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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Ugly American strikes the 'beauty world'

The old typewriter...Why do you have to be their 'type'
seedy and not all there to win?
 Sent to AARP toady - February 15, 2011 at

In Ohio we had a group of Nazis selling cocaine who made life for everyone incredibly difficult.  they were ugly underweight dogs and were able to put themselves in positions of authority and were then abusing normal people to GET THIN because of unresolved bank fraud issues.  No one wanted to be here or be stuck with these nuts., and at an older age this is relevant.  I got stuck with an abusive man also after divorcing one abuser.  My husband was 11 years older than me.  I am now 53 and am stuck because of ignorant ugly "Martian" types of people and prostitution which ate up my life and Ohio.  I did not even have to participate to be affected.  I was Kimberly Bauer, and they developed a large elephant of a business by abusing me for years, - Eddie Bauer.  these ugly ET looking NAZIS are not what anyone wanted to be.  Is there programming available for people who were affected by crime like this?  I have a blog spot called "Born To Be Miserable" located at and am on Facebook under the name of Kimberly Koerber (click the cute cartoon face).  The state was also eaten up by organized crime including the drug cartel and the transplants cartel, but kooks wanted people to keep "GETTING THIN" as part of "Hee Haw" - a CIA or Nazi launched program designed to rip off and degrade people and then hold them in white slavery.  Some of the people doing this were supposed to be models.  this is like a reprogrammed "Holicost" type of set up.  I would like to get some feedback.  Thanks!
                                                            Kimberly! :)

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