, discover that place where your spirit soars and the work smells like… victory in the morning.

Enjoy this week of the Fourth, and then go find your new arena.
Marc Cenedella
Marc Cenedella, CEO & Founder
P.S. What are the heroes in our armed services thinking about their job searches this 4th of July week? Check out this cool infographic as interpreted by TheLadders' very own Yolmi Rivera, LCpl, USMC (former): Honoring Military Professionals

Episcopal/Anglican Church Shield in blue

Episcopal/Anglican Church Shield in blue
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