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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Holy Rosary Sandwich Line Complaint.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus, Ohio

The following is a copy of a complaint that I sent online to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus, Ohio. 
197 E. Gay Street Columbus, OH 43215
614-228-2457 Copyright 2008-2010
I NEVER seem to get any response, but every time an incident occurs, I complaint to 'someone'.  This has become a continued jpke, and it ruined my life in all ways. :(

Happy Hanukkah! I and many other really appreciate the sandwiches that Holy Rosary Church provides for me and other needy people in the Columbus, Ohio area. Unfortunately, I also have a complaint.

My compliant today has to do with a Catholic entity which does not have a listed address. They operate a food/sandwich line for the needy and are located on Fifth Avenue, with the church itself facing E Main Street. There is no way to contact church administration online because they are not listed, and are sponsoring hate group people who were involved in one way or another in assaulting me, and causing hate group activity in another area – Wooster, Ohio. Today, a crook was hazing me online - in our heard police/intelligence mode - because they in Wooster, Ohio - that particular KKK group - caused an illegal eviction and robbed me and the rape charge, where blacks related to their crime ring were recruited, had to do with male supremacy in addition to white supremacy. We in Ohio just got rid of a KKK based governor but people like this are still around, harassing victims of prior crimes. The men never look like criminals – always look clean cut. The food is appreciated - men like this are NOT. I think that the people doing this probably started out doing this to women as kids and then never grew up. I did not think that the Holy Catholic Church approved of this type of thing, yet these volunteers think that this is funny. The sate of Ohio never compensated me for my loss. These people ruined my life on purpose and then laughed at me when they cast me into homelessness. They caused a government shutdown here in Columbus, and were living in Wooster, Ohio at the time. One of the problem men identifies himself as "Long". I think this same KKK cult in part abused my ex-husband, Jerry L. Bauer, and he was not interested in testifying against them at the time. He was hit in the face with a blunt object and the assailant knocked out half of the teeth in his mouth. Wooster, Ohio was his hometown where I also lived and where this hate crime occurred. In addition to this occurring, the ‘motorcycle biker’ part of this KKK cult went around and raided and looted homes. “Sex With Slaves” was one of their development programs. I would like to forget that these crooks did this and move on with my life, but they keep showing up in various areas to continue the harassment. I am in a relationship which I have been in for about 5 years now and the man I am involved with reported that a goon in a white pick up truck recently gave him a hard time while he, a professional cabdriver, was sitting in the cab waiting for a cab customer. The crook ran him out of an alley where he was waiting and into a driveway and was playing other ‘road games’. This sounds like another gang member ‘at play’. Your assistance would be appreciated.

P.S.  - Today is Tuesday, January 11, 2011.  The sandwich line generally has a lot of balcks come through.  Todday, when I wnet through the line to get sandwiches, very few people were there and the bags were already made up.  (?)

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