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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Open Letter to WSYX ABC6 On Your Side:

This is me - the one with green eyes and red lipstick caught in
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Open Letter to "6 On Your Side":

Hello! I was the victim of burglary and an illegal eviction in Wooster, Ohio. At that time, I had a business I was operating from my home at 1785 Akron Road, Wooster, Ohio called "The Indigo Drum". "The Indigo Drum" is a writing and research business. I received checks in the mail, which the local banks would not cash, and claimed were fraud. I was the victim of an illegal eviction, and had no legal aid, because when I went to Wayne County Legal Aid, I was given a business card that directed me to call and talk with an organization called "Community Legal Aid Services, Inc." When I called them, they would not represent me and sent a rejection letter. I was advised by a judge in Wooster to 'just leave everything there' and during the time we lived there, someone brought in live rats, which the landlord, "Clear Water Systems" would not do anything about. After this occurred, I contacted many agencies online and was not able to get an appropriate response. Since they were running a drug cartel in Wooster, Ohio, someone said that crooks wanted "The Indigo Drum" to run as an illegal money laundering connection that goes along with the drug cartel there. I was not able to get a job doing anything after this occurred, and am in poverty, and am living with my fiance, who drives a cab for a living.

"The Indigo Drum" had an EIN number from IRS. IRS has contacted me with several things since then which I do not understand and also need help with.

1. "Statement for Recipients of Interest Income for 2010: total interest paid is $13.92.
     [I have no idea what this is, and IRS is not able to help provide an answer]

2. A Certified Letter from IRS saying that I do not qualify for innocent spouse taxpayer relief and owe the      IRS money.

3. I know that I have to apply for a new EIN number for "The Indigo Drum" because of this theft ring and drug cartel operating there, and would like to be able to move myself to another state and recruit student interns for "The Indigo Drum" as an agency. I need to clear this mess up and am not having great success in so doing.

CAN "6 ON YOUR SIDE" help with this? (Pretty Please?)

My current web sites of interest to go along with this are the following:
  1. Facebook page:
  2. Born To Be Miserable:
  3. The Indigo Drum:

Thanks Much!


Kimberly! :)

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