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Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Premature Babies and Plasma Feeding" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Instead of being an aborted fetus I could
 have been a preemie saved by plasma feeding
when newborn.  This is a great medical accomplishment
for people like me!

Plasma feeding of babies who are premature is supposed to get the baby up to a healthy weight, and to help build intestional coli according to research studies done on human infants.  Premature babies also mature quicker than non plasma fed babies.   

Elton John was on a morning News show sponsored by this morning and his baby Zachary was a small baby.  He looked very healthy and I am glad that he made it through, but there was no questioning about whether Zachary was plasma fed or not by the interviewer.  This could have saved Zachary's life.

In adults - this 'covert' procedure is supposed to expensive, use up a lot of blood and plasma, and is only available to certain people again.  I broke my ankle in Wooster, Ohio and the woman next to me in the same room was supposed to have a colostomy bag attached to her. Her family members and friends were there with her to have a party.  I got sectioned off in a little corner of the room.  This shows some of the extreme the crooks went to to lose weight while there.  The point was unknown unless this was an obsessed area, and the people were not all there and some were supposed to be some kind of 'movie star' according to themselves. 

2.  The AlliBabba Site lists animal plasma and similar products:
3.  One of the "sheep studies" as in Dolly the Sheep the Cloning victim.

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