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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Computer Policing, Gates, and Ohio African Issues

These hard working ants in the picture are busy carrying away this dead mushroom.  Ants are capable of moving objects much bigger than they are.  Perhaps their chant is heard is similar to the chant occasionally heard by an African man, native to South Africa, working at the Dira Dawa Convenience store on East Main Street here in Columbus, Ohio
who has been known to say: "I want that Elephant Ass sold-sold-sold!!!"

I did the research and found this link listed article about Bill Gates on NPR.  The link is for interested parties interested in reading this article about "helping the poor".  This NPR article is about a year old , and maybe Gates is still able to be contacted, if people are interested in him.  To call the show, dial (in the U.S.) 1-800-989-8255. I hope this is a "live" phone number.

In the past, Gates and his wife Melinda were in Africa, racketeering AIDS victims, and Gates, a native of Ohio, has not commented publicly on his responsibility in regard to State Department issues that are currently a 'royal pain' and surface daily here in Columbus, Ohio.  These 'live' issues come from Nigeria, Africa, and other African countries via emails, and from people who are native to African countries, but manage convenience stores and other things right here in Columbus, Ohio.  (Like for instance the note in a prior post that says "I Want that Elephant Ass sold - sold - sold!!!")

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