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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Doing Laundry With Style - Swan Cleaners - by kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

A beggar's tin cup

Saturday Morning again.  What a thing to be alive and awake for!  The Christian Church Van was waiting in the parking lot of the Motel One to give out sandwiches.  I said - great - glad that you are here, when my fiance John brought me a free sandwich.  Then I went down and asked them if the church still distributes free food and takes people there to their church. 

The man, a large white man with short dark hair said "Yes - but that is next Saturday". 

This is one of the churches that remained tried and true during these recession times.  They are there to help people who need to be helped.  The church, which I have written about before, became an important part of the lives of people in certain areas who are needy.  The church was trying to bolster it's attendance and bring people to the church on Saturday Mornings for provisions, at first, but they have little money themselves.

The gave out free bags of groceries, clothing items, shoes , and other things as needed.  They are one of the trends in the areas that I have been in closer contact with - as in the past, I was a Social worker but not a person who needed to depend on the Social Service system.  Crooks in Ohio and in other areas changed all of this and knocked some of us into abject poverty without the ability to be able to readjust - thanks to
many factors.

Crooked "disability lawyers" offered people the opportunity to be 'nuts' or on mental disability in Ohio so that
"Gateways" could be enabled.  The crooks were not able to be prosecuted in many cases because of
payola court issues and the lack of mutual reciprocity between Ohio and other states.  In Ohio, for instance, The Supreme Court Disciplinary Council - who normally would prosecute crooked judges and lawyers needs AGAIN to be referred to the Ethics Council with a more current case - if one comes up. 

For instance - there is a large crooked man with a "misshapen head" in all ways - who is black and claims to be from Somalia.  The man is looking for victims.  The man the other day blew the horn of a large ivory colored Chrysler that he somehow got as I was crooking the street at the crosswalk in front of him and then laughed like a maniac.  The man needs to be deported, I though but somehow got in.  The man considers himself to be a 'gangster' and was telling me one day a story about a female friend he knew from West Africa (although he is supposed to be Somalian) who developed a Social Service agency, was 26 years old, and was hit by a truck.  "Haahahahaha" - the goon laughed.  The man also has many writing on his computer which have to do with the Administration of Africa.  He seems to be friends - with a younger black man - who owns and operates a convenience store on East Main Street - almost right across the street from "The Motel One"  and says he is from Sudan - like a 'prince' and a goon as a guard type of couple.
  The goon man who I am complaining about is part of what is known as a 'gateway'.  He is in line with others from various countries, and are here legally while "We The People" who are supposed to be mentally ill or physically ill, and are being displaced and shut down, continue to suffer.  A "Gateway" is an established anchor in one country or area which has a string to another.  Right now in various areas is Ohio, these are issues with illegal black immigration - just like there used to be issues with white immigrants years ago.  In various other areas, including Rochester, Minnesota, there was a 'probe' done and the discovery there was that crooks from Somalia were ripping off Us welfare funds and other monies.  These cases are hard to prosecute, because the people have been funded for so long - at everyone else's expense.

My orientation is to think about this - write complaint letters, get involved in trying to use the system that is available - and being blocked.  Then - because we have no choice but to survive - to come up with something like this:

Great day to do laundry!  Swan Cleaners was crowded today.  ALL of the dryers were being used today for the first time in my history.  Maybe everyone is trying to get clean and dry - or is looking for more appropriate leadership so that they do not have to be 'dirty' to begin with.
"Birds on a wire - some on a more 'barbed wire' than others."
                                                                              Kimberly! :) 

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