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Friday, January 14, 2011

Counseling For The Masses and the Advent of "Catholic Sex"

Worn to a frazzle and hiding...
 "Is this the counselor or the person in need of counseling?"
 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Below is an open letter that I composed and sent to Stein Counseling. Their website is January 14, 2010

Apparently, they are now working on a "Pepsi Refresh Grant"

Hi Stein Counseling!

"Counseling for the Masses" is needed!!!

I am Kimberly. I am interested in employment with you, but more than that am interested in whether or not you all are a resource for Sexual Addiction/Sexual Codependency counseling. I saw your ad in La Crosse Wisconsin, but am back here in Columbus, Ohio.

One of the big problems that present in our intelligence communities is this: Teenaged kids ( or adults who never grew up totally) who act out with older men - like our spouses, significant others. Instead of being able to ignore this,. the thing these days is "Catholic Sex". I was involved with a boyfriend in high school who went to Saint Ignatius high school in the Cleveland, Ohio area, so am familiar with what Catholic sex really is. It has nothing to do with prostitution, but prostitution found out about this, and plays women who are being degraded anyhow. Apparently, grown women who are educated with career paths are supposed to compete with mentally ill acting out teenagers or young women who are not stable to begin with ang are trying to get male attention or anger women. The problem is frustrating, because this also was a 'development' based program, Stein.

"Catholic Sex" is this; stimulating each other but not having sex. The person I dated said that his parents were not supposed to use a condom, because they were 'violating God's law" and were supposed to have marital sex with no condom. Oral sex in a car is "Catholic Sex" because there is no real genital to genital contact that occurs, and the people can say that they are still virgins when they get married, and the people get very sexually stimulated and this 'Catholic Sex" which supposedly does not count as having sex is an excuse for philandering men and a way for the telephone whores, women who are involved in the masturbating in a box on the computer screen, (also known as "chick in a box") and other sex based programs, including strip club programs and pornographers, to irritate women who have to spend a lot of time alone and are part of the intelligence network also. Crooks are always trying to remove and disregard women who are normal anyhow and replace them with goons who are mentally ill, fixated and acting out like the aforementioned groups and this 'reinvention of "Catholic Sex" in this era is another good gimmick for the sex industry to latch onto to cause trouble.

Sexual codependency and Sexual addiction, in addition to Narcisstic Personality Disorder have to be the biggest problems going on today among people who are not part of the so called 'crook' or criminal population, if one does not count plain mental illness patterns, and addiction disorders. "Crimes Of Passion" happen all of the time in all areas because of issues like the sex people are currently perpetuating and there has to be some solution. I myself tend to want to be with and around people who have already passed various development goals, :) but am isolated and in a dependent relationship that I would prefer be more even and balanced.

My blogspot is this: http://www.BornToBeMiserable, and you can find me on under the name of Kimberly Koerber if you click on the cute cartoon face. (My married name for years before divorce was Bauer and I have ALWAYS had trouble with crooks). I got divorced because of having cars set on fire, domestic violence issues, my ex-husband not wanting to have sex with me, and most probably molesting our only son, Justin Bauer, who is now missing. I became unhappy with my marriage while in it and got involved with other men, but the relationships did not work out so I decided that I needed to be deprogramed from destructive relationships, and (did this is a gras roots type of way which worked). I then was not interested in dating anyone after my divorce, and have now been in the same relationship for the last 'about' five years, but am not remarried. My present fiance drives a cab for a living and is Catholic, he says. I am Episcopalian. We met because I was the victim of an illegal eviction in Wooster, Ohio and he was staying at The Salvation Army Shelter in Wooster, where I had to stay for awhile. He and I do not have "Catholic Sex" by the way, (which is for kids, I thought), but do have consensual sex. I have been a Licensed Social Worker for twenty years but my Ohio Social Work License lapsed in July when I was in Minnesota. I had problems with fraud and with crooks chasing me aroud to get that ( my college degree paper/ transcripts, and Social Work License and the matter is under investigation. The issue has again to do with fraud and incompetent practitioners.

Since "Honesty Is The Best Policy", you now know about me and I would like to ask a few questions:

1. Is Stein Counseling a provider of services/counseling for the abovementioned as a recommended counseling clinic?
2. Do you do any of this counseling online?
3. Do you handle people who have no insurance?
4. Do you have any recommendations for treatment in this area that goons are currently trying to accelerate - namely "Catholic Sex"?

Kimberly ! :)

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