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Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Black on Black" Killing and other 'Fundraising"

In Cincinnati, Ohio on Gilbert Avenue, there is a black merchant who sells videos and other things from behind a glass cage.  He is located not far from the Labor Works, a local temporary employment agency which is across the street and down about a block, and is just down from the church district the other way.  Temporaries and Churches - what neighbors! The sign on his store window said "STOP BLACK ON BLACK KILLING".

The man meant well, but apparently was not getting the type of reaction that he wanted.  In Cincinnati, Ohio, black violence is not unknown.  The infamous Rodney King beating was there, to remind us about violence and the police.  Blacks get out of control also, and get riled up.  The point is that someone was trying to put a stop to something intrinsic to that area, which may have to do with blacks being pulled into different groups, or gangs.  The Rodney King beatings had to do with the police getting out of control also.  It can and does happen, if people are not able to stop ion midstream, think, and then resume.  This is sort of like taking a deep breath, and or stopping work to enjoy a cup of coffee. 

The Cincinnati Women's Clinic, which has many listing is Cincinnati, also was an area that caused protesters, black and white to appear.  The Clinic, which is supposed to be an abortion/Women's care clinic, saw all kinds of women who were in late term pregnancies.  Women were there to be 'checked and were on gurneys in the back on the clinic, inside.  There were no babies born there, but the word was that this was a women's funding program, based on stem cell research.  Some of the very poor women, who had no income saw this as an income boost, as they were paid not to give birth, thanks to 'live tissue' being needed for stem cell research and the like.  This is a still as yet unresolved ethics or morals based issue.  Poverty - and the resolution to it would be the wider scoped category here, whether this relates to black on black violence, or any other violence which is profit generating for 'someone'.  Something to think about.......
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