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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cornbread sighting

A "CornBread" sighting...
and it was not in a marijuana field..
 Today, an unusual incident occurred. 

A white man in his late 20's was in a car that had something about "God" on it as a license plate holder, but was telling people that he worked for the Coroner's office and was part of "Executions". This young man with short dark brown hair was not unattractive and was thin to medium built and American but was someone in the past known as a person from the marijuana group known as 'Cornbread' in Ohio. Before the Ku Klux Klan in Ohio started using this name, the name belonged to a group of black women from Louisville, Kentucky. They were a police group until they got mean and became a prison gang. They were called "Cornbread" because they had very short hair - almost shaved heads and they dyed their hair orangish/yellow - the color of cornbread - and stuck together as "sisters" or friends.

This man would have been in trouble if this had occurred in Louisville, Kentucky because he was in a new car that had stick on black letters on the side. One part of the black stick on letters said "State of Ohio" and the other set on the other side said "security". He had three citizen's band antennas on the truck of his car. seriously. He could be part of another type of problem Father, Bauer, known as "Sex With Slaves". Sex With Slaves" do not guard marijuana fields, but they go door to door and look for people who are home alone. The "Don Juan" or "Juanita" Sex With Slaves types try to have sex with the person or are part of an escort service to come to the door. This is intelligence information and is meant to be helpful. Have a blessed day.

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