Born To Be Miserable

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hockey Players and their pucks

Attn: Yetunde Abass

Why is this hockey puck
pinkish red and fairly delicate?

Why are these hockey players
mean, rough, and great with a stick?


I am interested in the Civil Justice Intern Job with Congress Watch. My Facebook posting of today includes this link to my high school yearbook. I got stuck in Ohio with a group of goons who were fascist, who kept trying to shut down the intelligence system and take away my, and other people';s rights, to promote organized crime activity. In Ohio, since goons were supposed to 'they thought' buy " intelligence id's and not deal with State Department issues that some of them caused, we have had a series of one fascist administration after another here. Goons keep trying to remove me from the intelligence system as per usual, as they are not willing to have a balanced system EVER, to continue to enable fraud and create "financial Whigs" with stolen monies. If you are offering a real opportunity, I am currently more than ready to leave this state and am seeking other opportunities. Estrandment with predatory people was never a wish that came with any lit or unlit candle. You can take a look at my blogspot, called "Born To Be Miserable" at to see how fascism has affected and ruined my life. I did not pick Ohio to being with: my parents did when I was a child. I have barely left Ohio and have an excellent education about what occurs here and in other fascist led ares. I have been in a relationship that is not moving forward to other ares the way I would like ti to. In addition to my Blogspot/Facebook page, Crooks went around and took yearbooks out of homes and robbed people during Ohio's political administrations. But, My yearbook would have had the Spirit of 76 Launch, as pictured on this link IF we did not have a skinhead who was an insurance operative as the class president (Jim Stiffler) in 1976. Instead of "The Spirit of 76" (1976/1776) we have had one fascist administration after another in Ohio.

The cocaine cult in Ohio is about this GET THIN" they are abusing and racketeering all kinds of people to perpetuate this gangland war cry. Ohio is also where the Kent State tragedy occurred many years ago. Crooks want all stories and people who are not of their fascist administration to be snuffed out in one way or another. Columbus, Ohio, the state capital has an adult male prison string coming in who are supposed to be urinalysis tested. The people are creating street and city crime to enable the "Whigs" program, which is also known as the High-Low cult, in honour of a Las Vegas popular card game. People in general have complained about this being here for years, to no avail. Hope to hear from you soon. I can be contacted at 206-203-4349, where a message can be left, if crooks do not delete the message. This is why I am stranded, also. I have tried over and over to obtain employment , and the criminal element finds ways to abort or delete messages received here in Ohio.


Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber :)

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