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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Development and Family Roles in Ku Klux Klan versus normal families"

Hi.  I am the oldest daughter in the family.  My parents were not identified as American Nazis, but I
considered myself to be in an abusive family. The point is that I, as the oldest sibling in the family "got stuck", I thought.  These families, like other crime based families,. applaud not education, but internal theft.  Since the Klan and Klan leaders are becoming more and more open about this, and since someone asked me what the difference is between myself and this sister who they supposedly 'picked' the details are as follows:

For iinstance, In high school:

1.. No job, not in school daily, being trained athletically and a cheerleader on stage to be an important person.  Flat chested, large bottom half - would fit into the 'shemale' athletic model.
2. a crime buddy.  Character disorders show up early in life, are part of an achievement pattern. 
3.  Complaints against this sister in my family of origin were ignored as she was supposed to be  crime buddy, and I was supposed to be a martyr
4. I was supposed to suffer loss after loss while living there and then resorted to getting a padlock for my bedroom door to keep the 'beast' out.  This 'beast' type is developed, not borne that way.  This 'beast' type was an intentional antagonist, causing friction with certain people on purpose. 
5.  The beast was not able to do well in social situations unless they were in a very specific clique
6.  I was then supposed to be mentalluy ill and disqualified from police employment because the 'beast' was supposed to win or else.
7.  This is typical of organized crime patterns or patterns in dysfunctional families. 
8.  If these created 'beasts' are not in appropriate placements (aka - part of a fascist government to obtain information) then they get involved in hostile escheat and other rip offs that increase local crime statistics, so the police know they are there.  This is also known as KuKluxKlan Activity.
9.  In my household, the 'beast', this younger sister, was put on steroids, and then robbed me in various ways, and then put physical belongings between tit's mattresses.  I was supposed to fight with the beast in person and chose to ignore it as much as possible.
10.  Graduated from high school in 1977.

1.  After school job at a grocery store.
2.  Honors classes
3. On tennis team
4.  Daily exercise
5.Church attendance and acolyte in high school
6. Ripping me off and demeaning me was part of the "beast's" training, and it has legal support from prior offenses. 
7.  As a high school student, I was never home on purpose, was always complaining to the guidance counselor about the beast's abuse since my parents were fostering this abuse, and wanted to run away, but stuck it out and graduated from high school and got married at the age of twenty.
8.  The beast was kept busy for years and was out of reach when called, always.
9.  There was really no relationship,. because of early conditioning.10.  The beast and other family members were not available when called. because they were cohesive among themselves and others who were part of their 'inner circle' which disincluded me. 
10.  Graduated from high school in 1976.  The "Spirit of 76 - 1976/1776 was my high school graduation theme, which could have yielded a Nationwide political/police launch.  This was aborted because of nurturing and developing other 'beast' types in the area at the time. Our high school Prom song was "Stairway to Heaven" about a female 'buying' the stairway to heaven and etc.  


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