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Saturday, June 18, 2011

"33 Sceneridge Avenue - Pittsburgh, Pa - 15227" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

"Sorry - I can't hear you - I am listening to the radio."

33 Sceneridge Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15227 is my old home address as a kid.  I lived there before our family moved to Ohio when I was in the eighth grade.  Funny thing is that I looked on the Internet, and saw that 34 Sceneridge Avenue is for sale, and other homes on the street, but not 33 Sceneridge Avenue.

Wonder who lives there now?

Rita was a neighbor - she had bleached blonde hair, dark circles under her eyes, and was always sad.  Her husband Jim Randazza was a long distance truck driver.  "Rita" also showed up as a friend of Jerry's in Wooster, Ohio who I was supposed to be jealous of - an American Nazi type.  She was supposed to be Jerry Bauer's best friend's wife at the time, and was another woman who had a high pitched voice, who was not particularly social, and who could be a part of this 'coven' that I described - because these are women who are supposedly professional women to themselves who 'Have A Secret!'

Over time, I have belonged to many organizations and wonder why "Professional Women" would be ignorant, abusive, and would intentionally try to cause problems with other women.  This looks like the situation that was apparent i other areas.  Instead of being friendly these women for some reason became embittered bitches - just like a real life vicious coven.

What drives women to kill other women or others to attain wealth?  Narcissism is one factor - the opinion that the killer counts more than the victim.  Narcissism is part of a mental illness syndrome.

From Tears and Healing; The journey to the light after an abusive relationship by Richard, 21CP

Living with a Narcissist??

Overcome the love locking you in.
Deal with the Abuse.

"Is your partner a narcissist? You may not know how to tell, but even worse, you may be thinking that you are the crazy one. Narcissists work hard to distort our reality to make their reality feel safer."

"So what is a narcissist? Someone who preens in front of the mirror all day in admiration? NOT! Ask yourself this: is your partner intensely angered by anything that seems to suggest that he or she might have a flaw? Narcissists will do anything, including brutalizing their own family, to maintain their own feeling that others see them as without any flaws. And, narcissists have extreme and illogical sensitivities, sometimes connecting the most minute observations with their intense fears of being seen as flawed. Narcissists will strain every muscle to meet their own "flawless" image, and demean or destroy anyone or anything who casts any doubt on this image. If you see this dynamic in your partner, family member, coworker, or friend, you are very probably dealing with a narcissist."

"That will be the day - when you are better than me!"

"Burlington, NC Bully, Bully go away!" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

An Abusive Man and woman eating coven...


Females chatting - young and old

What about this "religious cult" and murders?  I saw the Saturday paper and did not see the same article online at all. So far, there are "bitches" at the Administration building here in Burlington, NC who are not interested in providing papers or applications so that people can apply for open jobs with the city.  One woman there wanted to act somewhat disrespectful, as if covering up something.  A man at the shelter where I and others stay for some reason got angry when I brought in a flyer which was blowing around on the street about a Christian Rock band coming into Burlington on the 16th of June, and two other dates later in the summer.  Someone mentioned something about the Manson Family being here.  I lived in Wooster, Ohio and became a victim of organized crime there because someone though it was 'cute'. 

Why do people out up with this?  The area overall is quiet, although the group online sound like that have sexual perpetration issues, in addition to being tied into menacing and harassment using the system here, which can be heard. 

As they say - MORE WILL BE REVEALED!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"A cute Springer Spaniel puppy's opinion" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Bark, Bark, Bark.

(Aren't I cute?)
(Can't you picture my tail wagging in a friendly gesture?)
 All is calm here in Burlington, NC.

This is because yesterday, two people were walking past "Clapp Furniture" and
heard meowing coming from the street screen in the sewer,
under which a cute grey striped kitten meowed and looked sad.
The local Burlington, NC police were contacted.
One hour later, the people walked by again, and heard nothing
there was a small dish of cat food mysteriously placed in the gutter under the grate.
How this happened with a rat sealed grate is part of
The Unknown.

Episcopal/Anglican Church Shield in blue

Episcopal/Anglican Church Shield in blue
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