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Monday, January 31, 2011

Not Interested in Filling your Shoes? There are people who can help.

O'Connor, Acciani & Levy do not say that they can help you
not fill your shoes, but law firms that put people
on SSI because they have a menal health condition
have been criticized thanks to being a part of US Intelligence
shutdown in general.  Crooks in general are shuuting down and 'selling'
intelligence names to anyhone who has the money to pay for them after the 'victim' is deemed mentally ill,
to make the US more vulnerable.  The Social Security system was projected
to 'dry up' years ago thanks to practices like this being

O'Connor, Acciani & Levy ( ) have a television commercial.  They are also lawyers who get people on SSI.  My high school guidance counselor was Stan O'Connor.  Mr. O'Connor advised me to move to Chicago, Illinois to go to the University of Chicago or Northwestern.  Instead, I stayed in Ohio at the time and went to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio for two quarters.  I was smoking weed at the time, got poor grades, and my parents would not pay for school. Before that, but I worked at Buehler's store during high school, was involved in many high school activities, was on the tennis team, was the assistant editor of the yearbook one year, and was the editor of the student paper another year and had a "B" average, yet did not qualify for any scholarships according to Mr. O'Connor.  I wonder what part of "Black Ops" this is.  The point is that even then when I graduated from high school people, but not everyone, was ripped off from things that they were eligible and applied for.  In later years, we had a Federal issue and employment related issues linked to the same thing.   

If looked at very carefully, my high school graduating class and year - "1976" - was linked to a Federal Theme - aka "The Spirit of 76:  1976: 1776"  which was in celebration of the country's bicentennial.  Many different high school classes could have been involved but weren't for some reason.   

I am not on SSI, and currently have no source of income, but many people who cannot find jobs and live in Ohio and other affected states can get a doctor to say they are menally ill and can easliy get on SSI and be paid for being crazy.  Does this have anything to do with the increase of crime and
"Black Ops" operations?  Maybe so.  It is much harder to get into recovery and bring jobs into areas to actully help people.  No wonder Strickland was not reelected as Ohio's Governor with a shutdown here and degradation seen in all ways.  People who lived in Ohio and in Columbus, Ohio during this knew what occurred although I saw articles written and in The Columbus Dispatch as recently as Saturday that are supposedly 'research oriented' with skewed

Mustafa Yousef, a man who is currently on Facebook as "Mustafa Yousef."  He is Iranian with Egyptian links and admits to being part of Black Ops.  People like Mustafa are not around for no reason, Strickland.  Regardless of seen facts like the abovementaioned, Ted Strickland was not impeached.   

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