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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Diseaster Assistance - Why is my experience not part of a Federal Crime strike or abuse by crooks to make "Whigs"?

I tried contacting the Diseaster Assistance people when the abuse in Wooster, Ohio happened, and couldn't get through.
This is their website address:

Why do I get to be the 'worm' because I was in a police role?  Why can't the Federal Government and
individual states compensate crime victims?  My 'whig' included nothing but homelessness.  I think crooks in certain areas were doing this to help crime buddies and put people they did not like in positions of vulnerability forever..  

"I look like Ginger, a family dog that was killed in Wooster, Ohio
because crooks thought this was funny.  Why would someone hate me that much? 
I was rectally bleeding
and died thanks to being abused.  My family had me for years.
My brother was Trent, a white Westie. 
 He was taken and a smaller dog was put in his place." 
  The email to another address also bounces.  Also, the State of Ohio would not do anything about this.  I was on the internet for 10 years to be abused by criminals like this, and lost all of my material goods.  Crooks also stalked me to sabatage my cars, and ripped off luggage in storage and everything else they could find.  My birth certificate was also stolen.  Maybe this is Eddie Bauer playing games with abusive relatives of mine. Where is my only son Justin Bauer?  This is not funny.  I now need to have a life again.

Informants claim that this is insurance fraud and that the crooks do this often to collect money.  I would like to be able to collect money based on damages and know why I supposedly died and am not able to get hired anywhere anymore.   

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