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Monday, February 14, 2011

"Kip", a young, nice, stuttering man employed at Motel One arrested!! by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

 This is a news story that was in The Columbus Dispatch about a Motel One Employee who is a very nice, quiet man who stutters in speech a lot. 

Common link: Master keys
Picture of a Chinese orchestra on a
Maybe the Oriental family who works at
The Motel One
played Kip a sad song
before he left.
Man jailed after OSU-area break-in

Residences of college-age women hit over 2 months

Saturday, February 12, 2011 02:51 AM

By Mary Beth Lane


Columbus police charged a man yesterday with attempting to break into the off-campus apartment of two young women near Ohio State University. Police are investigating whether he is connected to a rash of burglaries that have targeted college-age women living east of campus.

Kip K. Klages, 35, whom police say lives in a Motel One at 3190 E. Main St., was charged with attempted burglary and possession of a criminal tool.

Klages is accused of using a master key to try to enter the Norwich Avenue apartment of Ciara Martin, 21, and Camryn Robinson, 20, about 6:30 a.m. yesterday, said detective Brian Lacy of the Police Division's burglary unit.

The women heard someone trying to get in; they peered out the peephole and called police, Lacy said. The women apparently scared off the burglar.

Undercover officers were in the area as part of an increased police patrol since burglaries began there about two months ago, Lacy said. The officers stopped Klages nearby, and he was identified by the women.

He was being held in jail last night and is scheduled to appear in Franklin County Municipal Court today, Lacy said.

Police searched Klages' motel room and found "a few things" that make them believe he could be connected to other burglaries, Lacy said.

Klages had the master key on his key ring, Lacy said. "We are still trying to figure out where he got the key from," he said.

A burglar using a master key has broken into about 20 rental units and possibly more - all occupied by young women - in the past two months, Lacy said. Most of the break-ins have occurred east of campus between 12th and 18th avenues, and on Norwich and Oakland avenues, Lacy said.

The break-ins have occurred at both apartment complexes and rental houses, and there is no apparent connection among the rentals, he said.

In some cases, women have awakened to find a man standing in their bedroom watching them, he said.

"We understand how traumatizing it is, how scary it is," Lacy said. "That's why we are out in full force." 
I live at The Motel One where this young man lived and worked in a maintenance position.  Motel One staff said that Kip left and 'would not be returning'.

As a Post script to this story, there was a Motel One key found not far from the Motel One two days ago and turned into the Motel One staff today (today -)3/16/2011).  The key did not match our door, but matched someones.  For some reason, some one wanted 'this' type of human interest story to be continued also. 

Based on the ways things have been going societal, it is fair to say that maybe "Kip" wanted to be important and be a known gangster, because he did not have a great life.  This "American Gangster" identity has to be much better than being a loser type of man who stutters, has few friends, is isolated, and has a boring job, if any job at all.  This is much better than competing with others and doing the best you can, because of how people have reacted.  Gangster political launches and The last political administration, which Strickland said was not him as dysfunctional - but everyone else - lead people to believe that working hard to build a life is no longer good enough.  

There are a lot of genuises out there.  How come no one has been able to find a plan that is reasonable and feasible and 'covers this base' in the baseball game of life? 

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