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Monday, February 14, 2011

Ohios Amish Victims in Wayne County Ohio

Ohio's Amish in Wayne County also became victims within the last few years. 
 Many tried to return to areas like Indiana and were blocked.
Ohio's Amish Settlements were involved in movement always.  In the past few years, not only were their areas overdeveloped and heavlily tradffic laden, but the Amish felt as if they were stuck being victimized in Wayne Copunty, Ohio.  There was one case of an Amish daughter that was not found and left her community for good.  There were many cases of Amish who were being robbed and became victims of horse theft and other abuse.  The Amish were desirable to live around in the past, because of traditional values and stability.

In the "cocaine eras" of history, things changed dramatically, sadly.
             (to be continued). 

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