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Sunday, February 13, 2011 post of the day.....

I graduated from High School from Medina High School in 1976. Our patriotic launch, which was then to apply to every class of '76 with the theme 1976/1776 (the Country's bicentennial) was delayed because of crooks. Instead, the USA got pulled into "Humiliation and Embarrassment" which we all now have to work to get out of. This is depicted in a small plaster statue that is available at the 99 cents store, for just one dollar, which is a store next to the T.A.T. Restaurant, almost at the corner of Livingstone and James. This small statue is a curled up American flag.  An American eagle, one wing flap trying to cover his face in shame, is in front of the flag trying to hide in humiliation and embarrassment, thanks to crooks. 

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"The Faces":  a Cartoon City Cartoon
 by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber - 02-12-11

 It would be nice if came to Ohio. Here in columbus, Ohio, we have a problem at The Ohio State University, one of the big ten Universities in the USA. The President, Gordon Gee wa President for many years and was not able to be reached ever. We just got rid of a Ku Klux Klan Governor of the state, Governor Ted Strickland, and now have Governor John Kasich. There is a racketeering ring at the OSU College of Social Work, called "the Office of Female Empowerment", which is not able to be used by alumni. They claim that this is for staff there only, but professors there claim that their wives cannot use the office of Female Empowerment for anything.

In addition to this, young students are involved in Values Differentiation.                                                          

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