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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What is a "Competency Framework"?

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 The below is an interesting article about "competency frameworks" for hiring and developing employees.  The thing about this is that I understand that an Acme Cab driver in Columbus, Ohio named "Canterbury" recently died according to my fiance John Drilling" and there is a blonde woman on the Canterbury site who looks like The Princess Diana of Wales with longer hair.  Mr Drilling wanted me to know that this other cabdriver named "Canterbury" died of a heart attack in his sleep, so I looked up the "Canterbury" site.  They are listed addresses under that article from their site about Competency Testing, and are also listed as being part of U.K. 

Developing competency frameworks: Why is it important to have a "competency framework"?

While a standard job description may provide clarity about what a job-holder is required to do, it will not necessarily identify how individuals need to work and behave. The most effective organisations set out clear expectations for the individuals and teams within the organisation – both in terms of what they are required to do (job accountabilities and team objectives) and how to do it, i.e. skills and behaviours or "competencies".

A "competency framework" is one way in which to provide that clarity. It sets out the expectations – in terms of skills and behaviours – for particular roles or groups of roles within an organisation. The framework can be used to underpin a number of organisational processes including:
recruitment and selection.
assessment as part of talent management or succession planning.
career development and progression.
performance management.

What Salomons can do for you
We start by understanding the shape and challenges of the particular role or group of roles. We then work with you to research and develop a tailored competency framework in several stages, flexed according to your requirements. The potential stages involved in developing a competency framework include:
* structured interviews with members of your senior management team to understand more about the  context and challenges facing the roles;
* focus groups with a sample of people undertaking these roles;
* structured interviews with other internal and external stakeholders;
* benchmarking against other competency frameworks for comparable roles.

The number and scope of the stages involved are dependent on your requirements for the competency framework. We will tailor our approach to meet your particular needs – including the style and format of the framework itself.

For an initial conversation please call our team on either 01892 507635 or 0141 548 8140 or email

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