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Monday, January 24, 2011

Professional incompetence - a case study

Reverend Richard Burnett and Reverend Joan Grant
Money and 'ice' - What part of Christianity is this? 
 There was a story on the news this morning about a black woman who is now in a mental health hospital and has been there for a long time.  They did not state the particulars of her case, but did say that the woman has been mentally ill her entire life.  In Columbus, Ohio, a female Episcopal Clergywoman, Joan Grant, went off on me and told me that I have always been mentally ill because I asked her for a bus ticket at the time to leave and go to another area.  At the time, I contacted the Episcopal Diocese in Maryland.  This is one of the reasons that I no longer go to that church.  In addition to this, a man who I live with is not my fan and wanted me to be a factory worker instead of a social worker and is angry because he claims that I talk to myself.  This has to do with abuse and this intelligence network.  My 26 year old son, Justin Bauer is still missing.   

This story may have a lot to do with professional incompetence.  I got a bachelor's degree from Ohio State university in 1990 hoping to build on it, not get tied into a gigantic 'government emergency' as a US police agent, become a chronic victim, and never get paid.  This story is also a story of why some of the people veered away from churches.  Who wants to go to church and be abused by clergy at church because the person is not using their real name/degree and is incompetent and combative?  This is the church that was alleged to be anchoring a cocaine cult, and be instrumental in running cocaine parties at the state house, across the street - also known as Trinity Church at the corner of Third and Broad Streets in the downtown area of Columbus, Ohio. 

The rule of thumb I go by is this:  If the person or thing smells fishy, it probably is.  Because of identity fraud
situations and circumstances, these people are questionable.  I am tired of being the "Underdog" in these situations and would rather be in another state which is more law and order oriented, where I acutlally have legal protection and do not have to worry about continued stalking and buse, because someone came up with a 'fun' game.  I wonder why I had to be stalked and abused for the last 15 years with no job, and no gain.  Authorities could not be contaced with in Ohio - the government areas about this because the crooks were professionally incompetent and got cronies into Government jobs, and they then ignored written complaints.

The cronies also made sure and piad people who were working at the library, with a Brinks truck that came, parked on the side of the main library, and came in to the library with 'moneybags' on a regular basis.  If any of this has been placed underinvestigation, it has not appeared on television, or in local newspapers.  Also, complaintants about things like this are supposed to have been 'menally ill their entire lives' like crooks from this area told me.  This is why people chose to leave Columbus, Ohio are areas like tit inl liue of other types of employment.  I would not be in this predidament myself had I not been entrapped in Wooster, Ohio because of Beacon Agency, a foster care agency from Columbus, Ohio not wanting to have their case taken to court, where they got a black friend hit me while in my personal vehicle.  She was driving a Franklin County MR/DD van and smashed into my car on purpose.  They intentionally "launched" a crooked foster parent, Lynn Graves, into a singing/entertainment role with a changed name after she sent a foster child out to sell crack cocaine and then claimed that whites brought the drug into their neighborhood.    

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