Born To Be Miserable

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Born To Be Miserable Day - Is this still called "Domestic Violence" or does it have a new name?

Hi!  It's me - Kimberly!    I am still alive and  still a cute little white
purebred but am not cheerful all of the time.  Read more about why....

What is it like to live with and around people who are well - of a different opinion....?

I could write a story about this, because of talking to other people about this, but in Ohio this "Mobster City" craze got out of hand, and the thing to be was disrespectful to women in general who were not crooks and not part of mob activity.  This is another issue I am currently experiencing with someone else's 'drug buddies' hassling me from organized crime.

Crooks kept shutting down and compromising our intelligence system before, and destroyed other sites I had in place - like"
      1.   Gangs and Me: My Real Life Story - A Tale of Terror
      2.   Raspberries to You - (The Acquistion of Land)

Yet, I am steadfast and unafraid.
  Kimberly ! :)
(bark, bark - your friend in white)

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