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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The "Liz"-ard and the Florida Everglades case

Crooks now have a new online - in the auditory mode -gimmick.  They are launching a cartoon character called "The Lizard" who is supposed to be another fake police agent and a deceivingly small baby Alligator or Crocodile that 'looks like a lizard', named "Liz".  HOW Clever! 

The Lizard is supposed to be a real person in some 'game' created using our intelligence system. hahaha

The "Old Big Fishie" , with it's pet man.  What teeth!
 The Lizard is an old prostitution ring in, but this is ok.  The problem is that on our intelligence system, "The Lizard" is also an antisocial personality disordered 'character' who wants to fight with everyone else online - like some kind of a mean guard as opposed to a whore.   The real Lizzard was a stick think cocaine junkie who was a whore in an owned by the crooks strip club.  If The Lizzard acted like it does online, no wonder the club she worked for which was just up the road from Schotensteins' North on Westerville Road burned down.   hahahahah

The Florida Everglades case that needed to be investigated a long time ago had to do with Progressive Insurance companies, and crooks killing off flora and fauna of Florida.  Since crooks decided to victimize me with organized crime in Wooster, Ohio and I was not able to get my mail, they got another person to use my name and collect monies there, then 'freeze' me in place.  This is why I would like to move to another state.

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