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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Horse is a Horse (Of course, Of course) or John plus John plus John ;)

A beautiful white horse - like just Mr. Ed - the talking horse
from the 60's series

On inauguration day, for the New Governor of Ohio- John Kasich, here in Columbus, John Drilling and I were walking in front of The Ohio Theatre, where a well dressed crowd had assembled.  As we walked in front of one of the beautiful horses - it neighed proudly. 

A Horse-is-a Horse is Mr. Ed. - a riddle.  The riddle correlated with not only Eddie Bauer Corporation, but another Bauer relative - who does 'confessions' online.  Another John, Father John Bauer, has been a Catholic priest there at The Basilica in Minneapolis, Minnesota for many years, and is part of a team.  they have a direct line - aka a 'text block' on their site, if your would like to 'cleanse your soul and confess' to anything.

Their web site address is  Father John Bauer or someone from the Catholic Basilica can be reached anytime - online.  They said that if people want to leave an online confession, they can and can even use this email address for safety:  The Catholic church believe in confession and is in a position to give absolution. 

Directions for reaching Father John Bauer at St. Mary's Bascillica - Minneapolis, Mn:

1.  Go to the above web address:
2.  Go all the way to the bottom of the page and click on "Contact Us".
3.  Click on Reverend John M. Bauer, Rector.  He is the first person listed.
4.  Fill in your name, your email address (or the pseudoaddress given above), A subject for your message, and your message in the large conversation box.  
5.  Click on '"send".

This particular Catholic Church is a part of Eddie Bauer, also, as some of the members are affiliates in the same last name, like Father John Bauer.

"Stairway to Heaven"

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