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Monday, January 24, 2011

Am I crazy? :/

The infamous brick wall, the war on drugs, and another scam

Mental Health America

200 N. Beauregard Street, 6th Floor Alexandria, VA 22311
Phone (703) 684-7722
Fax (703) 684-5968
Toll free (800) 969-6642
TTY Line 800/433-5959

Dear Mental Health America....
   Am I crazy?  :/
There is a game running in Ohio that started for me in Wooster, Ohio which has to do with corruption and the cocaine cult. it plays on people's codependency issues and includes mob activity. The thing is that if you take a look at my blogspot called "Born To Be Miserable" you can sort of see what the game entails. I was the mom in the house who was abandoned in Wooster, Ohio and then I was supposed to have to put up with the most ugly nuisance "nigger" blacks with long braids (men) who were part of a string cartel or gang. My son, who they wanted to make into a 'king of drugs' as his birthday was December 31, 1982 chose to be part of the police, so the point was to rape and rob me as the last part of the game. Now, according to a dirty Episcopal Church here in Columbus, i was 'always mentally ill" according to one of the crooks who is clergy. The point is that a white hillbilly whore was supposed to be the star or else. They use cab drivers to sell their cocaine drug and people in private cars. We need DEA to be recruited for here in Columbus, Ohio. I was never paid my police hub role and the nation via the internet and media is degrading more and more in certain sectors. We also got stuck with KU KLUX KLAN governance as part of this package, and a KLAN governor, was just 'removed'. We are having continuing problems in the intelligence areas (auditory) because of this change.

As part of this 'intelligence game' where victims are supposed to be mentally ill, they try to get you to think of and 'bond with' people who were disgusting the first time around (like management who sexually harassed you on a job) or bad relationships to get you angry.

Learning is great fun ;/
The point is that you are supposed to constantly experience loss and wish you had killed the person or sued them at the time. This is retribution by 'someone' for not suing perps at the scene and is really not that hilarious.

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